Tuesday, September 25, 2012

North Carolina and Home

Here is our lovely group of friends (minus one; hi Mailyn!) on the screened in porch at Kim Beller's house in Wilmington, North Carolina. 

I have a serious case of love for North Carolina and for my precious hostess, Kim. The people are really special; really outgoing and friendly. You notice it right away. Such open, welcoming faces. And the country is really, really beautiful. There aren't enough superlatives.

This was my first trip to the south so forgive me for a little bit of gush. My adoration inclues the porches, the rocking chairs, the hush-puppies, the people and the beaches. Also the balmy sunshine and the beach full of exotic shells.

I'll try not to talk too much. Just look at the pictures and know how joyful my heart feels right this minute.

Warm. Gentle. Enfolding.

Then there is the natural wonders of marshes, sea birds and fish.
Pelicans, ibis, heron, sandpipers, so many kinds of wildlife to admire.

The mermaid comes home.

And connects with her sister mermaids, collecting shells and sea fever.

We worked in our journals. 













ha ha. Guess who.

Arrived home last night. Shot photos this morning. Where's Waldo?



Squash Blossom.

Pepper: Jimmy Nardello?

Onions drying on the rabbit fence.

Onion blossoms.

Fairy roses still in bloom.

Cantaloupe from the garden.

 Naked lady crocuses.



Nicotiana. So very fragrant on a warm evening.

Fall aster.

Northern Spy apples.


Petite French Plums.


Cold Wax; 24x30". It's the railroad cut where we used to pick blackberries. Buzzing with insects, sweet berries and summer sun. It may or may not be finished. 

How can it keep getting better, this life? Deeper and deeper into the mystery. Let's all hold hands for company and discover things together. 



Barbara Smith said...

Judy, I know I hardly ever comment but I always read. Today, though, I had to say something...your photos of your trip, the wonderful ladies you spent time with, your garden, your's all just so perfect and beautiful. It's as though my soul just lept at the very sight of all the wonderment. Thank you for sharing the gorgeousness of it all.
Peace & Love,

Ruth Armitage said...

Welcome home Miss Mermaid! I'm glad you had such a wonderful retreat! Thanks for sharing the beauty and lushness!

big strong girl designs said...

oh judy. i miss you already and loved every minute of you being here in north carolina. you are a gem. a rare and beautiful gem. xo
there aren't words to describe how filled up i am right now and i love your post and photos and your sweet sweet spirit~
until next time :)
"dreams do come true"....

Anonymous said...

Judy, you are a treasure. I am so glad to have been there, with you and all the mermaids. I have to say I love that picture of Susan. Captures the weekend perfectly.

Deb's Artful Journey said...

What a wonderful time it looks like you all had! Arent petite french plums the best?? I love your new painting... such yummyness!

Darlene K Campbell said...

A dreamy-inspiring post Judy. Now I want to move to North Carolina.

Pattio said...

Wow what a bounty from the art retreat and the garden. A feast for the senses, our eyes and your stomach. ;)

thanks for sharing.

Happy autumn equinox

Bren said...

Goodness your cup is overflowing with wonder. Nothing like art, great people and the ocean to calm your inner rhythms, then there is all that bounty at home :-)

Michele said...

I love you! I love your heart and your smile and your talent. Mostly I just love to be with you and laugh and laugh and laugh. Life is (truly!!) good and it is people like you who add the sparkle, the gilt, the fairy dust. Thank you for all your gifts this last, sadly passed, weekend. You filled me up, you did.

lyle baxter said...

Judy, your photos are wonderful! you even make veggies look good! the coast of n.carolina is a wonderful place! glad you got there! looks like all had a grand time lots of smiles!

Caterina Giglio said...

big sigh ... so much beauty ...

Kim Mailhot said...

Ahhhh, mermaid, teacher, learner, artist, playmate, garden gnome, life lover and life liver with unicorns flying out her butt, you make me giddy with the joy burst from you.
Huge hugs, Beautiful Judy and thank you for sharing the story with us.

Parabolic Muse said...

Hi, Judy! I knew you were a mermaid when you were giggling with me in Port Townsend! I hope you don't mind that I took a few things of yours. I used them to try to make myself a mermaid, but it didn't work. Apparently, it's not about the jewelry.

Anyway, why did I call?

OH! I called to say North Carolina is stunning! I love it. It's so beautiful! And these journal pages are amazing. Luscious and unique, every one. If I've taught you anything at all, you have a few of them at your place now.

Parabolic Muse said...

Did I mention the canvas? Maybe not, since I was SWOONING!

Clare Wassermann said...

I was so engrossed in your pictures. That looks such a wonderful location and such gorgeous that nicotiana is it Sylvestris. I could SMELL it through my iPad!

barefoot muse said...

Such beauty, and YES....I love holding hands!!! Feeling the wonderful energy already! xo

her father's daughter said...

you look so beautiful and relaxed..your hair! it's gotten so long!

Lynn Cohen said...

The photos of you tell of your joy in all you saw, felt, experienced there!

We are on day 16 of our "out west" road trip. My art travel journal holds 25 pages of drawings/ paintings some of which can be seen on my blog.

Your farmer was busy while you were away, beauty shows!

Yes, life is wondrously good right now for me too! Hugs!

Connie Haskell said...

What a beautiful post...I visited South Carolina and Georgia for the first time a year ago...and I am smitten, truly! Especially by the Southern hospitality that I experienced, this Hawaii girl would say that there is a lot of Aloha in the South~ Your art..always incredible, but especially that it serves as a catalyst for sweet friendships! Aloha, Connie

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