Sunday, July 15, 2012


Mid-summer bliss. Nearly a week of camping in a dorm and sharing encaustic learning with some of the nicest and most talented people in the encaustic world. I taught 2 days and got to take a class from Sue Stover. That's her palette above.

Sue's background is in textiles and design; batik, dyeing, weaving and related fields. In her class we made batik paper and used hand made wooden and rope stamps to paint in colored wax. Please visit her site here; she is one of my favorite artists ever.

We painted with tjanting tools and got to play with an electric tjanting tool that keeps the wax hot and is very easy to control.

Here Sue does a demo while we all look on.

One thing you will love about EncaustiCamp is the small class sizes. Another thing is the variety of classes the teachers offer. 

I taught painting from the hot palette for the second year in a row. The portrait above was the first portrait this woman had ever painted. She was overjoyed to see what she could accomplish. 

I almost didn't get photos for you; I was so caught up in the moment. 

The weather was perfect; high 70's to low 80's and sunshine.

The food was amazing; I ate so much and dessert too at every meal. I love going a week without doing dishes!

I had 22 students in 2 days but these were the only photos I captured. My apologies to the rest of you who made equally amazing paintings.

 Here is the woman behind EncaustiCamp; Trish Seggebruch. She brings light and love to everything she touches. And next to her is her 16 year old son who captured every heart. Yo Patrick.

And below's another shot of Patrick with Jess Greene, who is on her Jumpstart Creativity Tour to promote "Seek Your Course" and to encourage all of us to be creative.

Jess also taught 2 classes here and her focus was on personal meaning and symbolism. We had good conversations on how difficult it is to teach meaning, style, symbolism, and so on. Difficult but the whole point once you've mastered technique.

Patrick was a treasured part of the EncaustiCamp experience. He came to help us schlep but ended up being a source of continuous laughter and good spirit. Quick witted, warm hearted, a hilarious story-teller; I think we all fell a little bit in love with this guy. He's a credit to his mother who raised him, to teen-agers and to redheads everywhere.

In the evenings we sat together and talked about art, told our stories, and laughed to unwind. 25% of the attendees were returns from the previous year and we all agree we're coming again. 

Splashing in the fountain in the center of the quad; an EncaustiCamp tradition.

By the end of camp we are all friends. We are inspired and full of ideas for new work. Trish has so many exciting plans and changes coming in her life that she shared with us but you'll have to keep up with her for those announcements. She is a model for brave living and kindness. Maybe you can tell I really loved this week and this camp and these people. Yes indeed. 

 Next year Trish is moving the camp from Oregon next door to Washington. Put a little seed in your mind about joining us then. Imagine summer, welcoming new friends, stimulating conversations about art and meaning and a week of creativity you'll never forget. 

So without even unpacking I took my camera into the garden to share.

Mid-summer. Sandals, lemonade, blooming lavendar and sunshine.

A sunflower called "Teddy Bear".

Blue Salvia.

The farmer can't stop building structures. This one to protect the blueberries from birds. Ladders and houses. Such beautiful things.

And check out those blueberries.

John waters tomatoes that are fast outgrowing their structure.

Trying to push through the roof.

And corn. Nature's candy.

Yucca in bloom and swarming with bees.

Peace rose is covered with blossoms and blackspot. I still love her.

And is there anything more cheerful than nasturtiums?

Or more elegant than onion flowers.

The time is now. This is the perfect moment. Take a deep breath and invite the calm. I hope you are well and content. xo


carlanda brown williamson said...

i think i wanna come play next year! xo

Lelainia N. Lloyd said...

I want you to know that every time a certain song comes on, I'm belting out "Wax the casba! Wax the casbah!" I'm ruined for life. *grins*

GailNHB said...

The art camp, the flowers, the garden, the food growing all around you, the farmer's many projects - you are a richly blessed woman. Thank you for sharing your abundance with us.

Peace be with you - Gail

Carol said...

It certainly looks like a wonder filled time. Your gardens are beautiful.

Lorraine Lewis said...

i love your garden Judy- it's so beautiful. i have the peace rose in my garden too- it's one of my favs. you have uch a beautiful life!

Jenny Lee Wentworth said...

Welcome home♥ Maybe next year I'll make it to camp. Always love seeing your magical garden, I have never seen tomatoes that tall!
Love to you, hope to see you soon.

Stephanie Lee said...

I thought of you all this past week at Encausticamp. I knew you didn't need me to send good thoughts your way - you carry plenty of your own - but I sent them anyway.
I know you post your garden pics just for me (don't tell me the truth) and I thank you for them. You know they are a balm to my happy soul. I can't remember a single thing you said in this post because contemplating the size of those blueberries is taking up all my brain power.
I love you and the farmer to pieces.

Laura said...

I love seeing the peek inside the Encausticamp fun! Such great portraits too...I visited Pompeii this summer and they would fit right in.

peggy gatto said...

Thank you for the pictures.I love the look of encaustic!

Lynn said...

What heaven your life have such fun at an art camp, create, guide others to create, pouring yourselves out on canvas, paper and board. And then to come home to the garden of eden in your own backyard. Wow! Happy for you Judy.
Life is GOOD!

katie said...

painting, friends, beauty from the garden; you live a beautiful life my friend. xox

Anonymous said...

you are such an sweet and kindful soul judy...i wish i was closer i would peer into your garden, wander into your studio and soak you up...

barefoot muse said...

I love it when you post!!! xo

lulu moonwood murakami said...

Such a marvelous account of Encaustic Camp - I suspect it will be growing next year, and I hope to be among those students. Loved seeing the textile photos and the portraits! And your garden - *sigh* - pure bliss! What a lucky girl you are!

amanda jolley said...

And fun was had by all!

MB Shaw said...

I missed you all sooooo much, but it just wasn't in the budget. Thank you so much for sharing the pics, it looks amazing, what a great event. xoxo

Stephani Gorman said...

How fun ! Maybe next year for me too!

Judy Wise said...

I urge anyone who is tempted to join us to make every effort. This is the one retreat I can wholeheartedly recommend.

Seth said...

Thanks so much for sharing camp stories. I can see a good time was had by all!