Monday, April 15, 2013

The Sap's Finally Rising

Don't you love the way blogger scrambles up your photos? Hey, I'm going with it.

I love nothing more than snooping in other people's journals. So I show mine too.

I ordered a new fountain pen, ink and sketch book just for drawing. They should arrive this week. I'm watching the mailbox.

These pages go back to the time in Oaxaca.

Lots of people have been talking online about travel. One woman who travels alone spoke of dining alone.

I responded that when I take my journal out to a restaurant or coffee house I am never alone.

The journal is like a home, my turtle shell, that goes with me and keeps me grounded.

One of the reasons I want to get back into drawing practice is that I've been lonely for my watercolors.

They're so easy to travel with. And I love to travel.

It's still cold in Oregon but the flowers are forging ahead.

John's been putting up cold frames and planting fruit trees. I'll show you more of the garden before I leave for Australia in 3 weeks. From today. Eeeeee.

It's time to get those tomatoes in the ground. And the peppers too. 'Taters went in yesterday.

I'm going to take these babies for a ride today. Mmmm, watercolor.

I'm still yearbook sketching. 

Two lips.

Today I mail the taxes and accompany John to a remote oak grove to release squirrels from our squirrel traps (they decimate our walnut orchard so we trap 'em and take 'em to Molalla - ha ha, don't hate us Molalla!). That's what shakin' in my hood today. Later! xo


carlanda brown williamson said...

your journal pages are amazing judy! feel like I am sneaking peeks into someones diary! thank you for sharing! xoxo carlanda

Judi D. said...

I LOVE your journal pages. Your class was one of the very best I have ever taken! Wish I could spend time with you again - but someday! Best of luck with the garden (ah, spring!) and your journeys. Hugs.

Susan said...

Wonderful pages...enjoyed "lurking".

Ruth said...

I have been recovering from surgery and your picture of the bleeding hearts and Buddha has lifted my spirits today. Blessings to you and John

Rita A. said...

Wow. Your journals are so detailed and intricate. Love the tulips.

Linda Kay Cunningham said...
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Darlene K Campbell said...

Judy, what pen, ink and journal did you order? I've been lonely for watercolrs too, infact I just wrote about that on a journal page today. I've been working with oils. I actually have to have stations set up in my studio so I can work on different projects. I've been away from the art journaling too long, although I always have a Moleskine with me to write in. Love seeing your pages.
PS: I'm so jealous of your gardens. Lovely!

Judy Wise said...

Hi Darlene. I ordered Noodler's Ink and a pen from Noodlers called Flex Nib Creaper (I think that's the full name). Also I ordered a Stillman & Birn Gamma Series Hardbond sketchbook. I researched all these things for about 3 hours before buying. The pen and ink arrived today and they are wonderful. I'm still waiting for the sketch book. xo

Michele R. Unger said...

Your journal pages just make me smile! They're happy and cheerful and sparkly, like you. I love that you share them with us so gracefully. Thank you, sweet Judy.

Gigi said...

Love love LOVE peeking into your art jounal (especially the first image with your cute little drawings of everything you were taking to Mexico.)
And your luscious garden picture...making me long for our cold wet winter/spring to be over here in Wisconsin.

Clare Wassermann said...

oh I just enlarged your journal pages and took a better look and they really made my mouth water!!!! Very appetising. You inspired me to revisit mine again thanks honey xxx

Lynn Cohen said...

Your journal pages pop with life no matter what order they are in!
And yes, I now longer know how to eat out with out my journal in hand... ;-)

Jacky said...

Oh Judy I've always loved your journals....I do hope we get to do some *journal play* while you are over in Australia....and maybe I will get to see yours in real life!

So looking forward to your visit and showing you around a bit while you are here. Luna Park, St. Kilda, Degraves Street and lots of street art for you to see.

Getting close. Getting exciting!

Jacky xox

Jan said...

Judy, thank you for sharing your journal pages. They remind me of the class I took with you in Malibu where I got to peek into the real books and thought I could spend a week fully immersed in them.

Parabolic Muse said...

Dear Judy;
How are you? I'm fine, thanks.

I know it will probably sound like I'm being hyperbolic, here, but I wanted to cry when I got here and saw these pages. My tear-ducts are a-twinge.

I just made a journal in one of MAM's classes. It is a travel journal, and I love it so much I want to marry it. Turns out that's not legal yet. But I never think that people are going to want to see pages that are half finished. I go in and piddle with them here and there, and then I can always go back and add more stuff. I think since I totally love staring at everyone's journals, I should be generous with mine, too. You've set a great example, here in that respect.

I want to watercolor more. I looked for a really cool set, but I never can find what I want. So I guess I will go online. Or, you could mail me yours. It's just a thot.

I love traveling so much!! Happy travels to you!

xoxoxx infinity

p.s. I will share a photo of my pan paints when I get them, and then we will be even. I'm all about being even, as you know. Hug for you, hug for me, giggle for you, giggle for me, one of a kind completed Judy Wise journal for me.


jsantini2 said...

Yaay! I've been waiting for your journal pages. I love them. So beautiful, unique & inspiring.
Jane S.

femminismo said...

Our neighbors gathers skunks. We've got squirrels too, and the neighbors feed them peanuts by the ton - which they proceed to bury throughout our yard. (The squirrels, not the neighbors.) I love your journal page with you wardrobe all drawn in. I did this once in 2000 when my sister and I went to Paris. It was a good idea. I'll read your list of what to take next time. In June the Mister and I are going to Italy and it will be so much fun! I will make it so. Maybe we will find someone playing bocce ball and try our hand.