Friday, September 25, 2009

Squam Part 2

Here is my encaustic collage class in front of the Sap House where our class was held. Sap refers to the maple syrup that was made in this building at one time. Like the real maple syrup we ate on our french toast each morning. The food!! OMG, but I digress. I am in the very back like the mother hen. These are my happy onions who have each made a beautiful painting.

This is my angel assistant who took most of these photos. I seldom get a class photo which is so precious to me after the class is held. To look into your faces one by one when I return home. So thank you, Ali. You deepened my pleasure of this year's Squam. Now I can remember and sigh.

Inside the Sap House, surrounded by nature. Imagine the wood fire going all day long (again, kudos to Ali who can lay a real fire and keep it going and to Stephanie Brazil who stepped up more than once to throw on another log).

Hey guys, you get the Blue Blocks at Dharma Trading. The 10 block set is what I'd try. Cheaper here than what I pay for them in my town but I think the same thing. If you google Penscore Magic Stamp Moldable Foam that should get you more than one supplier.

Jamie Ewald with her dreamy painting.

Cheryl Connell.

Cheryl Connell.

Here I am washing off my favorite blue block stamp of a doll baby. It's really creepy. hee hee.

Jenica Mackenzie.

Jenica Mackenzie.

My cabin mates. The faces I will never, ever forget. Phenomenal sistahs. We shared. And bonded. You are each in my heart right this minute.

The journal class that I taught on the second day. Thank you all for allowing yourselves to be herded out like cattle for a class photo. It means so much to me to have it in my journal now. And again, Ali, thank you for taking the photos.

I'm high on Squam. I haven't even mentioned the ice lanterns: big blocks of ice harvested last winter from the lake that held flickering candles and lit a couple of the pathways at night. You could see the bubbles of air held in the ice like fairy wings - pure magic. I keep seeing glimpses of the magic flickering through my memory as I go about my work of preparing to teach at Art and Soul and I feel my heart opened fully to my mission. Which is to share. To strengthen the younger women and men who are this season's people. To live a life of compassion and to stay open.

And the art. Always in the center is the celebration of expression. Making and sharing. Mmmm.


Art by Darla Kay said...

How wonderful! I wish I could attend something like this, looks so fun!
Thanks for sharing!

Cheryl Connell said...

I love when you open up the group pics in new windows it has "Toddler Playroom" above us all!!



MB Shaw said...

Hey darlin' miss seeing your smiling face every day....I also miss the buffet meals each day lol.
What wonderful photos of your classes. Gorgeous work, you amazing woman.

eb said...

you tell it sistah
you are so in IT Judy!
your energy racing
up and down
and all around
you charge us all up
your finger
is on the pulse...

xox - eb.

Judy said...

Wish I could have been there with my mate3s - looks sensational as always

Ocean Lotus said...

your words are just yummy...they, your words make me feel embraced and warm and happy and i didn't even i'm sure that your students feel all the same in large doses and really ms. wise, that is quite a legacy your steps are leaving...

mary ann said...

you are a rare dear bird judy
i love this glimpse into your time at the beautiful place by the lake in the woods.
your students have big happiness written all over their faces.

anna maria said...

Hi Judy,
today I thought of you because in my unending quest to figure out where I want to live I started to dream about some land and a small home or yurt near Portland or Eugene.
So if anything comes across your radar... please let me know.

Jack Riepe said...
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Leslie said...

What an enchanting blend of art and nature Squam was. I am hooked, and I'll be back again. With luck and good planning, I'll be in one or more of your classes.

That deleted comment was mine - I was signed in under SO's account to help him with something and my comment showed up beneath the photo of a big guy on a motorcycle.

Karen Cole said...

Beautifully documented, my dear. I am SO missing playing with my friends. It's great to re live it through all of the photos......speaking of which....I have one of you and eb that is a real keeper. Come and visit when you get the chance.

Unknown said...

Nominating you for a Kreativ Blogger award . . . you, so warm and gentle and encouraging and positive . . . even on-line.

couragetocreatewriteandlove said...

came via eb, thank you for all the inspiration and now the big wish inside me of attending this retreat one day and be in one of your classes, your artwork is wonderful dear Judy!

Joan Tucker said...

"Which is to share. To strengthen the younger women and men who are this season's people. To live a life of compassion and to stay open."

Judy. what a concise and moving purpose statement.
I am borrowing it for times when I cannot explain my own age related desires and motives. You are a gem amongst us. Thanks, Joan Tucker

Anonymous said...

I, too, wish I could attend such classes. Looks like loads of fun!

Kim Mailhot said...

Yay, yay, yay !!!! Those two days in the Sap House are living in my heart and soul everyday now ...and in my art !!! So inspired by you, Judy, and by our time with that incredible group of seeker artists ! Just so grateful !