Sunday, November 14, 2010

November's Shakin'

It's been awhile, hasn't it? I've been kept busy keeping the flaming skillets up in the air but I promised myself I'd get a post up no matter what. I'm writing class proposals, making samples, went to a retreat on the Oregon coast and have generally been filling up my plate with life.

The beach retreat was a real luxury. John urged me to go as a reward for a year of adjustment and change. But I must confess that life has been pretty gentle to me for the past several months now.

It's been so long since I painted that I wasn't sure where to start. This one was done on a stack of sewn kraft paper scraps (paper bags). I plan to do more of these.

Remember the chayote vine that I photographed for you last summer? It was almost covering the trellis then.

Well, this is what it looks like now, surrounded by fall colors. It is like having the green man bulking up right in our yard. It has blossoms but will not fruit in our climate but it's sure been fun watching it grow.

While I was at it these guys were interested in what I was doing. Everything is so green in Oregon; we haven't had a frost yet.

This little guy came in the mail for me while I was at the beach. You can see more of them here all decorated up for Halloween. I'm going to decorate mine for Christmas and mail it back to Lorraine for an auction.

I met Lorraine at my doll class in Portland. This is the doll she created above. I think it is beyond wonderful. Her blog is fun and filled with great ideas; you should check it out.

A friend had a Birthday this week so she got a special card (above). She was at the Beach Retreat too. The card is mixed media encaustic. Can you see the maple leaf tucked in there? They are only red at this time of year.

And my gardenia is still blooming in the studio. What a cheerful sight in mid-November. It takes me back to the prom I attended so many years ago when I was given the first gardenia I'd ever seen.

Here is Ethel Mermaid, my newest doll that I made at the beach. She's a sassy little thing, right proud of herself for crawling up on dry land and into the doll collection.

Just look at her preening on her little shelf with the other girls (and one old man and a horse.)

Finally I painted 2 paintings while I was at the beach. Thinking about the comforts of animals, bonfires, spirit guides and more.

Time to get back to my chores. John went into a neighboring town for ingredients for some new recipes he found on the net and I'm hoping he'll pick up a burrito for me. Help me send the vibe to him ... mmm, I'm hungry. xo

addendum: Yes, John did bring me some food. And in response to your requests I've listed the above image of the crow woman for sale here.


Janine said...

OMG! Do I love this post! Love your mermaid and your doll collection! You make me want to make more dolls...but where would I put them that is what is holding me back! I sell so very few that I could open a store with what I have made and given away! Darn you do make me want to make more! Your two paintings on the bottom of post are wonderful and powerful, they feel like they are emoting your feelings, etc. Love it all~

PaperPumpkin said...

I see a new post from you, I begin a slow, warm, lingering smile. It makes my day, as do you. Your paintings are so powerful. I feel touched by angels. I LOVE your work and I love the way you think, with such gentleness. Thank you for being you and for sharing your gifts with us. ♥ Kathy

JessiVille said...

Such fabulous art! I am mermaid and angel crazy and enjoyed all your art, the paintings and your dolls. Just wonderful!

Joy Logan said...

WOW Judy such wonderful new pieces and news!

Janet Ghio said...

Love your paintings!! They are wonderful (as is your other work-but thes paintings really speak to me!

marcia @Child in Harmony said...

Wow. your art ..your inspiring to me. you are quite a woman !

happy day!

Kim Mailhot said...

Forget shakin' - November is smokin'!!! Wow, Judy...just in love with your art. Love Ethel like crazy but the one that really made me hummmmm was the last piece with the bird/woman beautiful.
Glad to know those wonderful juices are flowing so freely, Beautiful Judy.
Big love to you !

somepinkflowers said...

went singing-bowl dreaming
late last (insomniatic) night

the soothing sounds
made in the september vermont cabin
of your glowing face surfaced...

you looked about 12
that night, BTW,
so Unfair...


