Saturday, April 02, 2011

First Friday

Things are warming up over here in more ways than one.

This is a wine label that I removed soooo easily by filling the wine bottle with boiling hot water. The label then just lifts off. I've done this several times now after struggling with other methods. There are so many cool wine labels to play with.

Wordy. Like my life these days. Everything moving so fast. My friends Jenny and Ruth and I went to this open studio event yesterday and got hugely inspired.


Readers, meet Tangie (left) and Ruth. Tangie and Ruth, meet the readers. Tangie is demonstrating her collage technique. She works BIG.

This is Kristin on the left and her work up front on the table and in the back on the wall. 

Look at her painting closely. Grocery bags and walnut ink. That's it folks. Brilliant work from simple materials. The best!!

Here's a cornstarch paint recipe for making paste paper. I love "secret" recipes. 

Then last night my friend Shannon and I went to Andrea Benson's Friday Open House and admired her recent encaustic work. It is meticulous and thoughtful. The wine was flowing (that's my excuse) so the only photo I took there was of the above poster. I'm going to make my own list of demands; can't wait to start.

Don't forget to enter into the book and art giveaway that Mary Beth and I are sponsoring here. One more day to leave a comment at that post and enter. Next week I'm going on another road trip so fasten your seat belts and prepare for a little travel. We're going to have some fun. :-D

ps. oops. Can't count. Make that two more days. We'll pick a number on Tuesday and post the winner asap.


jill nalette said...

more travels, looking at great art work and being around wonderful friends sounds like a great time. enjoy every minute!!
xo + smiles~ jill
p.s. my entry is: paper, paint, glue and most of all my fingers.

La Dolce Vita said...

sheesh... and here I thought I was unique using grocery bags and walnut ink... ok back to the studio... : )

MB Shaw said...

Sounds like such a fun evening, I haven't done that sort of thing in awhile. Wonderful work from both these artists and that grocery bag & ink is just genius. Very well done, beautiful compositions.

Jill said...

Just popped in to leave a comment - a font of inspiration as always.

Lynn said...

amazing art...yours, theirs...and the shoes? Fun! Happy travels!

Jenny Lee Wentworth said...

Loved spending time with you and Ruth! So fun to meet Tangie & Kristin and see them in action too!
Wishing you safe travels my friend♥
I'll look forward to seeing your new paintings. ;)
Much Love,

cartoongoddess said...

Judy, I love your sketchbook pages. They are so inspiring! Thanks for sharing them.

Seth said...

Great work by Tangie and Ruth. Thanks for the introduction.

shelley said...

nice work...looks like lots of fun...silly question for those in the know...i don't not to silly....the paste paper recipe...would it be used like gesso or modpodge? happy travels...

Ruth Armitage said...

You are too wonderful.... I love that poster and whose shoes are those? It was such a fun evening... I love Kristen's, Tangie's and Andrea's work too.

Parabolic Muse said...

I don't have to comment on every post, but Do. You. SEE. that grocery bag walnut stain piece?! I have taken grocery bags and gesso'd them, but THIS...

I can't wait to see your travel posts!
Can I have that journal page? I won't write on it, probably.

layers said...

Hi Judy,
here I am this morning checking out your blog and discovered a picture of Ruth and Tangie and some pics of Tangie's studio show-- wonderful images and post- thank you.