Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Melbourne Part 2

This is one of the reasons you choose Qantas. They still serve meals in coach. Free booze. Free movies, TV, music. Snacks in between the meals. Blankets, pillows, eye shades, toothpaste and toothbrushes. 

In Honolulu on the way home I switched to a U. S. Carrier. Not only did they charge for every potato chip but I had a seat in the row in front of the emergency exit that did not recline. Very uncomfortable for a 5 1/2 hour flight. 

So Qantas. Yay Qantas.

Back to food. Sandwiches in Melbourne.

Friends in Melbourne.

Coffee and cookies in Melbourne.

Are you sensing a theme?

Smoko (morning tea) in Melbourne. Or coffee in my case.

If I'm not eating I'm looking at food through the glass cases.

Architecture. Fabulous!

The Yarra River runs through the middle of town. Every great city deserves a waterway.

Looking through the webwork at the National Gallery of Victoria breezeway.

And the windows that wind up and up.

Beautiful street lamps and the Eureka tower on the right. 12th largest residential building in the world.
A beautiful structure.

You can take a buggy ride.

And there are some interesting houses to admire.

Like these.

With iron "lace" work.

And chimneys that you won't find in Kansas.

I took some shots of the Aboriginal art.

Which were humbling.




Lee and Jacky; sisters extraordinaire. I couldn't resist sharing this photograph. Lee's telling us how to take the trains to get downtown. I just want to hug them both.

Ditto Ro and Xavie. Ro preparing our lunch. Xavie is helping.

And these lovely women who meet once a week to sketch in Ro's studio. What a treat to join them.

Lastly, a few shots of cold wax painting in progress.

The work above shows the color palette chosen by our youngest student. So cheerful.

Everyone has a different approach. That's part of what fascinates me about cold wax.

The work is so individual.

My next post will be about flying to Sydney, renting a car and driving to Albion Park. 

On the left hand side of the road. Negotiating the round abouts. Marveling over the dense eucalyptus forests, hills and roadways of southeast Australia.


Jenny Lee Wentworth said...

I love tagging along on your adventures through your pictures...

Happy for you to have realized a dream and happy you are safely home!


Shelley said...

Just loving your posts Judy. Enjoy your journey and thanks for sharing all your wonderful images. I am living vicariously. The aboriginal art is stunning....back into my studio I go!

Judy Coates Perez said...

You drove?!? Oh you are a brave woman!!!

Ezshwan Winding said...

I'll probably not make it to Australia in this life time. Thank you for sharing your colorful adventures.

James said...

Thank you for sharing your creativity. Your photos of the sketching group and cold wax experiments left me with a deep sense of longing. Enjoy your adventure. Vicki

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful trip Judy!
Savoring each and every bit
as I will be teaching in Australia
next April - turning 60 down under...

btw you look gorgeous as always and so happy


Jan said...

I'm thoroughly enjoying these posts. Isn't blogging your trip fun!

Lynn Cohen said...

How exciting that you met Ro in her own abode/studio!

The contrast of BIG CITY to BEACH area in the next post is outstanding! You saw so much, did so much. I got a kick out of all that food and you so tiny! You must just take photos of it! LOL I don't believe you eat a thing!

Judy said...

It's funny reading your impressions Judy. Loving the posts. xx