Friday, January 30, 2009

The Everything Post

Lots of photos to share; first a few left over from the beach trip. It seems fitting since the beach trip is weaving in and out of my thoughts and dreams as I continue here at home.

The sounds, smells and flavor of the southern Oregon coast follow me and are just a memory away.

Oka, a root crop from the Andes that will be grown in a couple of gardens this coming season.

Gazing into 2009, wondering what the year will bring and feeling optimistic.

I'm working in the paper bag journal; writing my rusty poetry.

These pages were written at the beach amid the clamor and creativity.

Making marks, writing, painting, telling my little story. You'd think it was important.

It's a way of trying to celebrate every moment. I read about a poet recently who said, "I love life and I never want to die." and I nodded my agreement. Life good. Precious. Never want to leave.

Too much still to do. Still in love with every precious moment.

Journal page. The faces. Good friends who like to make things and play nice. Who also want to live deeply and share ideas.

So for 2 days now I've been working on collaged postcards for a poetry exchange I'll be participating at the beginning of the spring equinox.

One postcard a day for 3 months. That means I have to prepare approximately 90 postcards. This is a good exercise, actually.

And it's a boon for clearing out some of those images that have been cluttering up the studio.

When the time comes to start the exchange I can just shuffle through the cards until one strikes my fancy and then write my little poem on the back.

One woman in our group pointed out that a poem can be only one word if we wish it. That made it seem easier.

Because I can scratch my head for an hour over a single phrase.

As usual, once I get started on a project like this I like to keep going until I'm done.

But 90 4 x 6" collages are a lot, even if you tell yourself to relax and just let them happen.

When I recieve my postcards in return I plan to bind them all into a book.

And I plan to keep a record of the cards and poems I sent too, in another book.

So one thing about 2009 is this - I think I'm going to be a busy girl.

But oh, what delicious fun I'll have. I do look forward to it.

Almost finished now.

Whew! Hugs all around. Prayers for safety, for strength, for the wellness of all sentient beings.


Kelly Kilmer said...

Oh Judy,
Thank YOU for making my heart leap!!!
Your art just makes me happy. Thank you!!!!

katie said...

look at all this scrumptious art - holy smoke!! you went and did it, you did...good for you getting such a jump start on the cards, what treasures, week i'm going to dip in and get started on mine, nuf dreamin about it, time to DO - you always inspire me!

Chris said...

YOU are too cool and too generous, showing us so much of yourself, and your life. It's FRABJOUS! Please come to the so. Cal coast, which isn't anywhere near as nice as the Oregon coast (the BEST), but if you do, I will allow you to do lots of your majic here in my home town.


DS Borror said...

i love all you create and whenever i visit, i read and view all the pieces and feel so calm and peaceful from your words...your heart is good.

Barb Smith said...

Ninety postcards would be overwhelming for most but you have taken the ball and not just run with it but done so in such beautiful ways. Gorgeous work, always!
Peace & Love,
♥ Barb ♥

jgr said...

Hi Judy,
I love all of it! The map page in your journal is full of yummy texture. The postcards . . . WOW!
Very inspiring.


Ricë said...

love the new paper bag journal! tell more about it, please (and i'll send people here to get inspired about a different kind of journal)--

Lynn Cohen said...

What a tremendous effort this is or endeavor I mean...but it takes effort too which is great as when your creative juices flow they send a deluge of greatness across paper bags making them something wondrous to behold. You inspire in wondrous ways. What do you put on your book pages and the postcards to secure them? Gel? Gesso? Something else?

Anonymous said...

peruvian root vegetables 9000 post cards and poetry writing to boot. i like the way you think. and live. full throttle all the way. i have to go lay down now. but not before blowing you a kiss.

Ro Bruhn said...

Wow Judy, where to start. Your brown paper journal is superb as is the poetry in it. What a fabulous project, 90 postcards, imagine the book you'll have when you've received the other participants, what a great idea. I love your cards, lucky recipients.

Candace said...

One of the best posts I've read. Holy Mackerel. I might just have to do that postcard projectile creation just to get all MY stuff out too, Judy. What a fantastic idea. What wonderful images and thoughts.
Thank you so much again for sharing the lovely deep of life.
Your Friend

Anonymous said...

The collaged cards are beautiful, as are the photos, the paper bag jouornal, all wonderful and inspiring.

Anonymous said...

a thousand times

life is so sweet i do not want to leave it.
for brightening my moment.
you are so good at that.

femminismo said...

I remember your paper bag journal. I just dug mine out and haven't figured out really where to start on it. It isn't bound together and I might want to fill it with images first. Don't know. I adore the postcards. Which disintegration project are you working on, or do you have time?!!

bee shay said...

oh like you to light my fire!!!
i'm off to make postcards when there is work to be done...but wait, it's sunday, it's okay to play.

Judy said...

Gosh Judy
That was a full post - thanks for sharing it all - I know how time consuming it can be to post all of that.

Cindy Swan-Eagan said...

The paperbag journal, the face journal page, the postcards.... you have inspired me again! Thank you so much for sharing with us!!

Ms Dragonfly said...

it is amazing how you make such beautiful and unique pages. i hope i get there!

Stephanie Lee said...

oh my goodness. Now look what you've done. You've lit MY fire too!!!!! :)
Dagnabbit...I have things to do and now all I want to do is play postcards! :)

Oh how I love your posts!! And I can't wait to swap Oka recipes with you and Jon! :)

aimee said...

oh! i have fallen in love with your paper bag journal and your postcards! thanks for putting a huge smile on my face every time i visit your world.

julie king said...

i see you like to capture your reflection in photos. it is one of my passions! the southern oregon coast looks so rugged and mysterious. loving your journal pages.

take care!

tangled sky studio said...

the beach photo is haunting and alluring...what an inspiration! thank you for sharing......


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. You bring some joy to my unartful life today.

Seth said...

Wow Judy! I am bowled over by the creativity just busting out of this post!!

Anonymous said...