Thursday, January 14, 2010

Buds on the Daphne

The last few days in the Willamette Valley have been warmer than usual; today I got outside and pruned a few roses and while I was out there I noticed buds on the Daphne. Oh, joy rising. Spring coming. Light at the end of the tunnel.

This came in the mail today from a wonderful artist I count as a friend. We did art fairs together for years; during the long days we would seek each other out to visit, laugh and talk about art. She knows I like gin tonics. Thank you, Lyn. My reputation precedes me. ha ha.

I got off some shots too; still busy working the Photography online class that isn't a Photography class but for me it is because this is my year to learn, study, experiment with digital images. I'm loving it.

Talking rocks. (thinking of you, Kim!)


John and I celebrated our 30th Wedding Anniversary on Tuesday. My best decision ever, the one where I agreed to take another chance on love.

Another reflection. I'm not sad, just concentrating. Off to clean the studio now. Busy weekend coming up. See you in a few.


lila said...

Great reflections. I like the non-smiling pensive shot.
Fun with the digital images!

Kelly Kilmer said...

Happy Happy Anniversary, Judy!

My husband and I just celebrated our 14th. It's a wonderful feeling, isn't it?

Here's to many many more years of LOVE. :)

Candace said...

Congrats on taking that leap of love! I am so enjoying the new images from the digital wonder, loved the shadow shot!

Candace in Athens.

femminismo said...

Yes, happy anniversary! The pic of you two is sweet and I, too, like the pensive reflection shot. Daphne? Oh my gosh! Maybe I'll pluck a few branches off the forsythia. Do you think there's a chance they'd force and bloom? Cheers with the gin and tonic. I used to adore Schweppes bitter lemon, but I haven't been able to find it any more. Don't think they make it.

iHanna said...

Happy Anniversary to you both! What a beautiful couple you are. :-)

dosfishes said...

Congratulations on your 30th, it's great when that soul mate really does show up. You two look so content in the photo, a hand in a glove.

Kim Mailhot said...

You are getting so good at this photography/digital play thing, Judy. There are some lovely ones here !Talking that !
So glad you and John walk through life in such sweet partnership. It is so good for the soul to find its life mate.

Many buds here. Yay ! Thinking of you too.Happy Friday !

lilasvb said...

i love your journal s page

Deb's Artful Journey said...

Happy Anniversary! Thats wonderful!

I am thinking of taking that "not photography class"... it looks really good.

Thank you for all of your sharings with us.

Pilar said...

A very Happy anniversary to you and the gentleman farmer. Sending you both the warmest blessings!

Lucy said...

Love the digital art that you are creating in your class! That's an area of creativity that I'd like to explore more as well. Almost limitless possibilities for every photo!
Congrats on your anniversary!

cartoongoddess said...

Wow, a gin and tonic kit! Someone does love you. Happy anniversary!

Anonymous said...

I love this journal spread...
Happy Anniversary to you..

aimee said...

i love how you celebrated your anniversary and noticed the beginning of spring at the same time - not a coincidence i'm sure!