Tuesday, June 08, 2010

A Week in Review

Yesterday I went to my first session with the voice therapist. She has great confidence in me. The exercises I have to do are quite strange. After a lifetime of using my voice without a second thought it is odd to have to do it a deliberate way. Or to practice how I breathe and vocalize.

I don't so much like the way I sound now. It's like having an old face when you feel young inside. It doesn't match.

I'll get the hang of it in time and I know it. I'm learning every day about softening up and accepting what is. When I feel the resistance I just breathe deep and relax. Release what happens in the future and deal with right now.

I got an email asking if I use watercolor sometimes for the background in my journals and the answer is of course. I like to mix it up. This is a page I painted ahead in watercolor that I'll be writing on soon. By then I may add acrylic to it of course. But I like to start off with anything other than a blank page. Much more interesting then to layer up the changes.

Here is the heart of my heart; my grandson. I should put a black square over his eyes for privacy but oh I cannot resist showing you his beauty. Now I understand why my parents used to haul me around and make me meet all their friends. I just cannot resist saying, "isn't he wonderful?" So in this case, check out the waist length hair. He's decided to say good-bye to the ponytail.

Methinks the cutter is slightly gleeful to be removing such a trophy of hair. Propaganda Salon for you Portland people. Wonderful salon; the best. (Don't judge by me; I cut my own hair and haven't the slightest idea of what I'm doing.)

Bye bye beautiful hair. 

Clean cut now. Ah, youth!! So fair and fleeting.

Random studio photos. iPhone Lo Mob above. 

I love to see other people's studios so here is a corner of mine today.

This is the kind of thing we eat at our house. Do you know what it is?

This is what it looks like on the inside.

And this one. Reconize it?

Love made visible. From my dear Pancho.

My sewing skills. I know, ha ha ha ha ha.
It's a scarf.

The answer to the quiz is spiney chayote and xochonostles.

Make is a good one. xo


Bren Graham Thebeau said...

Oh my gosh I don't know what to comment on first! I've got to say your grandson cleans up well, good looking guy.
Love your journal pages and seeing a slice of your studio, it looks so, artful :-)

Barb Smith said...

Oh my, I bet it was hard for him to cut off that ponytail after growing it for what must have been a very long time...but he sure looks great with the new cut.

I love seeing your studio's so cool to see where others create. And your scarf and sewing skills are awesome.

I've never had either of your fruits you show here...are they

Peace & Love,

Anonymous said...

You had a number of things in this post...but the most stricking was your grandson cutting his LONG hair! He is handsome!

I also like your needlework!!! Very nice.

Judy Wise said...

Barb, the chayote doesn't have much flavor; we use it as a vegetable in soups because it never gets mushy. The xochonostles are fruits from a cactus and yummy prepared as you would pears or peaches (in syrup) and served with ice cream.

Joy Logan said...

what a transition your grandson made...I always liked long hair (60s background talking)

risa said...

I was worried you weren't going to give us the answers! I had no clue!

Glad that you are on the always goes slower than we want!

And thanks for sharing a bit of your studio space...your refuge, I'm sure!

risa said...

Oh, did your grandson keep his pony or donate it to locks of love...He looks quite handsome!

mary ann said...

your grandson looks like one of the good guys. his new hair is dashing. your studio is rich and busy.
bird by bird (as a. lamott says) your voice will improve.
your canoe is gliding down the stream. I love to watch it pick up speed.

Unknown said...

such along post, like the hair and the chouchou's cooking

katie said...

this post is so scrumptious i just want to stuff it in my mouth and chew and savor and gulp it down with a big swig of dark beer!

i love how you share your beautiful self here, it makes me so happy i feel tears of joy all welled up in my throat.

lots of xo's

Clare Wassermann said...

phew what a post. You find so many other ways to speak Judy! Thank you for posting one of your journal backgrounds - I like to see the breaksowns of your processes x

Ro Bruhn said...

Glad to see you back in the swing of things Judy. Love your grandsons new 'do'. Your stitching looks wonderful too.

Anonymous said...

Grandson is a cutie with and without hair! It takes so long to grow though.....I was thinking cactus with the fruits. Your pages speak volumes and I am glad your voice is coming back too! Yummy pinks in that watercolor page.....xox Corrine

Kim Mailhot said...

Some super yummy living going on, as usual, Lovely Judy.
Thanks for sharing your grandson with us - have to say I am loving his new do. And also sharing those wonder-full pages of yours...
Oh and your generous heart...
Big Love !

Teddi said...

i drool looking at ur art

Lynn Cohen said...