{{ man,
those singing-bowls are $$$$
i bought not a single thing}}

do your teaching proposals
Keep Us All Informed.

i am wanting to learn so much!!!

i need
waxy lessons
stenciling lessons
wabi-sabi paper lessons
it would seem--->
sewing-brown-paper-bag-scraps-together lessons


oh happy day!
you are nothing
if not inspirational...

dorylyn said...

Oh, I have fallen in love with Ethel! She is beautiful. I must make an Ethel for my shelf! AND the last painting...made my heart dance. Thank you!

kathyd said...

Wonderful post .. Love the Jean Cocteau quote.
Want all of the paints.....
Thank you so much for sharing...

Anonymous said...

Oh I sure hope this means you may be teaching encaustics soon!!! It would be wonderful!!! I would love to take a class from you! Orly had sooo many wonderful things to say about you when she met you!

Bren said...

I don't even know where to begin! What amazing pieces you've created. The woman soaring within the bird, talk about high impact. Your work is just amazing in it's richness and symbolism. And as always I'm in awe of your gardens, your world of green is a delight as we settle into our pre winter greys :-)

Lynn said...

I don't know how it is possible as you were already so good at all you did, but somehow you just seem to be getting EVEN BETTER! These paintings sing to me, and the dolls are well, just simply wonderful. So much feeling in each one...a little doll soul.
I am happy for you having all these good times.
And I hope that burrito or something better came home to you.

Rhayne said...

Looks like you've been a busy bunny though you say things have been quiet.

I've been following your blog for a few months but I haven't seen anything about you selling your art. Do you sell it? Your lady crow brought tears of joy to me and that doesn't happen often. She is beautiful.

liz elayne lamoreux said...

thank you for this post and sharing these pieces of you. it was like spending a few moments with you on this grey morning.

sending love and light...

rebecca said...

you speak to me
without words.
blow the perfect wind of awakening into my waiting wings.

Dede Warren said...

Your photos are so beautiful as always Judy... but the two paintings you did are exquisite! Love, loVe, LOVE them so!!

Irene said...

Oh, Judy! Ethel Mermaid is WONDERFUL!!! I can't begin to hope she is for sale. You already know how much I love mermaids, but did you know that my mother's name was Ethel? She died two years ago this month, on November 5th, at the ripe old age of 96, but still too soon. Your Ethel makes me smile. So do you.

femminismo said...

Inspirational stuff here - as always! I love, love, love your paper bag paintings. You make my fingers itch!! For paint!

Parabolic Muse said...

You painted that angel painting on paper bags?!!?! wow. I wrote on FB that I was painting the other sides of Trader Joe's bags to use as wrapping paper, but that the Trader Joe's side was more festive. HA

(i love my funny parts)

Love Ethel. She's a mermaid among mermaids.

dosfishes said...

Your boundless creativity continues to blossom in all directions. xox Corrine

jill nalette said...

i love the dolls so much judy! something new i'd love to try. looking at your art work is such a joy. i hope john got you your yummy burrito ; )

love you, judy!
hugs and smiles~ jill

And so it goes... said...

Outstanding as usual! Especially love your crow/woman. Any chance you'll be offering prints for sale??? (You can't see me, but my fingers are crossed & I'm holding a 4 leaf clover!).

Connie Lou said...

What a wonderfully inspiring post...I just have to get to work. I love your kraft package art...awesome! No excuses, right?

Thanks again and have a wonderful day, I love following your blog.



Leslie said...

Everything is beautiful over here. I love the idea of painting on grocery bags. Fantastic! But the one that speaks to me (and is currently my desktop picture) is the one of the white-haired woman on the back of the large brown dog -- Is that one for sale too?

about a fox said...

oh MAN do I love all that you have going on here-- and that quote from Jean Cocteau<--!!? wowza.

Totally posting that up.

you are the goddess with the lantern



paperbird said...

Judy you are so sweet. I have been away from the blog world for a bit- life has been so busy for me.
To come here and find this sweet post has made my day!
You are a treasure dear Judy- thank you for participating in our auction. I love your kitty, she is perfectly you!
I should have all the info soon.


aline said...

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