Thursday, October 20, 2011

Scarce as Hen's Teeth

Yup, I'm going to be awol for the next few weeks as the online wax workshop has started and I am knee deep in sharing. You still have 2 more days to join us; I'm getting wonderful reviews from the gang and I'm having a blast on my end. The piece above is one of the demonstrations I do in the class. I even show you how to cast the baby out of plaster.

The family spent the weekend at the beach. Ahhh, is it really that time of year again. 

We had mild weather. The kayakers were out as well as the surfers; everyone flying kites and dogs with slap happy grins running back and forth. All of us a little dazed and squinting in the sunlight.

Kayak. It's still on my bucket list. 

Here is our enormous yerba santa plant growing next to the rosemary and parsley. 

Look at the size of those leaves. John will distribute them to our Mexican friends who appreciate what a culinary find they are in this part of the country.

Peppers from the habanero collection. Actually, there is one pepper in there that is an aji amarillo from Peru, but the rest are habaneros. Don't they resemble halloween candy? These are just the habanero varieties. Yes, he still grows the serranos, jalapenos, jimmy nardellos and more.  

And here we have a precious late bloomer, Buff Beauty, doing her best to outrun the fall weather.

Every moment is precious, precious. 
Oh it is.


huntla1 said...

I can't believe that you had time to even post this. I would be one of those in your wax class, although I have yet to sling wax, but I know how busy you have been keep all of us "cats" (as some of your other students like to refer to us) herded! I am enjoying the information so much and have learned so much already. And we are only at day four. Hard to believe.

Kathleen Conard said...

I didn't make it to the Oregon coast this year since I am now in Ohio. Seeing those pictures brought the ocean to me! I am loving your Hot Wax class, by the way! Your are so talented and an great teacher.

Martine said...

every moment is precious.........
so is every moment i spent on the hotwaxclass with you.
I'm so happy and grateful i can join, you are such a great teacher. Thank you

Judy Shreve said...

You'll long for that coast & lazy days - as this class gets going! lol
Loving the instruction - great videos and teaching. I'm so happy I joined the workshop!

Laura Twiford said...

I too am thrilled to be a part of this wax on class. You inspire me in so many ways, I know I will hate to see the class end! BTW there is a very good South African chardonnay called Herding Cats!

Caterina Giglio said...

have a great class, and thanks for the gorgeosity...

Unknown said...

Loving playing with wax today dear Judy! That wonderful sweet smell of melting wax reminds me of being in your studio, sigh. Thank you so much for this amazing class!!!
Love to you,

Ps: I think a visit to the spa will be in order when class is done. :)

kathyd said...

Great photo's of the coast. I love the photos . The peppers are to die for..

Lynn Cohen said...

that leaf is unbelievable

Linda E said...

I HIGHLY recommend your Hot Wax class to anyone who has even the slightest interest! You are an excellent instructor, and don't hold back anything. your instructions are clear, understandable, and geared for every level.

Joan Tucker said...

I adore the sunflower photo; transformed the ordinary to the magical. Thanks. Joan Tucker