Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Big Catch Up

Everything is yeasty and rising in my neck of the woods. 

My painting buddies came to visit and we all painted big boards together. That unleashed a week of creativity that I'm still riding high on.

I want to alert you to this TED talk and the challenge that I've accepted to write out my gratitudes and blessings for 21 days in a dedicated journal. In this photo you see other big things filling my life right now. The Mixed Media Journal eBooks that are available here and the green smoothies that have brought me control over my junk fooding and 10 pounds of weight loss. Had to shop for smaller levis and (ahem) underwear. Feeling mighty spunky about that.

My Favorite Green Smoothie

one banana
mango or papaya chunks (1 cup)
frozen blueberries (1/4 cup)
lime juice (1/4 lime)
non-dairy "milk"(almond or hempseed) 1 1/4 cups
stuff blender to the top with dark greens
brewers yeast (1 tbsp.)
walnuts (2 tbsp.)
chia seeds (1 tbsp.)

Blend until smooth. If I drink one for breakfast I'm still full at lunch and only need a mid-afternoon snack.

Then yesterday another friend and I drove up to Seattle to see the Gauguin show and incidentally got to see paintings by one of my art heros, Mark Rothko. Here's Kay standing in front of one. It was amazing. And the Gauguins were amazing too but there were too many people around to sneak off a shot.

Here are my latest paintings. Acrylic, 24x48"

8 1/2 x11"

8 1/2 x11"

8 1/2 x11"

8 1/2 x11"

These are the types of studies I intend to work on during my residency in Spain at Can Serrat in 5 days. I'm excited to find myself there and see what else inspires me too; maybe landscape.  But do tell me what you think of my line and color studies. I'm ever so infatuated with them right now.

It's such a nice day; let's stroll the garden for a moment while you're here.

Someone gave me these luscious tulips. Someone who knows what colors I love.

Time for rhubarb crisp. These leaves are humungous.

The peonies are coming on just as I'm about to leave. (insert sad face here)

Leeks! We love leeks in pasta.

Lily of the valley. Exquisite fragrance.

Kale. Crinkly, crunchy kale.

The rhodys are coming on.

Swiss chard spends the winter. A welcome guest.

I doubt if even the Italians eat more garlic than we do.

Mountain Bluet. Kin to Bachelor Buttons. So blue it's hard to believe.

Artichoke hearts. Not as big as the ones you get at the Serena Gorda Bar in San Miguel de Allende but still a fabulous treat.

Apple blossoms now, fat, juicy apples in the fall. Mmmmmm.

This is where all the greens for the smoothies come from.

Favas are coming on strong.

And a note to the Wilmington students: A great place to stay is the Waterway Lodge; link here. Kim will hook you up with a room share if you're interested in that. 

Hot Wax eBooks are available here and a reminder that I'll be teaching at EncaustiCamp again this summer; it's a wonderful mid-summer gush of encaustic creativity and friendship gathering place so be sure to get your reservations lined up now. July in Oregon is gorgeous; you'll be glad you came.

This year is going to be wonderful; I'm so excited to be connected once again to the International Encaustic Group in here in Portland and I'll have some exhibition announcements about that pretty soon too. Life is full, is good, is full of promise. 

If you can imagine it, you can do it. 


Unknown said...

and guess what? not only are you my art hero, but the Very First Piece of mail that i have gotten in the house that i just moved into (and my favorite place i have ever lived evereverever) was my mixed media journal ebook.

thank you(:

it made me oh so happy to get nice mail the first day.

what a treat

you inspire me, so thank you.


Lynn Cohen said...

Do I not recall you saying something not too long ago about not teaching any or so many classes anymore? Guesst that idea went out the window.

Looks like lots of fun happening.
You go Judy and have fun fun fun.

Love all the new art too! Wowzers!

Dorylyn said...

The new art is exciting! I love the colors. I am drinking up that smoothie and, well, I wished I lived close to you. You are my hero!

Vanessa said...

