Tuesday, May 03, 2011

all the way to heaven ...

Before I started painting these abstracts the most beautiful images in my head were my nightly dreams. I am a vivid dreamer; dancing the tango with Picasso, that I am not only a ballerina but that I can hold my jumps for amazing lengths of time, that I can fly above the city and land safely, that I am walking down a long tunnel with brilliantly colored plaster walls, aged and warmly beautiful.

Now it is like I have walked into these dreams. Only these are even more magical. I never know what's coming. I just show up and push the paint. This way and that, all the colors that sing to me. And in the end my heart is so full that I feel complete in a way that is utterly new and wonderful. I am closer to heaven.

One of my teachers in trusting my heart has been my friend Katie Kendrick. I have taken classes with her several times and each time I gain a little more trust in my instinct and benefit from her fearless model of treating the search as a playful adventure.

Katie is teaching in Malibu this weekend; here to be exact.

If you want to curl your toes in the sand, paint with Katie, revitalize yourself as an artist, please consider joining her for one or two days (yes, you can choose). She is a very good teacher; a most wonderful example of how to live and get the most out of our time here.


Trace Willans said...

another beauty, makes want to go mix pigment with wax and go wild. Maybe I will.

Marit said...

I will curl my toes in the sand on another beach... far, far away... but I'd love to work with this material once! Just to try... I love our dreamy pieces lately!

Unknown said...

I love jour paintings! would like to learn jour teknik, but it is a long way from northern Norway!

Anonymous said...

Loving all of your recent work! Feeling tingly and excited to paint!

Lynn Cohen said...

Oh Judy you are doing so well. I can see these in a gallery and selling like hotcakes!

Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!Your dreams sound incridable too. Wow.

Clare Wassermann said...

They are certainly liberated dreams. What medium are you using?

Shelley Whiting said...

Wow I love your paintings. There is something dreamlike and ethereal to them. Very beautiful!

Karen Cole said... I glad I woke up.

Hope you are enjoying your tequila, cause YOU deserve it. You have been experiencing the most amazing creative journey with these cold wax paintings. I am in love. Yes, they are dreamy as hell.

Wish you lived closer.
Sounds like you are having a blast.


Anonymous said...

I'd love to do some beautiful serene wax paintings like you do, I also wish I was a vivid dreamer like you are, perhaps I am, I just don't remember these dreams. If you are talking about day dreaming, well that I can do splendidly.
I wish to one day take a class with the truly magical Katie. You are such a good friend, together you are one enchanting duo. I am pretty close to Malibu, but am afraid I cannot take it this weekend. When a day comes that your daughter becomes a teenager, it's a special weekend..

60 years of Making Art said...

What I would give to be able to dream like you! We all have our inspirations. Mine sometimes pop in my meditations when I clear my mind of restlessness.

Parabolic Muse said...

That is such an interesting and pretty work, Judy.