Thursday, November 29, 2012

Cold Wax Online Class

So many of you wrote to me privately expressing an interest in learning to paint in cold wax that I think you planted a seed.

After doing my best to resist the urge (so much work for this old girl who just wants to daydream and fiddle around in the studio) I realized this morning that it was going to happen in spite of my lassitude. It's what I do.

So here you go. Help me spread the word please. I'll include a button with a link at the bottom of this post.

And thank you for giving me the encouragement to share what I know. I love to help inspire artists and share what I've learned from others.

Although I'd started working in cold wax some time before I took a 4 day class at Telluride from Rebecca Crowell, I think actually meeting her and watching her work was what gave me permission to say I really understood the medium.

She's the guru.

So go here to read about the class which will begin on January 21st and go for 3 weeks with daily videos and lots of techniques to explore. One of the best things about a class like this are the other artists you'll meet online. We share information and encourage each other. We take turns boosting each other to the next level. It's amazing.

Oh yes, that button! Here it is:


Kate I said...

Judy, this is fabulous! I'm so glad you're doing this but I'm also sorry that I'll be away in Mexico when the class is I'm wondering if you've thought having the recordings/video's available again after this class is finished?? Maybe a spring class or even a self paced class? I do hope so!

Judy Wise said...

If there is enough interest I will do another eBook, Kate.

Janie Husband said...

love the idea of a e-book.......i will be away also....

Deb's Artful Journey said...

I cant even begin to tell you how excited I am that you are doing this! I was so disappointed to not be able to take your class in November. I am doing the happy dance! Thank you Judy!!!

mkayteem said...

I have only used acrylics. Been drooling over this cold wax method. Can you estimate how expensive the supplies will be for this class?

Judy Wise said...

mkayteem, you can get by very thrifily by purchasing a set of oil paints and cold wax from Dick Blick or Michaels. The rest of the tools are in most people's studios or garages. Rags and boards. It's up to you how fancy you want to get.

KateT said... e-book please. So love the HotWaxWorkshop!!

kate I said...

Oh ebook would be wonderful!

huntla1 said...

oh yay! oh yay! I'm giddy! oh and an eBook! yes an eBook. Love me a good Judy eBook!!! Thanks Judy,

somepinkflowers said...

enjoying the other 2
on~line classes
i took from you, dear one !!
you're The Best ...

this one calls my name
not the best Time for me ...

i just Know everyone
will have a ball
learning from you, missy !!

{{ maybe,
Your Next Workshop ...
hummmm... }}

anna maria said...

Hi Judy,
I was wondering it there was anyway of knowing what supplies will be needed before registering. The reason for this is that I am now living in a small town in southern Italy, and you'd be surprised at what I can NOT get!
Anna Maria

Jala Pfaff said...

Wonderful work!! and I agree, Rebecca is the guru. I took a workshop from her a couple of years ago and loved it.

Colette said...

Judy I too would like to know the supply list before I commit and also do you need to heat any wax?

Judy Wise said...

There is no heating of wax, Colette. E-mail me for the supply list. xo

ArtfulLee Designed said...

I would have loved to have done this class Judy. Would love to take it if you run it again. An ebook sounds fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Are you doing this as an ebook? I finally realized that I really might be able to do cold wax ... hot wax + three boys not a good idea in my house! Thought, yes, Trish did with four boys somehow!

Unknown said...

When is your next cold wax class??