Monday, July 13, 2009

Los Gatos and Home Again

What a whirlwind weekend it was. Katie and I flew into Los Gatos on Thursday to teach 2 day classes at Cindy's Artful Journey workshops. My plaster class was on Friday and Katie's was a mixed media class on Saturday. On Sunday we both flew home; her to Seattle and me to Portland. I'm still waiting for pieces of myself to come back together; I feel beamed up but still missing a few molecules.

Cindy provided beautiful food for the attendees and saw to our every need, running errands for me in the middle of class (I apologize, Cindy, for needing you to do that) and providing a beautiful place for the teachers to stay. We swam at night in her heated pool and started each day with strong coffee from her espresso machine. It was divine.

Here are the happy ladies at the end of the first day.

On the left is Sharon Tomlinson, a long time blog friend, who flew in from Texas to play. She made the aprons pictured above; Zorana's was even reversible with secret words and images on the back side. If you click on Sharon's link you can read more about the aprons on her blog.

This is a detail; isn't it beautiful?

And also allow me to introduce you to Gypsyfroggie, who has the most beautiful tatoo on her arm. She is another blog friend that I finally got to meet in person; can you say fab-u-lous?

Here is a close up of the magnificent art. I love the starry sky at the top, the hair, face, and well, everything!

Now I'll show you some of the plaster painting that was done in class. I didn't think to start snapping pictures until a number of the students had left and I humbly apologize to the students for that. I try to include everyone.

In this class I urged the students to try a little of everything in their pieces . . . to create a sampler of techniques to remind them of the possibilities of plaster.

I brought some collage elements: inkjet on tracing paper, vintage writing, carbon copies to transfer.

We worked with both Plaster of Paris and Limestone clay concoctions. In comparing the two, Plaster of Paris is much harder.

We had the option of finishing the plaster or clay with hot or cold wax. The results are quite different.

We transferred onto the surface and used stains, glazes and paint as well as stencils, stamps, carving, sanding and layering the plaster.

Now I am home with a pile of mail, e-mail, Art Unraveled stencils to prepare, bills to pay and bags to unpack.

I need a new computer but lack the time to set it up.

And all the roses need dead-heading. Life is full and my sweet memories will float along with me today as I prepare samples for a special collaboration project (full heart happiness is working with another artist on a shared vision), and try to cover all the bases.

Look serene. You are a beautiful swan. No one can see the mad paddling beneath the surface of the water.


Meri said...

I want to know when and where you're teaching the next plaster painting class. I'm dying to find out how you get these amazing results.

jgr said...

The work is so beautiful! Oooh, I want to learn that! Thank you for the inspiration, as always!

femminismo said...

Yes, we all want to learn! Cold wax? Like rubbing hard wax on the surface? Hmm. That might be interesting. And no need to cook pots of hot stuff. I'll pray to Sister Mary Edna of the Checkbooks to guide you through your maze of bills to pay. Good luck with getting totally "beamed down." - Jeanne

Scintilla said...

so lovely. i wish i was at the classes too!

Studio Sylvia said...

Enjoyed reading your entry Judy. What fantastic results. Terrific work. Well done to all.

pancho villa said...

gorgeous students. gorgeous art. and greek goddess katie. nothin' wrong with that combination.
but this is my favorite slice of the whole post:

"Look serene. You are a beautiful swan. No one can see the mad paddling beneath the surface of the water."

another line to scribble into my book.
wish i was in camby right now so i could squeeze you.

Sherry Goodloe said...

Oh Judy, what wonderful art emerged from the classes! Beautiful . . .just beautiful.

Lynn said...

It's always fun to come by and see what you are up to. Always beautiful art and fun times here.
I was in Portland on July 2-3 visiting my son...wonder how close I was to you? Hummmmmmmm.

wanda miller said...

hey i've been in that room!!! with different ladies, and especially cindy o'leary..she is our new soul sister in my family! she has such a grand knack for making everybody so well cared for.."nurturing mama".
your student's work is "FANTABULOUS" must be a most excellent teacher. thanks so much for sharing with all of us. wanda

Ricë said...

love the photos, and now i have to know about that font on the first photo, the one with the little hearts (yikes! but i love them!) over the "i"--Font Lust

Candace said...

Oh my and this is just fantastic. WHY are you and Katie getting younger each time I see you??? Did you girls get thrown back in time when you were beamed over?

Gorgeous imagery and thanks for sharing the tips, the wherewiths and wherefores, and the reminder to keep paddling.

Missed you!
Candace in Athens.

Stephanie Lee said...

I am transported by these images!! I can just imagine how delicious these pieces feel!!! And that last one, YUM!! :)

Wish I could have been there. It would have been divine.

Another, hard-paddling swan.

Dunedin Jobs said...

You girls are all amazing!

Chris said...

That is the dearest photo of you, Cindy and Katie. No question you were having fun together. Makes me happy just looking at it.

Chris said...

MAN, I love that plaster painting!

Deryn Mentock said...

Oh, what fun you must have had. And there are my friends Sharon and Zorana in their lovely aprons! Another successful class, Judy!

Gypsy said...

Gosh! I am SO honored! you have my portrait and another one of the backgrounds I did, the swirls one! And of course my beautiful ink! You got some great shots of my ink! Thank you so much for sharing yourself with us!!!

It seriously was the most magical class I have ever taken!