Sunday, January 04, 2009

Bibi's Twin

We're taking big gulps of life here at the hacienda; the time has finally arrived to grab everything as fast as you can, as much as you can. Time waits for no one.

Turns out the precocious Bibi has an identical twin who is a librarian!! I know, I was surprised too. As is the case with many twins, she is her own person, nothing like her flambouyant sister. We'll get back to the sister in a moment but first a couple of parties to attend.

On Saturday night a longtime friend turned 60 and 23 friends turned out to attend an amazing party that included a catered 6 course meal with as many courses of wine and port. Oh my.

This is the same friend who cooked the equivalent of Babette's Feast for us on his 50th Birthday. Cooked it on his wood burning stove in his earth berm home built into a hillside on a permaculture farm in Oregon. It's true, folks. There are visionaries among us and our friend is one who sees the future and is living it now. He had to milk the cow immediately before the party commenced; our wonderful friend who is both worldly and earthy and advanced. When I say you are advanced I have given you my highest compliment.

Chavo and Seiko and Tao came too. Here Tao has a giggling fit with his neighbor at the table while papa holds him. Of course I sat right next to him where I could take about a zillion pictures.

Fast forward to today when we visited with our adopted family to the south of us. Christmas festivities finally arrived after a snowy rescheduling; I learned how to make a wonderful shrimp soup from these darlings' mother tonight and we had a little tea party together with orange pop seasoned with salt. It was Celeste's idea. She's the one with the orange moustache above.

Here she reaches for the salt. I know just enough Spanish to tell her it tasted "horriblay". She laughed~!

My beautiful girls are growing up. The years roll by. Soon they will be teenagers and women. And I will still love them then, even more.

So who is this new lady; this twin of Bibi? She whispered her name to me just now - Colette. She is very French, very proper, hospital corners on her bedsheets and all that. Well somebody has to keep order in the Dewey Decimal System and Colette is our girl.

Don't even think of keeping that overdue book one day longer! Colette has her eye on you.

I think Bibi looks a little chastised having Colette here to look over things, don't you? Really, I have to snap out of it. Winter just makes me this way - it isn't my fault at all. Thanks for putting up with my silliness. ;-D


Candace said...

Oh My Goodness, I just happened to stumble bumble back through and look at what I find here.

Say, Bibi doesn't look chastised to me. She looks aggravated at being checked up on by sister Colette! lol.

These dolls are just great fun. I am so glad you are up to your elbows in these lovely ladies.

Hey, that party looked like fun! Those kids -- cute beyond measure!

J said...

Colette looks wonderful!!
I would love to try making art dolls ever since you started showing photos of yours on the blog (love all those dolls!!). I'm wondering what sort of material will work if I don't have an oven at home?? Would paper clay work??

Barb Smith said...

Oh goodness, Colette is a beauty! She is that great older of the twins with the attitude of being the caretaker. I love it!

And what fun your parties were. I love the babies/kids...aren't they such fun?

Peace & Love,

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Family, friends, and art dolls. Doesn't get better than that.

Sharon Tomlinson said...

Your silliness is glorious and if you keep doing it.....I will find myself up in the middle of the night doing it too. For that is the only spare moment I have just now or else I would have already joined you.

mystele said...

oh my goodness! hilarious sister story.

thanks for sharing your celebration with us. the minute you mentioned "babette's feast", i was hooked.

happy creating and thanks for all of your inspiration!

Meri said...

Mais oui, certainement! Colette is très guindée, a reaction to her racy twin no doubt. I'm only surprised that her finger isn't permanently in front of pursed lips shushing all those naughty library patrons.

As for DinDin's question about paper clay, I used it in a class at ArtFest two years ago and found that it often cracked as it dried. I'd think that would be a real problem for art doll makers.

DS Borror said...

I love love this little family of women! They are wonderfully made and yummy and giggle outright with the stories that come along with the pictures.

Carla Sonheim said...

I am so cheered by Colette and her story... smilesmilesmile!!!

Chris said...

Putting UP with it? are you kidding? It's delightful!

However, and I mean nothing at all by this, but, even though you have a photo of that birthday party and everything, I don't believe what you said about the milking and the cooking and everything.

Or, is that what you meant by silliness?

hmmm... well, then... Great Fun!

Judy Wise said...

I should have said in the post but Colette is made out of Creative Paper Clay. For me it has not cracked but maybe Meri was using another brand or it dried under different conditions. I do prefer Sculpy for dolls as it is harder and heavier. Having said that, I think paper clay will last forever unless the dog chews it up or something really disasterous.

Anonymous said...

I am so enchanted by your wee alter egos Judy! Each one with her special talents and roles. So much like the parts that exist in all of us, together in there, yet somehow so separate.

I think I need a bit more Colette in my life... She could help keep me from floating off the ground so often. :-)


Lynn Cohen said...

cute sister....alter ego...;-)

My grandbabies have the same sweater as this cute baby has!!! From Peru.

DJ said...

Silliness? If creating a series of detailed sculptures, complete with stories, is silliness, then we should all get silly - and get to work!
I don't know how you do it. I admire you so.

liz elayne lamoreux said...

so my cheeks almost hurt from smiling so big.
judy you are just making my day with these posts and creations!

love love colette and her litle hat....

(seriously, my cheeks are hurting a bit from this wide smile....)

Anonymous said...

The dolls are all wonderful. But as a libraian for the last 20 years, I can tell you that most of my colleagues have a lot more in commom with Bibi than Colette! The days of the "shushing" librarian are long gone. Most of us are crazy, a little wild and lots of fun!
Erin in Morro Bay

carolsue said...

Two words describe my reaction to this thread of posts: prodigious and jealous. How do you do so much? It would take me a year to create the doll family you've "birthed." And how can I get some friends like yours who serve light-up cocktails and milk their own cows and have adorable children to brighten up any day?

Jeane Myers said...

uh oh - Summer looks even more upset at the arrival of Collete - and could Phoebe be any dreamier - she is always staring off into the distance - maybe dreaming about what her hair will like when it finally grows out - I think trouble is a brewing...

femminismo said...

I'll take as much silliness as I can get, don't know about others! Colette is very wonderful! - jeanne

Anonymous said...

when silliness meets advanced something new is formed. it is called fanf*ckingtastic
i leave it to you to figure out which of the girls whispered that in my ear. it was NOT the librarian.

Sarah said...

It is great that every time I look in here another family member has arrived. Colette looks like my kind of girl! The party looks like great fun but I am not so sure about orange seasoned with salt!

Karen Cole said...

Can you wait a second while I catch my breath????

Goodness woman. I need to know exactly what they are feeding you at these parties, cause I want some......of your energy, that is.

All of these beautiful families to see. That international group, yeah the one from France with the skimpy clothes, wowy and ooooo la la.

Maija said...

Those dolls you are making absolutely rock!!!!!

One Love Photo said...

Oh what a fun time! I love the final grop photo! So Cool!

Kim Rae Nugent said...

I really am enjoying your little family grow. No men yet? Are the girls in bliss without the distraction or just waiting?

Anonymous said...
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