Monday, September 26, 2011

IEA Retreat

This will be a short check in. I just returned from 4 days at the International Encaustic Artists' Retreat last evening. I was unfocused and tired much of the time at the retreat but woke up today clear-headed and wishing I'd shot more photos for you. It was a successful retreat and I learned a lot.

Encaustic is so broad and there is so much you can do with wax that there is no end to the new discoveries. And the shopping is fun too; lots of lovely colors and tools to collect. 

There was a beautiful gallery show titled "Encaustic Masters" and that's my piece on the wall. The opening was a solid crush of people; it was great fun.

On the home front John worked hard getting the harvest in ahead of the rains. The garage is full of produce while my car sits outdoors. Here are just a few pictures; it's too dark in there to get very good ones.

John's pride and joy; the Orenco gold tomato that he has kept going from a sport of a red roma. We love this tomato and he offers seeds through Seed Savers Exchange. As you can see it is thick walled and similar to the roma. It's so pretty in salsa fresca with red tomatoes, cilantro, and green chilis. 

Along with everything else we have a new septic tank now. Nothing like a little noise and mayhem to rattle your nerves. 


Onion seed heads.

These are Magnum Orange Habaneros. They're hot.

These are called Tiger Teeth and originated in the Caribbean. 155,000 Scoville units.

This is Aji Limon hot pepper from Peru.

This is the Mayan Red, another habanero.

Some Orenco Gold tomatoes.

Some of the corn that will be ground up for polenta.

Gotta go now. Stuff's happening!! Art and Soul this weekend; I'm teaching 2 days. See some of you there. I WILL take photos for you. 


Ro Bruhn said...

WOW! What a bountiful crop Judy. John should write a book on how to grow such prolific crops, I think it would be a best seller.
Have a great time at Art and Soul, say Hi to Aussie Jen Crossley for me please.

Jackie said...

Your harvest is amazing! Nothing prettier than just picked veggies! I hope to meet you at Art and Soul - I'm taking Misty's class Fri and Sat. I really enjoyed the plaster class with you and Stephanie and can't wait for Hot Wax to begin!!

La Dolce Vita said...

the abundance of your harvest is truly spectacular, makes me feel rich just to look at these photos, Judy!
and congrats, your encaustic piece is wonderful.

Lynn said...

I can't decide which is more beautiful YOU or your art? I guess I'll have to say both are outstandly so!!!

Your photos of your farmer husband's crops are stupendous! Does he ever enter his produce in a fair? No doubt he'd have a closet full of blue ribbons!

Have fun teaching those lucky students!!! Then rest please. Sounds like you are still going, going, going like the energizer bunny!!

Were you "unfocused" or just in your right brain for long periods of time at the E. Retreat?

Anonymous said...

I love the shapes and the soft colors of your encaustic piece on the wall. I like the way the 4 pieces are displayed in one frame. I wish I could have seen the pieces a little bit better but from what I see they look fabulous!

Anonymous said...

I just took another look and it's 5 pieces, sorry it's late and I am so sleepy....

Healing Woman said...

Incredible harvest and incredible pictures-especially the tomatoes. They look like professional cookbook pictures!!!

Laurie Jacobsen said...

I just planted some spinach seeds in my new organic planting's a start!!!

Ezshwan Winding said...

I am jealous of your beautiful bounty, but can almost taste the flavors from your photos.

I agree, there is always more to experience with encaustic. I have to remind myself when I do demos, not to show everything that is possible!

Judi Delgado said...

How do you DO all this stuff, Judy? I'm tired just looking.

Tracy Verdugo said...

What a beautifully abundant feast of colour Judy! I would love to visit you guys and see your amazing garden in person when I'm in Oregon next fall! Hopefully I'll be in luck and there'll be a workshop on offer while I'm there. How do I get my hands on some of those awesome tomato seeds through seedsavers? Have fun at art and soul and hope you're feeling 100% this week xo

Tracy Verdugo said...

ps my husband is a serious chile afficionado so he may have to come visit too! Do you grow tomatillos?

Parabolic Muse said...

Catching up again. But man. This is always a big stunning life! when I open up your blog and see what cool, comforting, substantial, lovely things are going on here. It's grand to me! All those plants doing their thing!