Monday, March 03, 2008

Lovely, Lazy Mood

This is my day to do nothing or anything I want. No guilt. So what do I love doing on my one, special day? I love showing and telling. Here is my latest journal page above with a new stencil I cut of my sister Sandi. The version I like best is the negative orange one that I got by rubbing the wet stencil on a piece of white paper. I like all the accidental blips and blotches.

I went to Leighanna Light's workshop on Sunday with a half-dozen delightful women at Innerstandings Studio. I'm not really an assemblage girl; have a few doo-dads in drawers but have never quite known what to do with them. Leighanna has changed all that for me. Oh, dear, more junk. Now I'll be bent over picking up rusty things too like most of the artists I know. Gosh we had a great time.

I sat next to Nicole who I met in one of Katie's classes last year. I love getting to know more artists from our area.

And Dayna took my journaling class in December; she came up from Salem with her friend Vicki.

This is my gooey gel-y project drying under a light bulb during lunch. I didn't have a clue what I was doing so I just glued stuff on with a little faith that it might come together in time.

Vicki came to the class from Astoria. I didn't take nearly as many photos as usual so I missed a few classmates but we all laughed and had a great time and Leighanna is a terrific, relaxed and reassuring teacher and a funny, interesting woman as well. Who else dreams of Osama b-L as another one of her 'loser' boyfriends? That cracked me up!

After the workshop I tooled over to my daughter's house for a family dinner and Birthday celebration. Every moment of the evening was sublime. My treasured, beloved children and their families and my gorgeous grandson. Oh, the love and fullness.

Sky gave me the ultimate Skelly - I can just see him doing the shuffle off to Buffalo. Thank you my friends for the Birthday wishes and for stopping by. In my next post I'll show you how my canvases from Leighanna's class turned out.


Kelly Kilmer said...

Happy Birthday Judy...

I hope it's the beginning of a wonderful new year!!!

Ro Bruhn said...

Happy Birthday again Judy, now I have the right day. What a fabulous class, so glad to see you have the rust collecting bug now, it's so addictive.
Your salads always look so beautiful, too good to eat.

katie said...

happy birthday to youuuuuuu
happy birthday to youuuuuuuuuu
happy birthday my dear judy
happy birthday to youuuuuuuuuu.

thinking about you today my sweet friend, i'm so happy you got sweet celebration time with your family.
we're going to celebrate a little late, in Port Townsend!!

big love xoxo

Karen Cole said...


I see it was a very happy one. I hope the rest of your year turns out that way as well.

Can't wait to see what becomes of the "stuff" you're cookin up here.

Kelly Snelling said...

Birthday? Birthday?! What day? the first? oh my how'd i miss this miraculous information? ahem, cuogh, cough...Happy, happy Joy Joy birthday birthday la la happy birthday Judy, Judy, Judy la la happy birthday lovely giiirrrlllll! i need to work on my song. but the dancing i did was top notch. you would have loved it! i hope your day was extra sparkling and glorious, just like You! mwah!

Tracie Lyn Huskamp said...


OH MY.. I owe you a BIRTHDAY HUG the next time I see you!!!

I hope your day was WONDERFUL.


Abby Creek Art said...

Big birthday hug for Miss Judy!:)

DJ said...

Hey Birthday Girl! I missed it.... hope it was the best ever!
And guess what? I get to have an art play day with Leighanna, Stephanie Lee, and Albie Smith after Leighanna teaches at Albie's next week! Seeing you having such fun in your class made me smile, and so thankful for sweet art friends.
Give yourself a BIG birthday hug!

suzi blu said...

A pisces? I am late wishing you well. Happy Birthday! May you get everything you want!!

Judy said...

Yaaaaah! Happy b'day to you!!!

welcome to the world of rust and junk. Glad you could join us freaks.

Diane said...

The journal page with your sister is absolutely fabulous! Do you have a book on stenciling. This whole process is just mind boggling to me. I would love to know how it's all done. You have a wonderful blog!!!

Ricë said...

happy belated birthday! i'm being lazy today and am catching up on reading your blog (the only one i read regularly--shhhhhh!) the day sounds divine--