Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Soo-weet Summer

This will be a quick one. Summer is waiting!

Here is my main take-away following the surgeries. Your mental state improves in lurches. Up and down but trending upward. Like recovering from any shock. It's helpful for me to know that.

And it takes awhile to get back into your groove but the faster you can do it the better. 

Of course eating good and real food helps.

John's garlic drying in his specially made racks.

Apples remind us that fall is coming soon.

Slam your eyes shut, vegetarians. I just wanted to show you John's excellent pozole that he makes from corn that he slakes with lime. The kernals get huge and yummy. 

Our friends have a cow (Zippy) that has a new calf so they threw a calf welcoming party.

Mama and baby are doing fine.

Looking toward the pasture. Notice the faboo greenhouse.

Looking up toward the berm house that faces into the southern sky for solar efficiency.

An inviting summer table.

Bruschetta, Blueberry, Bundt, Blackberry. Bee-licious. And wine and ice cream. All the major food groups. 

Those good people again. Don't they look nice? They are.

John's onions. They always remind me of people; monks or something.

A photograph of a large watercolor  I painted in 1974 before many of you were born. The colors are faded from the old film but the day was surely a lot like August 2010. I was going to end with this but just remembered another watercolor I wanted to share; this one is a little one that I still have. 

(Running into the studio to get a shot of it.)

Here it is. It's about 4" on the longest side; I used to paint these little sketches and sell them in mall shows when my kids were still home. In fact the other one was painted around the same time.

Okay folks, that's all I have for you today. Be well now. xo


Carol said...

So glad to hear you are mending so well. Your pictures are lovely and I'm green with envy over that garlic dryer...and the tomato crop. The cow welcoming party looks like a lot of fun and I love their green house!

lynda Howells said...

Glad to heare you are getting do look as if you have good friends around youx Love the garlic dryer and love the last image of house..the year before my first child was born in 1975xxkeep are onme amazing womanxlynda

Nancy Lynn said...

Hi Judy..........oh my the memories that come alive when I see pics of your place and people gathered around. Are there any Milners or Skoes in the pictures? I am so glad that you are doing so much better.

peggy gatto said...

Ah, homemade food with fresh ingredients!!!
yum! I have 1 very lonely tomato!!!
thanks for the relaxing time!

Jill said...

Beautiful food for thought and the body - no wonder you are doing well

Kim Mailhot said...

Good living, Miss Judy. So glad you have such a healing/loving/good-living environment to get you through to the other side.
Fun to see Judy Art - Then and Now.
Keep soaking up those summer days. Much LOve !

Jan said...

Nice post. Keep getting weller with your nice feller. Looks like you have a lot of nice friends, even if some of them are cows;-)

Lelainia N. Lloyd said...

Please John, come to Canada and cook for me? OMG does that look GOOD!

If that doesn't make you feel better Judy, I don't know what would! *hugs*

Judy said...

YOU are so talented... even in 1974!

PaperPumpkin said...

Happy to hear that your recovery climb is getting a bit easier. You inspire me as I get well, too. I love your gardens so much, and I wanted to tell you that my husband doesn't read blogs, but reads yours. (I think he wants to be John's neighbor, gardening and cooking...). You be well, too! ~K

peggy said...

Your sweet. Love your attitude towards life and "stones in the road". Wish you were my neighbor. Your so talented and sharing of that talent. Judy your the best and may you continue to get your health and mojo back.

BJ Lantz said...

What a lovely post, Sistah Wise. Glad you're on the mend and look forward to seeing you soon!

Sistah Beej

And so it goes... said...

That is LIVING! Fantastic artwork...'74 & present! Drooling over the garlic and the sublime garlic dryer!
So happy life is on the upswing....ride high!

Pilar said...

I love when you post pictures of your gentleman farmer and his harvest- I can touch the earth and her rhythms in my mind. It is amazing the splendor of an onion in bloom or simple garlic drying. I am reminded of the poesies of William Carlos William. I think it is wonderful your friends threw their new calf a party: What a beautiful idea! I hope you have been well my friend. xoxoxoxo

Judi D. said...

Oh, your tomatoes are gorgeous; mine are not thriving this year and I am so jealous!

Love the photos! Ah yes, 1974 - the year my first daughter was born. I still remember the music I was listening to. Bet you do too!

Marit said...

The journal pages are awesome again, I can't stop looking at them and there's always something new to discover... the photos are fabulous! I can always smell the tomatoes and garlic, and the onion plant... I have good memories of onion plants.

Healing Woman said...

