Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving Rumination

Quiet afternoon following Thanksgiving. Vanilla tea with almond milk. Sun shining and crisp blue skies. Autumn graces the studio, garden and home.

We are warm inside. Give thanks.

Our family gathered for the feast here at Grandmother's cottage. My precious precious.

Kind and beloved grandson.

Minor additions to the big panels and I think they're done.

The bounty of the garden - give thanks.

The little cloche.

Which protects the green cilantro.

The nodding sunflowers, giving up their seeds to the hungry birds.

A house filled with laughter.

Swiss chard still colorful for morning smoothies.

Wooly mullein.

Witchy shapes.

A new painting called "Turn" about the changing season.

The sides are pretty too. 12"x12"

Shocking beauty in the underbrush. 
For all of this and so much more we give thanks.


Beth said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Judy, from the other side of the country where it's all snow...

Kathy said...

Glad to hear you were surrounded with loved ones for the holiday!
What is that amazing purple thing in the last photo??

Martine said...

Bless you.......

Lynn Cohen said...

Me too, me too. Happy for all your beauty and love and beautiful love and art and outside art and inside love and thankfulness and beautiful family. Yes, its a good excuse to say Thank You again! Enjoy!

Tracy Verdugo said...

Happy Thanksgiving Judy...looks like it was filled with love and beauty...loving those large panels! ♥

Kathryn Zbrzezny said...

I love the beautiful way you let us inside your world. I give thanks...

somepinkflowers said...

i was out & about
and heard the happy laughter
over here
so popped in to tell U

i am so ~~thankful~~
for taking your Hot*Wax class...

as hectic life occurred all around me
{{ as it is apt 2 do }}
my times of peace
were enjoyed under a sweet cloud
of beeswax
and pigment
and your tutelage...



so there!

{{ i took a wee bit
of the green cilantro
as it is my fav,
liking it as i do
even on morning eggs }}

Lisa Graham said...

Looks like you had a lovely day. Your photos were all warm, fuzzy, and simply pleasant!

Unknown said...

What more could you ask is good. Love to you Judy, I'm thankful for you♥

Ro Bruhn said...

Happy Thanksgiving Judy. Love the paintings. Your photos have captured the atmosphere so well, they make me want to wrap a blanket around me, even though it's pleasantly warm here.

Judi D. said...

And I give thanks for YOU, Judy. Your inspiration and gentle kindness have led me down a path that needed walking. Blessings to you and yours.

eb said...

all of it
I too
love that purple mushroomy thing

xox - eb.

nancy neva gagliano said...

to celebrate

Janine said...

As always a beautiful post! Thank you!

lori said...

your garden pictures are so beautiful. your art is amazing it all.

femminismo said...

Lovely grapes. They would make some good vin santo (holy wine)! And the chard. We had a wonderful chard salad for Thanksgiving. Blessings to you. - Jeanne

Clare Wassermann said...

wow that purple is a shock too - but the rd leaves in your early photos are also outstanding.

Kathleen Conard said...

I had just asked the question about what to do with the sides of a cradled panel and then looking through this post saw yours - I am a visual learner, so this was perfect timing! I always enjoy the photos of your beautiful garden and admire your cilantro. I tried to raise some this summer, but didn't realize just how fragile it is. I will try again next summer and be more careful. I love the two panels you just finished - beautiful! I hope you are enjoying a time of rest and relaxation - you deserve it! xo

Patti Sandham said...

Beautiful post. You remind us how much we have grateful for. I am so lucky. Happy Thanksgiving to all my US family.

Hugs Patti