Tuesday, April 02, 2013

EncaustiCamp 2013

I'm happy to announce that I'll be returning to teach (for the third year) in July at Trish Seggebruch's EncaustiCamp. This year we'll be moving to the Dumas Bay Retreat Center in Federal Way, Washington ... right on the water's edge with glorious views and beach strolling opportunities. Registration opens today so check it out here.

EncaustiCamp is about more than just wax. It's about meeting other artists and sharing friendships. (Hi Bridgette! Hi Don!)

This year I'll be teaching a couple of printmaking techniques using wax. 

We'll make collograph plates out of wax and print them using Akua Inks.

And we'll be making prints off of aluminum plates using colored wax.

But if that isn't your cuppa, there are 5 other teachers offering Wax & Paper,  A Box Project, Dyeing in Encaustic, Surface Design and Fabrics and Fibres.

If you are an educator you can earn continuing education credits at the camp. Teachers can register for this option here. There will be a massage therapist on site and once again a day is scheduled for a guided exploration in Seattle. Lastly, Northlight books has contracted the classes for a book to be released in the fall of 2014 and the editor and photographer will be on site to capture the excitement.

Trish is coming back from Australia to host this, the third year of EncaustiCamp and if you could join us I believe it will be an experience that will move you forward in your creativity. You can read more about it on Trish's blog here. And once again, registration info is here.


huntla1 said...

Can't wait Judy! Purchased plane ticket last night -- holly moley, can't afford to eat for a month, but I'll be there!

Michele said...

You do have the knack....the knack for scheduling these amazing classes----when I am elsewhere! Now I'll be on Nantucket with you-know-who in July, so while I am not whining about missing EncaustiCamp I am disappointed. Another experience I hope to have some other year. You sure are going to have a great time!

bridgette said...

Hi Judy!