Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Four Days by the Sea

I still haven't returned to earth following my time taking classes at Sitka. If you don't know of it, it has been in Otis, Oregon since the 70's offering summer classes and artists' residencies. It is a magnificent place right next to the town of Lincoln City on the Pacific Ocean and the classes offered are excellent. When I heard that a class in plaster painting was on offer I decided to jump - there aren't that many out there and as a teacher of plaster painting myself I wanted to see what another artist was doing with the medium.

This shot looks down at the Centrum Building there. It is surrounded by deep forest and hiking trails. You will see critters and hear quiet nature. Your heart will soften.

You will eat salmon from the local fishermen and you will rejoice in the perfection of nature's bounty.

You will take pictures and sigh and write in your journal and sigh and walk the powdery sand beach and sigh.

You will sleep under a white duvet and keep your snacks handy and have the whole darned place to yourself.

You will squint into the nice view off your patio and watch the sea birds rise and fall against the wind. You will follow the hunting paths of pelicans as they sweep north and south at sunrise and sunset.

Your excellent teacher, Patricia Wheeler will demonstrate her approach to painting, transferring and scribing plaster. You will learn finishing techniques you did not know before and you will be glad!

Here are my classmates creating a painting together. It only took about 10 minutes and it turned out beautifully.

Every person in the class had a hand in this. It was magic.

A gathering of angels, playing together for 4 days and making an ungodly mess of the studio. We were like children in mud.

This is our studio where the magic transpired.

Holy, holy, holy. With art in my life every moment is a waking dream.


Meri said...

It looks like a little piece of heaven in a place I'd never heard of. I know you're going to show us all kinds of new works in progress, just to make us swoon.

Peshe said...


Cricket said...

I had the good fortune to spend a week in Lincoln City in a cottage on the beach. It really is a magical place that I can only imagine is even better spent doing art with like minded souls!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh, sigh !!!!! glad you're touching earth again - have missed you : ) thanks for this marvelous journey of your 4 day workshop, it was wonderful and your last words - "holy, holy, holy" with the the beautiful sunset gave me the chills - just magnificent - thank you : )
Blessings, Sandra in AZ

Marrianna said...

Love the photos. What a beautiful spot for a workshop. I copied your quote "With art in my life every moment is a waking dream" and posted it on my Facebook page. With credit given to you, of course. We met at Art Unraveled 2008. I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to take your Monday class since there's only 1 space left. I love your work.

femminismo said...

I was lucky enough to stay in Lincoln City with friends and we all took a class at Sitka. It was tile making, engraving and transferring images. Very fun and the spot couldn't be more conducive to creativity. There was a wonderful calligraphy class going on too. You just want to run away from real life and stay in these wonderful places, don't you - sometimes?

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had fun. Sign me up for you summertime play date demo!
ox steph b

Seth said...

What a wonderful experience. And that group painting is a winner!

Poetic Artist said...

WoW! I want to go..Thanks for sharing..I can add that to my list of I want to go..LOL.

DS Borror said...

I know you are an artist and might not think of yourself as an artist with words...but to me you are....

rebecca said... are taking me places i LONG to go. last night after visiting you here, my dreams were a immersed in plaster.
(planting a seed...)
perhaps you would consider offering an online class in plaster painting??
imagine how many students would jump at the chance to sign up for your classroom without walls.
i am ready!


Lynn Cohen said...

What a wonderful way to take us along on this adventure. A heavenly setting...enjoyed being there from here, thank you.
Glad you learned new things to bring to your own classes later on.
Wonderful photos Judy.

susan in seattle said...

Been looking (lurking) for a while, but this new direction in plaster is too amazing to just read about! Texture, layering, colors - simply breathtaking. I too would love to take an online class! Heck, I'd even trek to Portland from Seattle.
Question...what kind of paint are you using?

franswazz said...

Me too..., ready to sign up for the online class!...

Bridgette Guerzon Mills said...

oh, looks like paradise!
i'm taking a ceramics class right now to start creating some encaustic figures. I remembered your little ladies you made out of clay and wanted to visit and say hi.
hi! Hope you are well. xo

anna maria said...

Oh boy. I just got back from a trip to Seattle, and your words and photos make me want to jump right back on the train and head to Oregon!

Candace said...

Thank you for this delightful "expose"! I can only hope... then again, fairy tales do come true.
LOVE these photographs and that communal piece is just perfect.
Get more of what you love.
Candace in Athens.

Anonymous said...

OOh! I want to go there! What a lovely place!

Jan Harris Smith said...

How I love Sitka and the classes I have taken there. Your photos capture it well and the class looks amazing.

MB Shaw said...

Wow, heaven on earth! I soooo want to visit Oregon one of these days, you guys have such cool places there