Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Stencil Class

First off, let me say I woke up at 4 am before this class thinking of all the things that could go wrong with a room full of #11 exacto knives and cans of spray paint.

I imagined trips to the emergency room and overspray on the hotel walls.

Rain and wind and bad alignment of the stars. Because this was a class that took a lot of work on the part of the students.

I tried to cram so much into it.

We cut stencils and collage papers and had to compose them. We sprayed our stencils on plain decorated paper first.

And then cut wee little paperdoll clothes for our images.

It was demanding and we had to keep busy every moment.

For that reason I didn't get photos of all the student work and many of the photos I did get were poor.

But I'm including as many as I can because I think the work is wonderful.

The students looked rather horrified when they heard all that was expected of them.

But look; didn't they do wonderful?

And everyone agreed that if we had an extra day the next group would be even better as we learned so much about how the cuts work and composition and all of that.

After all that work we encapsulated our stencilled collages under a layer of encaustic medium.

So we even got to play with beeswax.

Some of us stippled and all of us got to spray and see which we liked best.

It was an amazing experience.

And next time I teach this class I promise to make it a tad easier.

Would the lady with the vintage wallpapers please contact me? I forgot to pick up my paper pack at the vendor sale. Love the vintage wallpaper.

A big hug to everyone willing to play with me and try my zany ideas. I love each of you. xo


kelly rae said...

seriously? omg, these works are amazing. you are so damn cool, judy wise.

did i tell you that i ran out to freddy's to get socks just like yours? i did!


ginny said...

What a wonderful workshop. I am so sorry to have missed it. It looks unique, challenging and very rewarding. You must be one awesome instructor!

Lynn said...

amazing work by all your students and big kudos to the teacher who pulled it all visits to ER I assume. ;-)

Glad D said...

I LOVE the stenciled images. I'm so jealous that classes like yours are not offered in my part of the world.

I wish I could come and play!!

Kristen Robinson said...

WOw these pieces are delectable with a capital D very lovely indeed what a great class.

Michelle said...

Oooh! I have been in awe of your stencils forever and now look! You taught an entire class in this technique! Your students are incredibly lucky and the resulting work is plenty of evidence of great material and teacher!
Michelle Remy

Allegra Smith said...

You darn slave driver! I think it was the Cosmopolitans that did that in retrospective. I had to miss two classes because of my bloody CHF that sneaked up on me but somehow I dragged myself out of bed Sunday because only death would have prevented me from taking Michael's class. And from hugging you and Katie and saying goodbye to everyone else.

Love you and the best part of A&S is always being able to see all the peeps. See you soon I hope.

the camp said... this looks like a rockin time. and who got to use beeswax?
umm...that one is still on my list.

i can just see the room full of happy chicks basking in your light.


Karen Cole said...

Looks like you had an amazing weekend, Judy. Great work from everyone. Yes, I imagine you are completely exhausted.

The best part I figure, is that you had your daughter in one of your classes........AND she let you take her photo.

Candace said...

This is amazing. The little boys, how sweet! All of them are so good, I have to agree with kelly rae -- "seriously?"
LOL. I would love to take a class like this any time!

Anonymous said...

wow,wow,wow! All the work looks amazing- and I don't see any fainted students or even a band-aid.
I think you might be being a bit hard on yourself! Wish I had been there

Lauren said...

wow, the output is WONDERFUL!! such good students and such a great teacher!

Shawn Borror said...

the art looks lovely!!

Bridget B. said...

Oooo - these stencils looks SO great - now I'm wishing I could've taken this one! maybe they'll let you do another stencil class next year?!

Sandra L. said...

I wish I could have been in this class! Maybe they will invite you to A&S Hampton? I sure hope so! This is fantastic work!

katie said...

what a great workshop and as usual, gorgeous student work.

Anonymous said...

I wish I lived wherever it is that you offer these classes because I'm absolutely jonesing to learn this stuff! I mean, sure I can get a ton of books (which, I've checked out all the books at my library on art journaling), but it would be so much fun to get messy amongst others of the same mind.

I have a question: I think I remembered sometime ago that you had mentioned an Ebay sale in which we could purchase royalty free images, but my mind has totally escaped me. If I do a search for these images what should I search for?

Thanks! You're work is fantastic! And I love how all of your students are so inspired and make such fabulous pieces!

Anonymous said...