Saturday, May 30, 2009

Asilomar Part 1

John and I arrived home from our road trip to Asilomar last night at 8 pm. It was the best road trip ever. We had summer heat, a cool, foggy stay at a 5 bedroom house in Pacific Grove right next to Asilomar (staying with Stephanie Lee and her family, Misty, Michael, John and Bee) and then a short overnight with our friends north of San Francisco. I hadn't been back to the bay area in several years and so this trip deeply satisfied my desire to see that land again.

I love the trees that grow around Monterey and the bay area; the mist rolling in and the flat, moody coloration. We did see the sun come out about halfway through; summer came and then stayed with us through the rest of the trip. In fact, Medford, Oregon was in the 90's when we passed through yesterday.

The images in this post will be from the Facebook class. We constructed a simple book out of mostly watercolor paper and did a number of exercises on the pages. The class was about exploring our own grafitti styles and painting faces; some collage and paint techniques thrown in.

We bound the books in lace and ribbons. The books were casually constructed and the imagery went well with the binding style.

Each student chose their own color palette and we talked about how art is a journey into discovering and inventing a personal style of expression. A look that will be our own and will tell our personal stories.

Some of the pages were paintings; I can imagine a large version of this persimmon colored one. That color always lights my fire.

I took photos during the painting process so not all of these pages are finished.

And I took soooo many pictures and don't have time to size them all so these are just a sample.

We talked a little about how painting has changed over the centuries. What we think of as good painting today compared with what was expected of Renaissance artists.

In addition to just enjoying the day, painting with our fingers, eating chocolate truffles and laughing a lot we had books to take home filled with samples of various painting techniques.

We surprised ourselves.

There was at least one student in the class who had never painted a face before. But you never would have guessed which one. Everyone's work was rich and wonderful.

Each book had 16 pages to fill with paint.

On the last morning John shot my photo standing in front of the house we shared with our friends. I was feeling mixed emotions here; thinking about the sea-change a week can bring. Right now I have e-mails to attend to but as I get caught up I'll tell you about the other 2 classes I taught and about the road trip. It was wonderful and my head is swimming with beautiful memories.


jgr said...

Hi Judy,
Your trip sounds & looks wonderful. I love the work from your class, it's all so . . . original and your students look so happy. As always thank you for sharing.


Sharon said...

These are fabulous! Glad you had a good trip. Thanks for showing them to us. :)

liz elayne lamoreux said...

such beautiful what your students created! sounds like a wonderful time was had...


femminismo said...

All these "faces" are terrific! I can't even begin to tell you how inspiring they are. "Facebook" sounds like something good to try - Jeanne

Anonymous said...

These pieces are all great! I'm sure the students were proud of what they have accomplished in this class. Do you have a class going on Facebook?

Meri said...

Love you in the side mirror. And I agree with Liz (who must be feeling better) - the work is beautiful and inspiring, but it's easy to get inspired with you as "teacher." I'm just sorry the June retreat with Liz was cancelled!

Seth said...

Sounds like quite an interesting class. And it is always so fun to see different artist's interpretations of the same theme side by side.

Lynn said...

Nice to see. Yes, could not tell who had never drawn a face before.
All terrific work.

Candace said...

Judy, wonderful. Just wonderful. I would love to see all these places... those artworks are so beautiful and lush. Some of them simply pop from the artist's heart and journey. the three faces in the red page... incredible!
Love the photo of you John took. Happy camper!
Take care,

Shawn Borror said...

happy you are back, the face pictures are just bring out so much it comes through in your students work.

julie king said...

love the photo of your reflection in the car mirror. i've been working on faces a bit lately. i was so intimidated but have found that with practice i CAN do them. getting away and a road trip can be so rejuvenating, yes?

misty said...

someday i wish to take a class with YOU! the work from your classes is, as always, wonderful!
it was so nice getting time with you and John. soak up your time at home while it lasts. xoxo