Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Meet Miss Phoebe

We have a lull between snowstorms in which the power is back on however briefly. This was the scene as I walked to the mailbox to visit the neighbor's pigs and pick up the mail. And look who's come to visit Birdy.

It's her sister Phoebe! We are so excited to have the sisters here together for the holidays. Phoebe almost didn't make it as the airport has been closed for 3 days. But this morning there was a window of opportunity and in she flew!

Her head is made out of paper clay but I ran out of that so her body is Sculpy. It was the first time I used Sculpy; I had to read the directions and bake it in the oven (are the fumes bad for you?). It was pretty easy but even at that my not so nimble fingers had all they could do not to make Phoebe too rugged looking.

She's letting her hair grow out so for awhile she has to tuck it behind her ears.

I hardly thought about winter storms or impassable roads on Christmas Day or anything except playing in clay.

Two of our neighbors have made it down the lane in their big vehicles all chained up and brave but John and I have only ventured outside to feed the birds, stack firewood and get the mail.

Phoebe took a cab from the airport.

Only one more storm to go (tomorrow) according to the weatherman and then I can get out and eat some Mexican food. The worst is getting bumped off the computer from power surges. And as Stephanie said, peeing in the snow. Brrrrrrr!!!


Kel said...

Welcome Pheobe! Merry Christmas! You are privileged indeed to have such gracious visitors.

femminismo said...

I am so glad Phoebe got a cab. There is nothing like seeing two sisters together for the holidays. I'm sure they had lots to talk about. Have you found time to shop for christmas or make gifts, Judy? I have been working ("real" work, away from home - ha, ha) and gessoing paper and all of a sudden it's nearly Christmas Eve. - jeanne

Candace said...

Hello to Phoebe! I like Sculpey but wow, this gal is impressive. Like her colours so much. I do like that they are sisters, home for the holidays!

missesbeames said...

I love Phoebe! She is as beautiful as her sister.

Meri said...

Oh god - your final comments reminded me. There was a Christmas holiday my junior year of high school where we spent three or four days at the beach on the Washington coast, at a time when there was snow all the way to the tide line. The cabin had only a sheet metal fireplace and logs for heat. When we climbed in bed at night, the sheets were so cold they felt wet. And we had to creep down treacherous outside stairs to potty in the outdoor place. It was as close as you can get to camping without a tent. And that's why, when in the internet dating world, any guy who's into camping is rejected as unsuitable. I'm glad Phoebe and her sister don't have to spend their holiday in such uncivil conditions. :)

Joanie Hoffman said...

Merry Christmas, Judy Wise!
Thank you for a year of magnificent art & blogging!
And to quote you (sort of): Hi, my name is Joanie & I am an artaholic.
Now I want to try Paper Clay.
Happy days,

Anonymous said...

She is darling Judy! YES polymer clay fumes are toxic...if you want to bake in your kitchen oven it is recommended that you put it in a covered roasting pan, but it is best to use a toaster oven outside. It is too bad this is not on the packaging...since many moms buy this for their kids. Merry Christmas! Can't wait for the snow to stop...still coming down here today.

Nikki said...

Merry Christmas from snowy Washington State.

katie said...

phoebe is wonderful!! and that the sisters could come together for the holiday is so special. i ran out of paperclay too - buying more is one of the first things on my 'do list' list once i can get out.

i'm sorry you lost power - do you two have a generator? the snow is still coming down here, we got 3 more inches during the night. keep drinking those hot cocoa's (or was it hot toddy's :-)


kelly rae said...

judy, these dolls are KILLING me. i'm so in love with phoebe!

Sarah said...

I am glad Phoebe made it! She looks very at home! I have got some sculpey in the back room and am looking forward to giving it a go. You should read up on the safety aspect though.
Have a lovely Christmas and new year!

One Love Photo said...

Oh she is perfect! What a perfect way to wait out the storm!

Tara Finlay said...

Hi Judy, these dolls are exquisite. I hope to see more!
I hope you have your computer plugged into a good surge protector. Otherwise one of those power surges is going to fry your power supply and you will be without a computer at all.

Deirdra Doan said...

Merry Christmas Judy...i know about power outs and dollies...the dollies are captivating little things....yours are so cute!!! Marie Antoinette has been a real Prima Donna wanting her picture taken every where! Did you see her on the pink 1956 truck....? Dec. 14th post.

Sea Mist and Sunsets said...

Birdy and Phoebe are lucky, lucky girls to be in the studio with you until our wave of white settles down. Looking at them for any length of time can't help to put a smile on everyones day. Did mine.
Thanks Judy...great work!