Friday, May 30, 2008

All A Dither

I've lost my focus this week, there's no getting around it. I figured the one thing that would be good for me would be to get back into the studio and work. Well, this hodpodge of images looks to me like the inside of my head; the earnest desire is there but the mind keeps jumping around.

I keep stacks of inkjet prints of photographs and of sketches I've made on a table in my studio, really they are in a heap rather than a stack and from this disarray I grabbed whatever floated to the top for these images. Each one is 8x10" and they are executed on matboard which stays flat and holds the wax well.

The drawings are carbon paper transfers from sketches on tissue left over from previous work.

Some of the images are ones I've used before like the one of my mother and her cousin. Most of our family photos were lost in a fire at my sister's storage building last Thanksgiving day to my great sorrow which makes those that remain all the more precious.

I'll close with an exerpt from a wonderful book I'm reading, 'Trust The Process' by Shaun McNiff. He says, "There are more people writing poetry than there are readers of poetry. This is a good sign for the world soul, but expectations need to be adjusted. The stage for poetry has to be relocated. If we accept the home and small community gatherings as places for sharing art experiences, creative expression takes on a new potency, in line with its true power to change the world through the aggregate of microscopic acts. . . . If the celebrated artists of the moment are ultimately insignificant in the broader history of creation, this should teach us that there is a place for every person within the creative process of a civilization."

All of our small acts add up. Isn't it wonderful?


kelly rae said...

hi judy,
loving that last bit of wisdom. so true. been thinking about you lately.....always an inspiration in art and in life :)

Jackie Wood said...

I love your piece here with the tree. Something about the black tree floating in a sea of wax that is very appealing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Judy,

I love seeing all the variety! Keep pushing, opening, experimenting! It is when we stand on our edge and lean outwards that wonderful things rise up to greet us!


katie said...

i agree with liesel - i love to see the variety, all the little nooks and crannies in your mind and heart that you explore with such fearlessness into an explosion of color and texture.

Shaun McNiff's book is one of my favorites, a real gem.

Candace said...

The tree is really a fantastic piece of work, Judy, and I love love love the lady in white with all the dots... ! Two thumbs up for Liesel!


ginny said...

What a wonderful quote!
I really like all your current works. Especially, I like the tree piece. No wait, I think I like the first one and how her stance reflects the ladies in the added photos. Well, actually I like the one with your mom having so much more preciousness since it is a surviving photo. Darn. I think I like them all equally. You are so good.

Anonymous said...

i appreciate the way your gazelle-like mind leaps and bounds across the terrain of your rich rich artsy mind
away she goes.
where she stops nobody knows.......

the pecks and scratches and carved circles appeal to me very very very very very much.

i saddle my horse and ride with you now.


Pilar said...

I love your fusion of those precious memories with encaustics. The white reminds me of the newness of a child's life--fresh and yet to be imprinted. The quote is very potentant. I am reminded of the poetry of Whitman and the celebration of the soul and the connection. :D

Ro Bruhn said...

Beautiful work, beautiful words.

Carla Sonheim said...

Judy - all of these encaustics are so fun! And I love the doors you did for your daughter... Judy the Great!

Chris said...

I'm putting your painting on my blog with a link. This is so cool!