Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Malibu Recap

Malibu was heavenly. Gina did everything possible to make every student and myself feel appreciated and comfortable. Special gifts; attention to details. I can't wait to return. I really recommend her two day classes if you are anywhere near or can travel to Malibu. She has some great teachers lined up soon including my talented friends Katie Kendrick (May 7 - 8) and Mary Beth Shaw (June 4 - 5). This is the only place Katie is teaching in 2011 so it is a rare opportunity to study with her.  

Minnie showed me a new camera app for the iPhone and I've been playing with it. 

This is why I love to teach. We lift each other. We really do.

The front door to Gina's club house where classes are held. 

Just outside the clubhouse door.

Flowers that don't grow in Oregon.

Judi Delgado in the foreground. She gave me the recipe for the best scones on the planet. (This photo nabbed from Gina's collection; I was so caught up that I shot very few photos.)

My wonderful room mate Laura who has her own blog and kept us both entertained with lively conversation and beautiful music by Krishna Das.

We shared amazing meals like the crab cakes above. 

Sunday it rained a swishy, palm frond waving tempest. It was so cozy in the clubhouse.

And Saturday night I came out of the grocery store to be confronted by the super moon in all her splendor. Magic everywhere.

This is the side of the clubhouse overlooking the ocean.

I'm feeling very peaceful now. The world is heavy with troubles but long on beauty and astonishing good surprises as well. I hope you are among the safe and warm. Namaste.


katie said...

i love laura and krishna das :-)
this workshop sounds like heaven judy, i so can't wait for my turn in just over a month!

Minnie said...

Judy you were magical, it wouldn't have mattered if the sun did shine, I was so in love with your class.....I think I finally figured it out with your class, all the classes I have taken over the years found a home in this journaling class...I figured out a way to write in the journal which I actually like. The highlite was our picasso, they we're all amazing......thank you for connecting us to our inner child, come back again soon.......maybe we could find some sunshine for you. Much love

Kim Mailhot said...

Magical to say the least. So glad you were all lifted to a peaceful, creative place. It is what the world needs more of. Love you, Artist Lady.

Gina armfield said...

It was an honor and a delight to have you xxoo

Lynn Cohen said...

What a beautiful setting for creating fun. Everyone looks happy and satisfied. Now show the art that was made there please!!!

jill nalette said...

oh wow does this look amazing! i'm sure you added much joy and beauty to malibu and your classes! the world for sure needs more joy, beauty and much peace, but i believe it starts with each one of us.
love you sweetheart!
xo + smiles~ jill

Unknown said...

what a beautiful clubhouse and area, not to mention the wonderful art! so glad you had a great time, wish we had something like this where i am in hawaii!

JenEve said...

that was so much fun - i loved everything about it but most of all you and the time to just play! thank you!!

Hollie Haradon said...

Thank you so much for such a lovely weekend. I really enjoyed every moment. You are an artistic fairy. Very inspiring.

Any chance we can get a link to that blue foam stamp stuff? I can't seem to find it online.

Thank you!!!!

irene said...

These photos bring back wonderful memories as do my journal pages. Your sharing brought the sunshine into the room. Thank you,

big strong girl designs said...

looks like so much fun. those crab cakes were adorable! can't wait to take the plaster class with you and stephanie. i only wish it was in person, so i could meet you for real~~~~~
thanks for sharing

Jan's Art and Musings said...

Judy, the wait (to take a class with you) was worth it! I loved being in your presence. Thank you for sharing your talent. The highlight for me was thumbing through your journals - they are a true inspiration to me of the value of visual journaling. (Secretly, someday I'd love to 'read' them :-)