Friday, October 15, 2010

I'm Late! I'm Late!

I feel like the White Rabbit, running late posting about my classes at Art and Soul. This morning I decided to post the images I've got ready and to post others later . Sorry that they'll be out of order and all mixed up. I taught 3 classes at Art and Soul and I feel lifted and healed and so happy to be back in the classroom again where I love to be. 

I taught a Journaling class, a Wax Collage class and one on Sculpey Dolls. So these images of student work are from these classes and since I had 74 students in 3 classes and many photos to organize, more will follow. 

Each class was so much fun. There is a group energy in the classroom that feeds each of us. There is no time to over think or procrastinate. Tick tock. We trust our instincts and bust loose.

This doll with the heart isn't finished yet. She will have arms and a bird perched above her crown. I love her perky hair-do.

This girl is drying but we laughed that she looks like she's doing the dead man float. She is going to hang on the wall. There are several styles we make and this is one.

The next 3 images are spreads from the journaling class. I love the exercise where we freely draw a face across a 2 page spread and then write. I encourage a style of painting that is more expressive than realistic although I like both. I think in the journal it is good to bring emotion to the page.

This page folds out to an extra large size and was painted by my comadre Katie Kendrick in class. She was my support and helper through 2 of my classes. What would we do without our friends? Friends are like angels by our side, there for protection but mostly for courage.

This page is so beautiful to me. So relaxed, my favorite colors, an uplifted feeling. And surrender. As we sometimes must.

And now some samples from the Wax class. I teach a lot of encaustic techniques in this class and the results are always exciting. Here are a few.

John is waiting for me to give him a haircut.

My manuscript is waiting for the final edit and is due in less than a week.

My laundry is piled up and overflowing the top of the basket.

The sun is shining and the potatoes John dug yesterday are waiting to be washed.

I am renewed by this experience of teaching again. I always learn as much as I teach and I would fade away without the human contact. Is it the people or the art that I need the most?

It is equal. My twin passions.


Anonymous said...

Does your bird woman have a name. I recognize the face as your dollmaking. Wonderful classes. Katie's faces always stand out too. xox Corrine

Carol said...

Love the doll!!! All of them actually ... I used to make clay and paper mache dolls years ago. Maybe I'll drag out the clay and make another one.

pulverschwein said...

Oh Hi!
I live in Montana.
I have had one, very quick, non-official intro to encaustic, by someone who didn't know wha tthey were doing....I am So intrigued and want to dabble more...can you give any tips on how to start without a lot of expense? Recipes? your blog itself is inspiration. Maybe a fun quick tutorial? I woudl be SO grateful! I am already much inspired and grateful for your blog!

Caterina Giglio said...

I have never regretted the laundry piling up... : )

Jill said...

You will be remembered for you art Judy, not your full laundry basket!
Would love to join some of your classes, but it would be a bit of a journey!

Anonymous said...

Your work touches my heart. I look at your blog everyday even if you haven't blogged...your art inspires me. Your art is beautiful!

dorylyn thomas said...

Your work touches my heart. I look at your blog everyday even if you haven't blogged...your art inspires me. Your art is beautiful!

Unknown said...

Hi Judy!
It's so true about not having time to think it over and just going for it. Since I've been home I've spent a good amount of time staring at blank canvas. :) I'm so looking forward to Art & Soul next year!
Much Love,

ps: Thank you so much for your kindness on my last post,that was a real treat for me. ♥

Anonymous said...

wow, wow, wow!! all the art work in this post is AMAZING!! judy you and your work are delightful!!
many BIG hugs and smiles~ jill

femminismo said...

Finally we get to see some of your class work! I was sorry to miss you too, and Katie said she was helping with the doll class. The dead man's float *is* funny! I love the dolls and the encaustic work. I guess I need to let myself go and try one of those double spread paintings. Cheers, lady.

CarolCot said...

Beautiful artwork from your classes Judy. Glad you are well enough to get back to it. You are a great teacher!

Clare Wassermann said...

swoon....wonderful. I am doing my first ever encaustic today - I will blame you entirely if it becomes another addiction! LOL x

Ro Bruhn said...

It's far better to be remembered or your wonderful art, anyone can do house work and it never goes away.
Your students obviously had a great time.

Unknown said...

love your art journal pages

Sharon Lovejoy said...

I love this posting. It gives me HOPE. I am too danged hung up to work in front of anyone and I think that attending this type of free flowing, life-filled workshop would be a BIG help.

Thanks, thanks, thanks-for inspiration!

Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

katie said...

it was such a joy to be in your classes, the creative energy was palpable - you were born to make art and teach art, what a blessed life.


guy said...

I love this posting. You do sound like you are really back. I also love the ladies at the top and you, my dear.

Anonymous said...

I come back to your blog, your artwork over, and over again you are sooo inspiring to me personally after all you have been through and artistically. You are a wonder! You bring such joy and inspiration to me, you have NO idea.

I really, REALLY want to take classes from you!