Sunday, December 21, 2008

Shiver Me Timbers

We are snowed in, iced in, blowed in and road-closed in for the coming week. We have about 8" of snow and it is coming down hard as I speak along with freezing rain and sleet. We've been hearing limbs crashing and are holding our breath that we don't lose our power.

Unlike someone I know who is over half rugged pioneer woman, I am a sniveling whiner without heat, water and food. Without power goes the well pump, flushing toilets, all those wonderful modern conveniences. But all of Portland and the surrounding areas is in the same boat so I can't really complain.

I ran outside in my houseslippers and shot off a few images for you in between starting another paper clay doll head and keeping the fire going in my studio wood stove. John is so good at getting Christmas cards written but I am not. I'm all shut down this winter; hoping my friends will give me a pass this year.

Plus we can't get to the post offfice anyway to mail them. Oops. The lights just flickered.

It's beautiful if you don't have to go out in it. And I don't plan to. Maybe I'll do something really out of character and bake sugary cookies. Snuggle up with John in front of our tiny tinsel tree and remember other cold, snowy Decembers. Think about being grateful for a warm house and pray for those who do not. Wish you all a Happy Solstice, religious holiday, New Year. Be safe out there. xo


Leslie Avon Miller said...

In my opinion, we should get excused from sending Christmas cards about 6 years of every decade, or even more! Beautiful snow pictures. I loved being snowed in, especially if the power stays on. Stay warm!

femminismo said...

Hi, Judy. I went out into the icy back yard too and took photos. I'll have to put some of them on the blog. We don't have as much ice. That doesn't look like fun. Enjoy making cookies. I just licked the fudge pan clean. Ooh, my hips may be in big trouble - no pun intended. jeanne

aimee said...

oh, no! i didn't realize that your neck of the pacific northwest was vulnerable to snow dumps like that. i guess it's a good excuse to nest, paint, and get lots of little stuff done. i have to admit, once in a while i do like being stranded at home by lousy weather. crossing my fingers that you keep your power!

julie king said...

your photos are just lovely but i do hope you don't lose power! i wouldn't mind being snowed in a few days in january but i definitely want to keep my heat and my ability to make a hot cup of tea!

happy holidays!

Stephanie Lee said...

Meeohmyoh...imagine the belly laugh that blurted out when I clicked on your link and couldn't figure out why MY face was staring back at me...then I realized. :)
I should probably clarify that as much as I love what happens to my family when we are forced into TEMPORARY survival mode, I am not one to enjoy peeing in the snow. :) Nope...I can only do that so many times before I start to retrain my bladder.
Like you, no power=no well (water) so I am heaven bent on always having at least 20 gallons of water on hand. Always. Any season. I feel SO much less afraid of forced survival mode when I have that on hand. That and plenty of wood to burn.
How I wish we had a more snow here. Not enough to be trapped, but this business of every hunkering down in preparation for "the big one" and then all we get is slushy rain...phooey.
Let's pray that January is better to us! :)
Merry Christmas, Dear Judy. How I love your light!!!!!


liz elayne lamoreux said...

we have it here too, but without the wind...i hope your power stays on!!!
there is something romantic about it all...and it does make this time of year seem extra special. but the ice and rain part...nope...that part can just stay away.

happy solstice to you dear girl.
many blessings,

Anonymous said...

well water?
power outages?
12 feet of snow?
survival mode?
these are things of which i am abysmally ignorant. i would delight however, in getting acquainted with such adventures.
via a movie.
or you.
sending you tree strengthening warm breezes.

Jeane Myers said...

Judy - I'm with you - I'm a whiner also if my world doesn't run quite the way I'm used to - still snowing here - but, I have been on your blog sketching lips - I think you draw really good lips - I think lips are hard and whenever I find good ones, I sketch and draw them - yours are good

A.Smith said...

Well, we lost our power early on this morning, woke up to plenty of gorgeous snowlight but no heat, Barry had gotten up early and added another throw on top of me. I got up and the house was 61F. Igloo anyone?

Candles around just in case, we finally got the power back, and I am not sure it will stay on. It has flickered a couple of times already.

I don't remember Portland so covered in many, many a Moon. The Farmer's Almanack said it was going to be a record breaker winter around paradise, and they are seldom wrong. I am with you about the cards. Barry spent hours making diecuts for the cards and like you, I am taking a pass even if none is offered.

Of course the wagging tail brigade sits by the door waiting to go outside. Who would have thunk? They love it and we love you both and miss having you around. Hopefully by the end of the week we will all be mobile. Much love and good wishes to keep you both warm from both of us.

Anonymous said...

Happy Slostice, now we can lean in towards the light.

and just think... soon this will be a memory, a beautiful white and cozy memory... perhaps of cookies, snuggles, and warmth.
wishing you all that you need to make it through. xo

MB Shaw said...

Hope you can enjoy the beauty without too much's sending wishes your power stays on....
Happy Holidays!

Lynn Cohen said...

What beauty surrounds you. I love the photos. We are off to MN for some of the same weather. I look forward to it as we do not have it in California where I live. So one week of snow is fun.
I get to come home afterwards.

I hope you enjoy your snuggling in like a hibernating bear with your mate and fire and cookies and hot tea or cocoa.

Ro Bruhn said...

What a beautiful winter wonderland, real picture postcard stuff. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and much peace and success for 2009.

Chris said...

oh, wow. Judy! these are great photos, and just the thought of you two snuggling while the sugary cookies are baking makes me feel all skootchy.

John Gascot said...

I remember getting stuck in these often when we lived in the Pocono mountains. Pretty, but not a whole lot of fun when your AWD truck is sliding backwards down a hill.

BTW, I've posted something per your request over at my blog. Hope you enjoy! It hits at midnight. LOL!

Candace said...

Good luck, dear Judy. I am thinking about you and also the other peeps in the snowy regions. It's 18 or so here tonight but dry. Small miracles mean a lot, don't they?
Enjoy the no-pressure free pass of "no-cards".
From Jawja.

Judy said...

Wish I could swap with you.
love from the one down under boiling away.

Anonymous said...

Snow can be so silent and beautiful. It always has made me wonder why we choose to make this time of year (Solstice) the stressed out occasion that is modern Christmas, complete with the crabby maniacs on the road and irritable shoppers. I keep threatening to skip it all one year ... just sit back and watch the snow fall. Perhaps when I no longer have a girl who believes in Santa... :-) Stay safe and warm. xo