Monday, November 22, 2010

In My Studio!

These are my friends and "students" who helped me christen the Playhouse Studio for my first adventure into teaching hot palette encaustic on my home turf. Gosh it was wonderful having access to my printer, computer, and adequate electricity for all the hot plates and heat guns. I wish now that I'd taken photos of the food everyone contributed; I only asked that each person bring a sack lunch but everyone showed up with food to share including me so we had lots of snacking throughout the weekend - mostly me nibbling at everything. Back row left to right: Barbara, Melinda, Jenny. Bottom: myself and Ruth.

On the second day we got into the wet technique of painting with dry pigments and wax medium. Each painting produced was gorgeous. The one above was painted by Barbara - don't you love it?

Melinda painted this one above. It is quite different than the faces she has painted in the past and I think it is beautiful too. Such a tender expression around the mouth.

Ruth is an accomplished artist and the face above is the one she painted. Beautiful texture, skin tones, everything. I was gleeful at her results and not surprised. I threatened to take credit for teaching her "everything she knows" lol. She was a joy to have and kept us laughing for 2 days.

Jenny's face above just kills me. Incredible use of color, expression, wax technique, the whole enchilada. That lime and pink satisfies a deep craving I have. I told her that she is a wonderful colorist but in truth she can take her work in any direction she chooses.

Ruth and Jenny.

My behind and Barbara. (thank you Melinda for taking many of these photos)

This is the sample board I used to demo a series of techniques. Sometimes I like my demo boards better than my paintings.

And lastly a board that I fiddled with while everyone else worked hard on their projects.

I am going to continue teaching 2-day hot palette encaustic classes in my home studio next year. By accepting only 4 students at a time it really is like a little party where we all get to know and enjoy a personal relationship and there is an adequate and affordable motel just blocks away where people who travel in can stay. I have a waiting list now for the first few months of 2011 but once I get organized I'll put up a list of dates that you can sign up for. I'm so happily excited about this new direction. I just love to share my enthusiasm and love of creating with others.

Okay, I'll try to come down to earth now. But really. These guys got me inspired. xo


Anonymous said...

Wow! Count me in! I am dying to take a class from you and try encaustics!

Unknown said...

Best weekend ever Judy! I missed you and the ladies today. :) Thank you so so much for your friendship and encouragement. You really are an Awesome teacher Judy!
Much Love and Big Hugs!
Your friend,

Clare Wassermann said...

oh it looks so wonderful. The results are simply stunning - those faces!

Ro Bruhn said...

I'm so glad you get to teach from home. I have a workshop from home around once a month with a maximum of eight people, they are such wonderful classes and it's so convenient to not have to cart all of your things with you, the equipments all there.
You students have produced some fabulous work.

Sharon Tomlinson said...

Beautiful student ART. Sure makes me want to come play in your studio.

Anonymous said...

If I can get the money up, I will so be there! You are the one person I MUST meet and learn from. Honestly. To be taught by YOU would be the highlight of my life!

jill nalette said...

oh holy cow the art work is amazingly wounderful and spending time with you...well those are some very lucky women!
love you darling!
xo and smiles~ jill

Pat said...

Creating art with others is truly a special experience. It looks like everyone had a blast and the results are spectacular!

lulu moonwood murakami said...

How FUN! I would love to come take a class on your home turf and learn those pigment painting techniques! Beautiful paintings your students created!
: ) lulu

Parabolic Muse said...

That's the page you fiddled with? That's a 'fiddled with' piece?!

I'm trying not to get jealous, here.

Okay, thank you for putting me on a waiting list for next year. YAY! I'll bring the balloons and the tequila!

MB Shaw said...

How divine and *personal*. I love that. Can I come? Pleasepleaseplease.....
Miss you, sweetie.

Jennifer White said...

Classes in Studio Wise... how fabulous would that be! Sign me up for my next trip out to Portland! Have a wonderful holiday, Judy... xo

A'n'G Johnson said...

wow I loved every single one of those. I wish I was close enough to take your class, I learned encaustics but only with one method that I wasn't a fan of... tiny tiny lines.These are great though!

Lynn Cohen said...

I love seeing all this...I must start drawing faces...the art there is wonderful...I feel intimidated...but that's okay, it is what makes me push myself to learn more. Open your doors and they will come. Who said that?
I will get on a list. I want to play with you more. It sounds like so much fun in so many ways.
You look so cute in that apron!
;-))))))))))))))))))))))))) xoxo

BJ Lantz said...

How wonderful for you, Sistah Judy! I feel your joy and this looks marvelous. My regret that I do not live closer!

Ruth Armitage said...

Oh Judy! Thank you so much for the fun weekend in the playhouse! I already have my new torch & have whipped up some encaustic medium I'm ready to continue the experiment :) You can take credit for teaching me everything I know about encaustic & for all the laughs and inspiration. You are a wonder! Thank you a million times.....

Bridgette Guerzon Mills said...

How fun!

happy thanksgiving Judy!

femminismo said...

What fantastic work and incredible faces! This encaustic stuff is T-riffic!

Melinda B said...

Thank you Judy for a weally wonderful waxy weekend :-) It was a positive experience all the way around - I learned so much and came out of the weekend with my heart soaring. My feet have not yet touched ground. I miss you, Jenny, Ruth and Barbara and can't wait for our reunion next year...but know we will all stay connected until then!

Unknown said...

How wonderful the warmth of friendship wrapped around the arts..I wish I could take a class, but Hawaii is so far away...

eb said...

because of you
I 2 love the hot wax
here I am
way over here
thinking of you
and yet
pushing through
I am stronger now
feeling that
you helped so much
and inspire

xox - eb.

somepinkflowers said...

why oh why oh why, missy,

can't you teach these classes
in georgia
north carolina
{{ dare i say it ? }}


you might
as well be
for all the good it does me....