Monday, June 23, 2008

Lake Oswego Art Fair 2008

We had sun, rain and a nice turnout for the 45th annual Lake Oswego Art Fair this weekend. I'm only doing 2 art fairs this year; Art in the Pearl in Portland over Labor Day weekend is the other one. It is a change to be winding down on the art fairs; one I can hardly believe after decades of travel and setting up the booth. It's sinking in slowly that I am drifting into uncharted territory and that I do not know where life is taking me next. I have a blurry vision in my imagination but that is all.

And so for the first time in this new medium, I hang out the encaustics while John shoots a photograph.

I wish I'd taken photos of all the beloved friends who came to visit. Lisa Kaus came and showed me the work of Jackie Hoyt that she had just purchased. Jackie is represented by the Mary Lou Zeek Gallery. Lisa has a yummy article in this month's Cloth Paper Scissors on her amazing and fabulous assemblages. She is a GREAT artist.

So this is part of my booth all set up. The wax did fine through the sun, rain and little fingers. I let everyone touch; it is hard to resist that. I also set up an area showing the pan of clear medium and griddle of colors to help others understand the process.

After I got organzied in my booth I made the rounds with my camera to introduce you to some fine artists there. This woman is Shauna Morrissey from Woodinville, Washington. She builds furniture and has begun to paint on canvas too. Like me, we love the black line, bright colors, playful subject matter. She's a great storyteller too; had me in stitches the whole time. Please look at the paintings on her website; they're terrific.

This is Tom Boring and his business is called Second Chance Sculptures. He assembles metal cast offs into sculptures that are surprising and fun. It's not Liquid Nails though, he welds the stuff together. ;-D

I liked the watch in this one. They were all sizes, he makes metal pizzas out of hubcaps too. Here is his website.

And may I introduce you to J C Aguirre who I first met through my daughter when she was selling at Portland Saturday Market. J C is a jeweler who works mainly in silver and with precious stones; check out his website here.

Here is the man who I awarded the Judy Wise blue ribbon to; Charles Schweigert from right here in Portland. His paintings were subtle and haunting; I could really live with his work. He is showing at many fairs in the area this year as well as at the top tier shows in the surrounding states; I hope if you can you'll get out and support his remarkable work.

Busy week coming up. Smoochies all around.


Lisa Kaus said...

Judy- It was great visiting with you... You are an amazing artist and I love the direction you are going in with the encaustics.. Beautiful display of work!]xoxo

Connie said...

Hi Judy! I love your booth. I have to say that I love that you have many different themes of images going on, but they all tie together so nicely. I like how you have purely abstract, mixed with figurative, nature, and those so cool houses. Sometimes I worry in my own work that maybe I'm too scattered jumping from different images. But you really make it work, and its an inspiration. I love your blog Judy. Thanks for always sharing. If you don't mind, I would like to post the image of your booth on my blog. I love it.

Peace & Love.

femminismo said...

Wow! Sorry to have missed your show. There's so much going on, with your whole creative brain and talented fingers going great guns.
Thanks for introducing us to new artists, too. You are so generous with your camera, time and blogspot. - jeanne

Ro Bruhn said...

Fabulous display Judy. I'd love to see it in the flesh. I can smell the wax simmering from here.

Leah said...

your display looks great!

and thanks for introducing charles shweigert's work. i love it!

Lorri Scott said...


Thanks for sharing. I too am winding down on the art faires and wondering what road I'm on.

Love the found metal art sculptures! Too bad is website isn't better, he should look into that!

Your work looks gorgeous!


Candace said...

Oh golly. This is a fabu post, Judy! Thanks for introducing me to this Art Fair and the new (to ME, anyway) folks/artists. Gorgeous. Your booth is wonderful! So sorry to not have made it in person.

Big Hug

MB Shaw said...

Oh how I wish we were in the same part of the country. It would be so fun to cross paths on the art fair circuit, to hang out, share a meal, etc. Your booth looks terrific; warm and inviting. Hope you had a good show.

katie said...

beautiful booth - how i wish i could have padded up quietly when your back was turned and surprised you with a big hug! it's so much fun to learn of these other wonder artists you highlight - i am familiar with Lisa Kaus, just got done reading her article in CPS today as a matter of fact, love her work!

Seth said...

Your booth looks great Judy. Seeing all of these art pieces together is a visual treat!

Heather, said...

Oh, Judy...your booth looks beautiful and what wonderful idea to have out your wax for people to see and smell!

Judy said...

What an amazing array of artists, wish we had those sorts of things going on here - boo hoo. Loved your display clever lady!