Your post brought summer at it's finest to light. Loved the journal pages, the paintings, the food. The most exciting picture in the post, however, to me, was the garlic. I've never seen it dried this way. It looks like the dryer was hand made for this purpose. Oh the lucious meals you will make with it.

Seth said...

This post is so full! I equally love your journal pages, the watercolors, and the photos of an iconic summer day.

jill zaheer said...

Seth just sent me the link to your post. What beautiful writing- with gorgeous photos of all healing treats to soothe my body and soul. Your painting, pages, and message just lifted my spirit a million times over. Ah, if i could only have that glass of red wine! But, art is even more fulfilling as are the words we read from you- the message in your post- so this is an even more wonderful blessing to have. Hugs.

Toni said...

ok, this is a serious FIRST and so deserving of a comment, probably because I'm in shock (woot!) Today? This post? I actually adored the shot of John's drying garlic MORE than your journal pages. ????????????????????????? HOW CAN THIS BE? To test myself and this unheard of reaction, I've exited and returned to this post 3 separate times and had the same response. And I'm not even a garlic fiend, though I do love it. I'm thinking I need my meds adjusted, maybe (hee!)

Love to you, Toni B.

Lynn said...

Well, I am going to get eye strain if I keep trying to read these journal through the first one, but maybe age is shortening my eye-span time??? LOL
I have a mixture of feelings reading about your life: Great interest mixed with a feeling of voyerism. (a word?) Like I don't belong there...but am oh so curious.
Thanks for sharing the food and garden shots. And your early watercolors. Wow!!!!
Time to start checking the list of what to bring to Art and Soul.
I imagine i'll not be able to "carry on" a lot of it...liquids etc. Oy. Maybe I'll mail it ahead to my son's house.
Is it October yet? ;-)

Lorelei Lane said...

Oh what gorgeous garlic and onions...will you make garlic braids after the drying process??We live in an apartment and any plants we have are grown in pots and the vegetable plants were the first to be burnt up in the heat. Don't you just love fresh tomatoes?
Keep journaling...I peek every day.

Judy Wise said...

You guys are awesome. I'll answer as many of you as I can in the coming days but life is marching forward so fast! And yes, there will be garlic braids!

Blessings to all. xo

Dawn E. Shepherd Nguyen said...

Thank you Judy. I am so overjoyed after reading your posts and seeing your wonderful images -the photos and the journal pages.
You're the best! and that calf?!? sooooo cute!!

Love you,

nandas said...

you are lucky to have such good friends... but they are lucky too! don't forget that! and who do you think you are kidding? 1974? i had babes in diapers then. i wasn't painting watercolors hadn't occured that i could! judy.. i just love your blog... i took a class from you once and loved that too!

The Dreaming Bear said...

Looks like the perfect summer evening!!! Thanks for taking us along! And congrats on feeling better!

La Dolce Vita said...

great images of summer, delicious and abundant!

b said...

Judy I am so glad your healing. Surgery is so rough on the mind, body and spirit! Your pages are wonderful and sooo spirited and expressive! Keep on keepin' on!

Monica said...

great post. so many wonderful things in your life... oh my, blueberry crumble? mmm

enjoyed your journal pages too!

kathyd said...

I love the garlic drying ...
I miss a good garden .
thank you for a wonderful post .
oh , the food looks wonderful.

Maria said...

Wow, I'm really envious of your garden! Is your hubby for sale, or does he have a gardening single brother?? :)

Roberta said...

I thoroughly enjoyed your blog post...thanks for letting us come along for a beautiful summer day! It's 11pm here, but I immediately got hungry for pozole, which I have not had in a very long time! I went hunting in Google for a recipe. Does John have a good recipe he would like to pass along? :-)

Wishing you many such beautiful days in your future!


Parabolic Muse said...

Dear Judy;

Please write to me personally and tell me when you are going to post, because then I can, at least once, be sooner than the 147th fan to make a comment.

This is about me, after all.

Now. I was 17 in 1974!! And I can tell you, missy, that I would have swooned over that watercolor and still will! It's yummy. I always had good taste.

That garlic? I would smooch it. one by one.

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Dear Judy, uh oh, the 1974 watercolor is a part of your deep root system. You seem to be getting so much stronger. Hurrah!

Sending love and best from Maine. If you have a second stop by my latest post to see our food and our friends around the seaside table.

Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

rivergardenstudio said...

Your blog is a celebration of summer, gardens, animals, beautiful food and friends. Thanks for sharing! roxanne

Rob Cooper said...

Love the garlic drying rack. Found it via image search. Been looking for something I can put in the rafters of my new shed. This design will work well. Thanks to John for the idea