Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Excellent Father's Day Adventure

I thought I'd share a few soothing photos of our Father's Day with you. The girls know that nothing makes John happier than getting out in the woods for a hike and so that is what they planned for him.

We took the dogs to McIver Park and walked the trails, visited the Salmon Hatchery there and threw the frisbee. It was still, peaceful, serene. Just the quiet chuffing of our feet along the forest floor and an occasional "look" and "be careful of the nettles".

We came upon fishermen and women at the Clackamas River and watched them silently cast out their lines. John studied the eddies and pronounced it a perfect place to catch fish. He knows the riffles and pools.

He told us the story of how he and his cousins would pluck off the foxglove blossoms and put them on their fingers. Children have the most surprising games, boys in particular I think. They need to throw rocks into streams which I've never felt the urge to do.

John and mama with Kitten and Punkin and Cooper and Crazy Cousin Moose. That's the fish hatchery in the background filled with millions of fry; quite an amazing place.

A freshly caught salmon was spied in the parking lot. These men told me they are both native Oregonians and seeing the beautiful catch reminded me of my time living in Eagle Creek next to the river bank where we got to observe their life cycle and yes, also enjoyed them as food. Beautiful creatures they are, I love and feel a special affinity for them. Maybe I'm almost a native myself after 36 years here.

We finished the day at a sushi bar where the dishes go sailing past on a conveyer belt and you let your eyes decide which delicacies to try. I started with smoked calamari and moved on to tempura shrimp and a chewy seaweed number. You can count the plates in the background to see that we had worked up a good appetite.

It was lovely. I am slogging through a bit of a low spot after the high spirits of the Encaustic Conference so this was a good diversion. Nature always consoles; if I sit next to an ancient tree or search a stream bed for a perfect smooth stone I am lifted out of my querulous mind into a place of silence.

On Thursday I set up at the Lake Oswego Show so I am occupied with nuts and bolts. See you in awhile.


Ro Bruhn said...

Sounds like a great day, love your photos, nature always calms the spirit. Good luck with your show.

Jonna said...

What a great way to spend the day....I sometimes miss the greenness of Oregon.

Candace said...

Felt like I was there. A great way to spend the day, in nature with nature and loved ones! The foxglove photo is wonderful. Thanks for showing that.


Connie said...

Thank you so much for sharing your life with all of us. I love seeing all that refreshing, green, lush landscape. Best wishes on your next show!

Peace & Love.

mary ann said...

i've often thought the higher highs help to mitigate the lower lows. i'm ever grateful for the trees, grass, and clouds to light the dark path. and also comforted to know we're all in this together. rocking along in our tiny boats beside each other on the giant sea.