Wednesday, March 12, 2008

High School Adventure Pt. 2

We're back at Lakeridge High with Group 2 of the students that are learning encaustic. There will be 3 groups, just so you know. These guys only had about 20 minutes to complete their paintings. In addition, they shared brushes and torches just like the first group. But they were much more rushed. Not that the portraits suffered one bit. I believe sometimes it is good to have the wolves snapping at your tail; you don't have time to overthink what you are doing.

You see, we know how to do it. Every one of us knows how to do it. We just have to get out of our own way and let ourselves proceed.

Are you gasping in amazement yet? Gosh, I think these kids are awesome.

Imagine the distractions. Like me walking around the room saying "5 minutes! Pick up that burnt sienna and get those mouths drawn on."

And then the little things that invariably slow us down; spilled pigment, a torch that won't light (oops, turning the knob in the wrong direction) - these guys never touched torches before Monday. So they're trying to pick up everything at once.

Of course they are teenagers. Dont even try to think as fast as they do. They sponged up the directions and listened attentively.

There is so much life in these faces; such tender expression. I'll bet they wonder themselves how they pulled off such mature paintings.

This is every single one; I was diligent about leaving no one's work out.

There is nothing in the world more thrilling to me than watching someone 'get it'. We are all creators. We can make awesome things and paint pictures that astonish ourselves. That's pretty cool.


Mary Ann said...

i am touched
truly madly deeply

Kelly Kilmer said...

Those are *amazing*!!! SO totally totally cool and unique!!

angeljoy said...

We are all creative. Amen.

Toni said...

I love it when you post these pictures from these events. I use them in my visualizations and quiet daydreams about the day when I myself am teaching a class of just such a group of students, this age group. Their art is so relaxed ... may it always stay thus.

katie said...

20 minutes!!... i feel inspired by them them and their free creative spirits

Judy said...

Fabulous - theres one that caught my eye -looks like a frozen Charlotte - hehehe.

Carla Sonheim said...

A beautiful group of paintings. Oh my.

Paula Scott said...

Yowsa. 20 minutes, huh? I am truly humbled; I love your comment on the value of having the wolves snapping at your heels. I contemplate going for my mater's in art ed to teach art to high school kids as I know I can learn so much from their fresh approach.
I wonder what I could crank out in 20 minutes?

Anonymous said...

That is so dang cool! Yay for you for working with youngsters. These are wonderful... Do you visit other schools? I teach 6th graders in Vancouver, WA.

art spirit said...

Thanks for sharing all the wonderful portraits! I love them all! And how lucky they are to have YOU come teach such a fascinating new technique!