Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Wax and Sculpey

Delicious, yummy, amazing wax. Getting ready for another weekend of teaching in my studio. Clean paper on the work tables. Packets of collage materials. Last minute tweaks to the lesson plan. It keeps getting better if I do say so myself.

These are sample boards that I prepped this week for the new students. I don't even want to make paintings. I just like to see all the things the wax will do.

So while I had a friend and houseguest for a few days I got to putter in the studio more than usual. I was actually able to sit still and get something done. Sometimes you have to fill the moat and stay away from the computer. (yes you do)

I've been reading: Ken Follett's The Pillars of the Earth and World Without End. The books have my head swimming in English history and the middle ages and so it is no surprise that the doll that came to my studio over the weekend was a woman from that era.

This is Ysabella. Well, her head anyway. She'll get a body soon enough.

She is an independent noble woman from the 14th century, has inherited her father's money and refuses to marry. She's quite full of herself.

She shows a strong aptitude for business and carries on the family trade of import export. She owns a fleet of ships that criss cross the oceans to exotic places returning with luxury goods.

She has a penchant for good wine, rich food and little dogs.

She absolutely refuses to mingle with the other girls saying that she's from a different time and place and has no interest in making friends with these lot. Her little dog's name is Fancy and he's her only friend.

Sheesh, now I gotta make a little dog.

Getting through winter. Playing and inventing. Thinking of how creative we human beings are to use our imaginations to soothe and console ourselves and how that gets us through times of stress.

I hope you are cozy and enjoying all the lights that are appearing on the streets in the northern hemisphere. Time for me to go back to the studio. Here's a link to a cool video that will give you goose bumps.


MB Shaw said...

I wanna come play - I get what you are saying about the wax. It is so much fun I just want to experiment too. Yum, love your pics!!

lyle baxter said...

I'd love to play too but its a long walk. your medieval woman is delightful, but you know "Father soandso" will be having words with her about not marrying and producing 15 babies! I wish her luck

Carol said...

I love Ysabella and can relate to her independence. I have only recently discovered that I really do want to be alone at this stage of my life.

Joyce said...

Beautiful works!!!

BJ Lantz said...

I love Ysabella's story! She sounds like somebody I'd want to get to know :-)

Ruth Armitage said...

Whaaa? How could it possibly get any better? I love Ysabella, especially her forehead. So obviously brilliant! And the texture on that first wax piece! Yum :) Glad you are having fun in the studio... xoxo Ruth

Jenny Lee Wentworth said...

Oh Judy, you're gonna have such a wonderful weekend! Love your Ysabella too.
♥ and hugs to you,

michelle allen said...

SO fun! i wanna take a class with you!
please put me on your list. love your girl and that bicycle quote in your journal! :)

p.s. can i get your address?

jill nalette said...

all that wax looks so interesting and FUN! your dolls are fabulous, but your more fabulous : )!!!
love you!
BIG hugs and smiles~ jill

Seth said...

Ysabella looks very happening. And that wax is very cool.

Tara Ross Studios said...

I really love your dolls. I hope to learn from you one day, how to make them.

All the best,

femminismo said...

Love the lady with the dog named Fancy. And the wax/Sculpy looks like a delicious frosted cake!!

Clare Wassermann said...

She looks like she REALLY knows her own mind doesn't she?

Lynn said...

Awesome doll Judy! In every way she eminates beauty and charm.
Your journal pages always draw me in. Wishing you the happiest of holidays!!!!! And happy studio classes too.

Connie Lou said...

You are right, sometimes we have to drain the moat....I need to remember that, I so love your art work! Aloha, Connie

Kate said...

Oh I love Ysabella and her story too. Funny that you need to make a dog now. what a treat it was hearing about her.. I don't know if its the story or the doll that is so appealing, perhaps it is the combination.


somepinkflowers said...


you have to fill the moat
stay away from the computer"""


well that would be me tomorrow
i put an alligator in my moat
do arty*things
instead of inter*netty things...

{{ am developing a Big Case
oF Wax Love
over here



oh dear me................. }}

Jakk said...

"Sometimes you have to fill the moat and stay away from the computer. (yes you do)"

Letting that excellent advice sink in, especially as my workbench beckons and I keep shooshing it with "Later ... later ... later."

Ysabella is divine!

eb said...

oh my how I love you
and I DO know a little dog
you speak the truth
from feet to head
love your new doll
and the swirling black script
my tall men made short bread
there are 2 pieces saved for you
with puerh tea
and the ice candles are glowing
just like you...

xox - eb.

Jill Berry said...

I think she has a big dog, and it is a poodle, smarter than the average man. And I think that Colorado is her state of choice, all the open space and majesty. She loves that, more than she loves Chaucer, and that is saying something.