Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Midsummer Night's Dreaminess

Summer arrived today; 80 degrees of delicious, sweltering heat. We love it.

Last night we celebrated the solstice with friends.

And desserts. And smoked salmon. The farmers swapped stories and plant news and bug information and more.

We got to inspect the new bee house where the honey is made (and the wax!).

When you open the little doors you can see the bees working away. What a fun and educational bee house.

The lawn is green and soft beneath bare toes.

Everyone is tired after a hard day's work but not too tired for a visit and a nip of wine.

Good people. Really good people. Gives you faith in the worth of the human race.

Meanwhile the roses put on the show of the summer.

Each one has it signature fragrance.

June. How I love you.


rebecca said...

judy. how i love you!

Carol said...

I love that Bee hive too!!!! Great Summer Solstice post :)

kerri said...

Oh, love the bees!

We have been enjoying the sun too. It's been quite lovely. :)

Kim Mailhot said...

beautiful life.
Here's to summer and to bees and wax !

La Dolce Vita said...

oh Judy I love this Solstice post... it is everything that solstice means to me as well... gorgeosity... bees flowers, friends and light...

Anonymous said...

Love good people, among them, YOU! Beautiful summery things, foods, and glorious roses..and I am grateful for all of it.

Lynn said...

those first roses look like something out of a vintage novel story! So beautiful.

You are blessed to be surrounded by such friendships!

Can you use the bees wax for your art work? ;-)

Enjoy summer! Hugs from me.

PS we just returned from a two week road trip vacation which I put into an art journal while traveling! I'm posting it bit by bit on my blog. I thought of you each time I did a page! (It's my first ever real art journal!)

Leslie said...

This is just my sort of gathering. Raising a glass to summer and beautiful flowers and friends, and you.


somepinkflowers said...

why oh why oh why
Food taste better
when eaten outside

I have no idea
it is true!


PS--am having Great Fun
in your class, missy!

Anonymous said...

I can smell the roses from here! I haven't thought about celebrating midsummers before but it's an idea I may steal for next year. A perfect excuse for simple summer indulgences

Laura Twiford said...

A beautiful post as always! Would you please share the info on that wonderful beehive? Would love to do that!