Monday, July 27, 2009

Summer Bliss

One week away from Art Unraveled. I'm collating books, making stencils, filling packets, checking items off my long lists of things to ship. I am happy.

The owls hoot softly in the warm evening air which is fragrant and full of life. The days have turned very hot and the sun shines down without relief. It was 103 degrees today.

Everything in the garden is growing astonishingly fast now. It's almost like a film speeded up with the light spinning arcs across the heavens as we look on in awe.

I spent Saturday at a friend's house taking a class from Stephanie Lee. We were a small but merry group, chatting and painting, learning and exploring. I love what I made there and I learned a lot. Stephanie is a great teacher who loves materials as I do.

My friend came to play with me and so we spent the weekend in class, shopping at the 2nd hand store and painting in my studio. John cooked some food for us but I was a big slacker, preferring to paint, laugh and act half my age. Isn't that what friends do?

After Stephanie's class the three of us went on a photo shoot down the streets of Gresham. Count this as several self-portraits that I've missed in the last few weeks.

Katie in the golden light.

More SP mayhem. Reflections. Photo Elements. I'm in love with photography now and I want to study it and improve.

Stephanie and I shooting photos of each other. Discussing dreams. Change. Children and families.

This is one of the demo pieces I did at the Plaster Painting Workshop in Los Gatos a couple of weeks ago. I have lots of other work to show you too but it's nearly midnight now so it will have to wait. Summer blessings. I hope you are happy. xo.


Clare W said...

I adore your blog and have you on my blog roll so as not to miss any. I don't know how you have time to experience life itself with all the annotating! xx

jgr said...

I love the plaster painting, but then I love all of your work! Self portraits are wonderful, too. What a fun weekend!

katie said...

what a magic time, all of it.

liz elayne lamoreux said...

judy, i miss you! and spending these moments with you was like being gifted just a piece of you this morning as i hear your voice in these words. and seeing your self-portraits just makes me so happy....

that last piece you posted is so gorgeous! really love it.


Altered Artists said...

Yay! I am excited to be able to take your class at Art Unraveled with a friend of mine to boot. Your awesome inspiring photos make me evem more so excited about the Stencil Self Portrait class!

And so it goes... said...
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And so it goes... said...

True summer bliss...creating with friends! Wish I lived in your neck of the woods! Kicking myself for not attending Art Unraveled! "A Handmade Life"...Just the booklet cover alone sent me over the edge! Have a superb time, Judy Wise!
x0x0 deb/debbie/debra

Sandy..... said...

I've always loved your journals and today...i just realized! I love it that you include pictures! I need to stop being afraid of "destroying" them and "saving" them for the scrap books!
They belong in my journal, too, dang it!

T and J said...

I can't seem to have enough money to go to these art classes and pay for travel expenses.

Is it possible to buy one of your class booklets from you?

Lynn said...

happy summer daze

Kelly said...

it looks like all is well in the world to the north. sending you joy and sweet summer breezes! xoxo!!

Jacky said...

Your demo piece on plaster is wonderful. Love the texture of the plaster. I did a class with Stephanie in March and we made little plaster pages for a little playing with the gooey plaster.
Looking forward to seeing what you did in the class.
Great self portraits and looks like you had a wonderful, fun time with the girls.

Gypsy said...

Oh! Love the way it finished! What a beautiful piece!!!