Thursday, December 04, 2008

Blue Skies

Before we take our little hike I'd like to tell you about Susan Tuttle's new book and a contest she's having where you can win a copy. Go to her post here and just follow the instructions. Knowing Susan, this book is going to be one you'll want in your collection. Her work is so inspiring to me; meditative, dreamy and thoughtful. It makes me want to consider more deeply the messages I send out in my own work. It is mysterious and transcendental.

Beautiful blue skies and sunshine today in my neck of the woods so John again lured me out on a little hike; slowed greatly by my desire to shoot my new camera in every direction. I like the strength that I see in these tree trunks. Young trees are not as strong as old trees. It takes time.

Placid waters. Sometimes I like to pretend that I am here 200 years ago and that I have a pony to ride, salmon to catch for my meal and the soft earth on which to lay my head at night. Because the Pacific Northwest was a place of bounty and beauty then (as it is now).

These are blackberry leaves and having done their work they are nodding off for a long winter's nap. But first they have to put on their brightest pajamas.

Or maybe it would be fun to live on a house boat with the waves from the passing boats lapping softly against the sides. Best of all; lapping sounds with the patter of rain on the roof while I am cuddled up in warm blankets reading a gripping story or pasting and drawing before the fire.

It's hard to tell which way north is in these parts as the moss and ferns grow out of all sides of the tree.

I went to a consciousness seminar once where we were sent out into the forest to find ourselves in nature. Literally; to name the thing that resonated most thoroughly with ourselves. Some came back as trees, high mountains, raging rivers. I, however, came back as moss. Water loving, green, soft, common. It's not pleasant to sit on (and neither am I!) but it is nice in its own way.

The forest is full of mushrooms this time of year. We saw a magnificent bald eagle too making slow circles around our heads. No telephoto lens yet, sorry.

Baby ferns, moss, a solid tree. Strength, youth, beauty. Everything damp, lush and full of life.

Autumn colors. I do love this time of year, especially this year when the weather has been gentle and the colors have lasted so long.

Look around and really see what is there for you. Beauty in the earth, beauty in the people, beauty in the creation.

(this last image from ffffound)


Candace said...

Beauty! That camera is the top, it seems.

And thanks for the info about Susan Tuttle's book. (As well as reminding me everyone wants RED PJs in the dark of the year.)

Take care.

Linda said...

I've already got that book on my wish list but thanks for tellimng us about the contest.

I love the mushroom picture.

Allegra Smith said...

Beauty is indeed in the eyes of the beholder and the beholder of the camera sees beauty everywhere. Could it be because she creates so much beauty herself? Just saying...

Lynn said...

Thanks for telling me about Susan's book. Lovely walk photos too.

seth said...

Thanks for taking us along with you on this hike. Wish I were there right now.