I love love love the new series, expecially the last one. Beautiful. inspiring. Can't wait to get the mized-media journal ebook.

Smoothie action going on here too! My new love: hazelnut milk!

femminismo said...

I love the color and line studies. Luscious shades of every color I admire! You are always on to something new/old/fun. (pick one) I hope you enjoy Spain. I am going back to Italy in October. I need to paint while I'm there. Yes!

huntla1 said...

First, my ebook arrived and made me very happy. I really like the picture of the Buddha and the tulip. Very nice. The smoothie looks darn interesting. I has absolutely everything that is currently on the "good for you" list in it. I may just have to give it a try. Regarding your new series, I really like it. I like all of them very much. Last but not least, I wish you every inspiration throughout your journey to Spain. Happy and safe travels!

Janine Whitling said...

terrific paintings, and the vegies look amazing too... yummy

lyle baxter said...

your paintings look good. I like #2 looks like more is waiting to emerge! have a blast in spain!

teri said...

Nice cold frame for the kale! I love swiss chard, picked straight from the garden and sautéed with garlic and salt. Yum!!

Caterina Giglio said...

sheesh the only thing I have in the garden is broccoli and cauliflower... yes, I do like the new abstracts, wonderful free sense of line and color..

Chris said...

Love a good green smoothie! Your abstracts are wonderful...keep going! Have a great time in Spain. Perhaps you could talk John into starting a gardening blog. I'd love to learn from a pro. He could also include what you do with all that fabulous produce :D Hugs!

Dawn E. Shepherd Nguyen said...

Your lines are as luscious as your colors. blocking them with white is sumptuous....
thank you for the endless inspiration Judy.....I am excited for your residency in Spain. Please travel safe, enjoy it to the fullest and we will savor it with you when you return home again.
Much love and hugs,

Clare Wassermann said...

To me your paintings here are particularly full of music and movement. Very exciting xxxx

Unknown said...

Words alone cannot express the voluptuous sensation of color. The explosion of light and energy that your paintings evince. Then that garden....oh my!!!
Enjoy your time in Spain. I look forward to many more photo's. xo
P.S. Clare Wassermann has said it perfectly..."your paintings are full of music and movement."!!! They make me want to dance.

Carol said...

Before I even got to the part of the post where you asked for thoughts on your new paintings I was thinking that I would have to leave a comment on how much I loved your current paintings. Different than what I've seen from you before and beautiful!

Jan said...

Judy, I love your new work and look forward to seeing what transpires in Spain. Safe and fun travels.

Robyn A said...

Judy, those tulips look as though they could have jumped out of one of your new paintings which are luscious! I love the way you have used pencil (?) marks in the last few. And peonies - if only I could grow them, I just love them. Have fun in Spain.

Jason said...

Thanks for inspiring me with your acrylics! I was at a sticking point on one that I'm working on. Seeing yours gave me some fresh ideas that I'd like to try.
Also, the garden pictures are awesome. One of these days I'm going to have a wonderful garden like that!!

Susie said...

Gosh Judy, I'm in love with those paintings. I'd say I think you ROCK. I was totally inspired by them, the colors and movement are amazing and texture...I just can't stop looking at them. I've been here every day since I saw them and begin my art day with a quick peek, just to get my own creative juices flowing. I see that intense colors and I can't wait to get into my studio. What is not to love about them. I'm hooked. :)

Marit said...

OHMY... your paintings are stunning too... what is it you CAN'T do??? Thanks for the walk through the garden, I enjoyed it very much!

katie said...

so much juicy life and beauty exploding in your you and everything around you, oh empress of springtime.
your new paintings thrill and inspire me!

Unknown said...

Lovely photos, I love that photo of your friends painting on boards, looks like so much fun and a great way to relax!

Natasha said...

Wow. I am jealous of all your garden space! But grateful my garden does what it can. I suspect my decidedly ungreen fingers are partially to blame as well.

Your new paintings are stunning. I just want to sink into them. The movement and energy, and colours...glorious inspiration.