Tuesday, July 05, 2011

The Remains of the Day

Fourth of July leftovers. Smoked ribs and so on. We had 9 adults and 4 dogs at our gathering and perfect weather. Insanely gorgeous; not too hot but still sunny. We had strawberry shortcake and homemade ice cream. It was amazing; beautiful, perfect.

I've been in full-on teaching mode now for weeks; this is the last week. Seriously, my booty hurts from sitting at the computer for so many hours each day. But the plaster class that Stephanie Lee and I have been teaching has been so incredibly fulfilling and awesome that it's been a treat. Everyone is making amazing plaster art, sharing and asking questions.

Stephanie and I are going to be offering this class as an eBook. Really this announcement from me is premature but since there is nothing else in my brain right now than this gorgeous class that we are offering for pre-order ... well, just pretend I've whispered it in your ear and don't tell anybody. 

Press these words for more information.

Okay. Back to my plaster players. Hope you are loving the season wherever you are. I'm going out now in my sunbonnet to pick cherries for a galette. Hope you are making more art than I am!


LORENA said...

aw that's so cute that the doggies got to enjoy july 4th too! lol

Marit said...

On and off in art mode myself... I know the feeling when something is in your head most of the time. Artmaking needs concentration and focus, and my focus is somewhere else too... (a fun place, fabulous things will happen if everything turns out that way... can't spoil the secret though...) I wish you a beautiful week Judy!

Bren said...

I want to eat at your table! Looks fantastic.

Very exciting news about the e-book of your workshop.

anna maria said...

I'm happy to see that you are enjoying your summer, and your husband, as always, is the most amazing garden god ever!

kerri said...

This is the kind of weather that makes me happy to be an Oregonian. Your 4th feast looks fabulous! :)

Ruth Armitage said...

Wasn't it a glorious 4th?! I'm excited for your news about the e-book! Sounds intriguing :)

Lynn said...

We had a wonderful long long weekend in Glide, Oregon for
July 4th clebrations with good old friends. I am continuing to document everything in an art journal and it's such fun. Mine are just watercolored drawings and words. My style. ;-))

nandas said...

yes..judy i still read blogs...and newsletters. but i like your blog. i love strolling around your garden with you. if i had to pick between the two, i would pick the blog. it does seem more personal to me....since you asked! i wish i could have taken your workshop... but i am only one person and too much is going on... hope you offer it again or that the e-book covers the same info and that it lasts longer than the 30 days after the class ends... you are a spectacular teacher... and if you ever offer play dates again...i'm there!