Thursday, November 05, 2009

Artful Journey

One of my clearest memories from my art school days was a compliment I received from a beloved teacher (Jim Hibbard) who commented that one of my drawings showed invention. I'd never thought about that before; that making art was inventing new ways of doing familiar things and new ways of thinking. I thought about that moment this morning as I folded laundry and as I imagined the class I'll be teaching at Artful Journey in July of 2010.

In this unusual class (3 entire days to revel in one subject!) we'll be inventing a lot. Bringing to life little dolls and then recording their stories, histories and life events in a booklet that we will design, make and fill. I love stories, outrageous fibs and guided play like this - a chance to dream and create. I've never had 3 days with one group of students before and I anticipate it with happiness; a chance to really get into our subjects. I expect in this amount of time we will be able to create several dolls and their stories; sign-up begins tomorrow at noon Pacific time and I look forward to a wonderful retreat and meeting some of you there. (It is located in a beautiful sanctuary like setting with on-site meals and rooming provided. Summer art camp!)


Sarah said...

Oh this sounds like such a fun class! I wish I could come. Maybe one day! I like the fact that all things are linked-art and science have such links through inventiveness and the need to be creative in science to move forwards. Maths and music, pattern and maths, the list goes on. I look forward to reading about the class some day soon!

Lynn Cohen said...

Your dolls and books are wonderful and a terrific idea to have this sort of class.
I got some old used childrens hard page books today to turn into art journals. I'm finally going to do this!

lynne h said...

judy, this is a brilliant BRILLIANT idea! xo

lulu moonwood murakami said...

Oh what fun to catch up on your blog, Judy! The doll class looks fabulous, you've made me envious of all you journalfest attendees, and that Louise Erdrich poem is one to clip and keep forever. As usual, thank you for all that you share!
: ) lulu

Caterina Giglio said...

just found your wonderful blog! I love the comment that your instructor made and this class that you originated is just wonderful!

Cherry Pie said...

I've seen your dolls on ADQ and I LOVE them! They're my fave in this issue. Congrats!