Sunday, January 10, 2010

Gaining Traction

Yesterday the schedule went up for the next Art and Soul Retreat to be held in Portland in October. Hop on over there and drool over the class listings; lots of fun is in store for us this year. Glenny and her crew keep coming up with great new ideas for after hours fun too - something about a fashion show where the contestants design skirts with lots of pockets. We can never have too many pockets!

For one of my class samples I used a watercolored drawing instead of collage. I always encourage people to use their own drawings if they like to draw; collage or photographs if they just want to play and design. I haven't worked in watercolor for awhile and I've been feeling the urge to illustrate along with my grungy paint. It's an uneasy mix but I feel like I'm going through another change in my work so I surrendered to the muse.

I cut her wee self out. The first drawings I ever did were paper dolls and I'm still not tired of them. Expect more.

In the raking light you can see the texture of the wood as well as the watercolor paper. All this will get covered with wax and resin.

This is the underpainting for the next image I'm going to share. A nice stacked cake shape with a ladder or something. I like to set up a difficult problem and then try to solve it.

Like a delicate watercolor set into a textural ground. Here I've copied my own work from the 80's.

This is what I ended up with. A bit of split personality but that's okay. Fortunately I'm not a brain surgeon. ha ha. Just tell yourself that if you're in doubt about your painting.

This past week I spent a day with a woman I think of as pure goodness. We shopped Anthropologie and then went for a fine lunch of Salad Nicoise. Several hours with this friend turned my cranky mood upside down. I'm learning that the dumps = visit a friend. Especially if that visit includes food in a cozy cafe, steaming hot beverages and great conversation. Do what gives you joy. Now if I can just remember that. :-)


liz elayne lamoreux said...

more paper dolls...yes, please.
love this surrendering to the muse.

wishing (selfishly) for my own day with you guys soon.


Ro Bruhn said...

Gorgeous art, I love your girl paintings, they remind me so much of the dresses I used to wear as a child, seems such a long time ago.
The food looks delicious, salads are on our agenda at present, we are going through a heat wave.

Catherine Denton said...

I've found the same to be true about myself. A day with a friend = breakthroughs.

Jennifer White said...

ah a date with jen goff...what a great day you must've had! (your dinner looked fabulous by the way)

dosfishes said...

Your pages are so inspiring, full of pure joy.

Jo Horswill said...

Hi Judy,
I'm enjoying reading through your posts.
This one is lovely, your "friends" link is wonderful, as is your paper girl. I loved paper dolls and used to make my own as a child, in fact I made one 2 years ago...a grown up version :)

Clare Wassermann said...

hmmmm a lovely contented post x

Scintilla said...

oh thank you for coming to be with me in pdx. you are a joy to me and i adore you~

Lise Peeples said...

Hi Judy-so excited that you will be teaching the doll class again in Portland! Last year I encountered one of your students coming back from spending the day making her doll. The doll was perched in this woman's hands and the woman was just a picture of delight! She had had such a wonderful day. I'm so glad to get a chance to experience this class too! LiseP

Lynn said...

Judy when does registration begin? I have gone there twice and was told registration did not yet start but can't find when it does start. I want to Sign UP!

Kim Mailhot said...

A+ - You play so well, Judy, on your own or with others ! ;)

Just loving your sweet paper dolls - imagine all the places she could go ?

Off to have lunch with a friend today - keeping those cranky pants away !
Big Love to you !

Isabel said...

Oooo...I hope I can make it to Squam this year and take your classes :) :) :)

Deirdra Doan said...

You always have the best food on your site!!!
Happy New Year.

Christina said...

i too think she is quite the goddess! : )
and this lunch looks yum.
nice to "meet" you. : )