Judy, in no particular order, your sewing stitches are beautiful. I love those lines they make in the scarf.
Your grandson is a doll. How does he feel I wonder with his shorn locks? I liked the pony tail. I guess he looks "modern" now! ;-)
My 20 yr old grandson has long long dreadlocks! I wonder if he will ever shear them?
I'm glad you are working with the voice coach now. And that the prognosis is so good. Time, relaxation, breathing,(like the CD) practice. It will happen. You will make it happen.
I always look at your written journal pages in awe. I feel so awkward talking on pages about myself.
Such strange beautiful fruit. What do they taste like?
Hugs! And thanks for sharing your studio corner. Love the old camera and all your paintings.
What a journey you are on. Wishing you well and wellness.

prairieknitter01 said...

About the voice: I had one-third of my tongue removed due to a cancerous tumor about four years ago. I am an answering service supervisor and I need to be able to speak for a living! The speech therapists at the University of Minnesota were very helpful and no, it is never the same, and I agree, it is never as easy as it was, but I am not dead and neither are you so that's something. One thing I learned that may be helpful: when it is an effort that requires concentration to be able to speak clearly, you need to remind people who take that for granted how tiring it can be for you and ask them to let you rest. It's important. Good luck to you!

heather noye said...

You've a right to brag! You've got a very handsome grandson :)

Loved seeing your studio. I'm midprocess in getting mine more organized so I love to see what others do.

And is it a prickly pear?

lynda howells said...

So glad to see you are progressing with your voice. Know what you are going through..voice best friend had to learn to speak again. Know how difficult nd strange it all is to start withx love your work on show. Your grandson looks gorgeous..and so much younger with the short hair. Sending loads of love your way to my wondeful internet artist friendxlynda

Chris said...

WOW! That hair! I bet someone will make a lovely hairpiece or wig out of it. He looks very handsome.

You're right; I love that photo of a studio corner!

You rock on, missy. I'm sure the sound of your voice is music to your loved ones' ears.

lynne h said...

oh judy, your grandson is a jewel... a bright jewel...


And so it goes... said...

Juicy post! Thanks for the studio peek! I'm hoping you'll model the scarf for us...or have your good-looking grandson model it! There's just something about hand-stitching... love it!

amy said...

your courage is always so palpable in these posts. your ability to lean into the hard and painful stuff of life--all the while taking in the beauty of life--is all really awesome and inspiring.
thanks, judy!

amy said...

oh and i want to see more of this scarf. it looks pretty neat.

Unknown said...

Always glad to hear you're doing well. Love seeing your studio, I would dearly love to have my own space. Mine is the kitchen table. Keeping you in my prayers for continued recovery.:)


femminismo said...

Grandchildren are wonderful. What a handsome boy. I see a lot of John and you in him. (Now tell me he's adopted! that's the way it happens sometimes.) Watercolor journal pages: lovely! Your voice exercises - yoga - go for all those things. I think I would like to not talk for a while - or maybe more, not listen. But I won't wish for that. I'll be careful! Love you, Judy

alex s said...

Well darling ... these days I feel like I have to be very deliberate sharing my voice in writing ... and so we are on a journey together in a way ... I can hear you in my heart, across the miles, the silence and the beautiful memories ... and so very deliberately I say to you:
I Love You Dearly Judy Wise.

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Of course he is the heart of hearts to you. That is how I feel about my grands.

I'm with you on this journey and I understand how the voice doesn't connect in your mind by who and what you are or feel you are.

Keep going. Step by slow step. We'll help.


Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

Jill K. Berry said...

Judy, thinking of you today.
Check it out. A poem.

misty said...

wow. wow. wow... wow. you are sooo very good at wowing me.
awww, look at your grandson, what a cutie!

spiney chayote and xochonostles... we don't have those exotic kinds of goodies over here.. i can't even imagine the flavor.
thinking of you dear judy. xoxoox

Anonymous said...

Wonderful wonderful images, of grandson, and journal pages and spaces and bounty...and moving words...great post...

Lorelei Lane said...

Judy, your journal pages are such an inspiration to me. I adopted the stamped date in my latest journal and I think that tip is a keeper! My prayers are with you for continued recovery and patience. Love the Peach-Tree Beauty... but She Wore Red Boots brings out the cowgirl in me!

Lorelei Lane said...

Oops! I mixed up the name of the Boots picture. So sorry!

Marit said...


I'm speechless over your art journal page.

I'm speechless when I see youth like your grandson (I think my son is a little under his age?)

I wish you well with practicing "the voice"

Thanks for refilling my energy!

Anonymous said...

hi Judy! oh your blog is so inspiring!

love your journal pages...they are so rich and full!

and as far as the hair...i think he looks great now...!!! did the hair go to a wig donation or anything like that?

and i too love getting a peek into the studio spaces of fellow artists! well done!

stop by sometime!

ciao bella!

creative carmelina

Marie said...

nice work !