Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Toy Camera-iPhone App

You know how I get kind of crazy right before a deadline of any kind and do stuff in that fired up mood? Well last night I was up until 2 am upgrading my iPhone (I know, I should have done that weeks ago) so that I could download an app that is new to me called Toy Camera.

It has several settings to tweak what the camera sees; I took these shots last night and this morning.

These may be the most annoying photos ever but I'm interested in losing control of the "eye".

There is a "random" setting that changes the setting every time you shoot so that you never know what you're going to get.

There is a mode that makes the photos square, like the one above.

And filters for color tilts, black and white tilts, other effects.

I haven't packed my suitcase yet but I'm excited and want to mess with these in photoshop; way fun. Dreaming of driving down Apache Blvd. in Mesa shooting all the old motel signs that are fast disappearing. Certainly Buckhorn Baths if it is still there. The Chicago Cubs used to winter over at that motel back in the day.

Ah, playing when I should be working; my hallmark.

That's it. Toy Camera, only $1.99 at the app store. hee hee. Have fun.


Toni said...

Apache Boulevard awaits you, Love!! I was there last week but didn't notice the signs, was trying to find a particular parts store ... you don't need to pack much (115 today, Judy, yowza) ... so your play time with the Toy Camera gizmo didn't set ya back! hee!

femminismo said...

I like "delaying" deadlines too. This app looks like such fun. You could make anything look interesting and weird I'll bet, if you tried a tweak here and there. Glad you're having fun. Have a safe journey. - Jeanne

Clare W said...

Must get that - looks fun. I always dye fabric or make a quilt the day before I go away and should be packing. Can't help it at all... we get there in the end though!

Keli Hansen said...

ah have a great trip... i just checked in my photo file..."buckhorn baths" rang a bell... the sign was there in february... i'm sure it will be there... if not... let me know and i'll send you my snap!

~Barb~ said...

I am totally addicted to the app store and am always looking for new, cool apps to play with on my iPhone. You've just given me a new on for today. LOL
Peace & Love,

And so it goes... said...

OMG! Are all creatives wired the same??? Looking forward to more Toy Camera shots. What a blast! Who has more fun than Judy Wise??? Have an interesting trip! (You could make watching chin hair grow exciting!) Can't wait to read all about it...

Ricë said...

Evil Woman.

Laura said...

I too,find other things to play with when a deadline approaches. Always have, can remember doing that as a kid!

Great pics, love that new app! Yet another reason to have iphone envy. I only have the in an at&t hole. That's officially what it's called! Living for the day when the "iphone moving on to verizon" rumor will come true!!

Candace said...

Have a great time, if you can stop the play that is... oh wait, the play is the great time. LOL.
Thanks for showing the Toy Camera shots. I had wondered about that app and now am thoroughly down with getting one for myself!

Take care!
Candace in Athens.x

Lynn said...

Isn't your work play?

Judy said...

Love it - gotta get that one! Any other interesting apps?

rebecca said...

judy ...
even though our time together was too short..
every time you filled my eyes,
you touched my soul.

thank you for traveling to art unraveled and sharing a table of dearest friends.

i am filled up and entirely grateful.


Meri said...

I need to upgrade my technology. When will Verizon cooperate with a similar phone? And playing when I should be working is my hallmark too. Turning work into play is the object. I don't know the answer to your rainbow question, but my random word verification word is comet. How cool is that?