Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Chavo's Green Thumb

This will be short; a tribute to how interesting and diverse humans are. Again I present our friend Chavo, this time at the Imbolc celebration, bearing part of his pot luck offering. Tiny baby greens in the heart of winter that he grew in his greenhouse. This is the couple that lives in a yurt on a farm near ours, winter and summer in challenging conditions so that they can live as they love to live. Near the earth.

Here is my plate of food from my friends. Quinoa, cole slaw, basmati risotto. Not shown is curried chickpea soup filled with kale and other winter greens. Full of health and healing. Our bodies crave greens at this time of the year; the darker the better.

And don't forget dessert. I made a blackberry cobbler. Our friend John told us blackberries have ten times the anti-oxidents as blueberries. Wow. Good to know.

This is Tao, the baby born at home in the yurt. He is at the age where he is all coos as the grownups converse; he so wants to join in the conversation. Oh, I love people. They are just so different from each other and so fascinating. It seems to me that each of us has a unique gift to share if we follow our heart's longings. And that we become the best versions of ourselves when we do what we love.


Kelly Kilmer said...

Oh yum!! Judy that looks delicious!!!

Tao is ADORABLE and I love his name ;)

Anonymous said...

That food looked scrumptious. What is yurt? Guess I'll have to look it up. Such a cute baby! What a chubby little face, I just want to squeeze those cheeks!

Deirdra Doan said...

Wow Judy I want to be on your guest list for party's!! Chavo's greens are great. Love to have some of those recipe's.

Check out my Valentine Blog!!!

Happy Valentines,

Carol Lynn said...

That baby is too cute for words!! And dinner,yum.

Anonymous said...

this is so wonderful..what a treat for all of you...and the greens...omg..i am so envious.
sweet little Tao is too cute... xoxo

~jolene said...

I adore you and the diversity you embrace.


Toni said...

(More than) a few nibbles on Tao's healthy and glowing cheeks would have been a spectacular appetizer! Lovely party, I'm still going to go look up this celebration, haven't had time yet but I'm so curious now!

katie said...

this entry, the photos of beautiful people, and food that is healthy as well as beautiful (the big basket of salad greens is amazing!!)warms my heart of this cold february morning.
i bet you had your face buried in soft cheeks sharing kisses too :-)

Dale Anne Potter said...

THANK YOU for posting this Judy, this is how I'd LOVE the whole world to be!!!
Those greens and the cobbler look DELICIOUS!
Little cutie - that Tao!

Gwen said...

What a beautiful post, Judy! The food, the people, celebrating imbolc, and your gentle wisdom and grace.

Karen Cole said...

Beautiful, people, food and celebrations.

How in the world is it that everything matches?

The food , the plates, the walls the babies shirt.

Anonymous said...

Lovely and inspiring...all.

Kelly Snelling said...

yurt! yurt! i like the way it sounds and need to say it out loud a while. what a lovely, lovely family! that little baby couldn't get any happier! and girl, i was weened on blackberry cobbler and that one you made looks like it could take first prize at any fair in the south! yuumm-0!

Anonymous said...

Yum. That's the sort of food I like to call "Goddess Food." Straight from Mama Earth, nummy. And so beautiful!

A.Smith said...

Oh Judy! baby fever looking at that adorable magic Tao. I am about to give up on grandbabies, mine are sure as anxious for me to spoil them if they ever get here as I am to have at least three or four to spoil. Babies are such a manifestation of life's grace to me.

I could hear my hips growing at the sight of your cobbler. Girl, you sure know how to make the simplest of things look regal. Ah, summer is coming, the berries are coming, ice cream and cobbler, something to look forward to.

(Love your red piece by the way, as I told Katie, red is not one of my colors but after seeing what you all are doing I may just change my mind about it)

Love from here


tashina said...

Blackberries I find yummier than blueberries, but blueberries have the edge in anti-oxidants. Pretty easy to Google. I could find no support for blackberries having more than blueberries. For example:

franswazz said...

Wow! All is beautiful.Especially your art!
But I hate to say that I have a question for you about something totally different: I am looking for those "blue spongey thingies" that you said you buy at art stores.(ref:Jackie Crist) I could not find them. At my local art store they gave me a look with huge eyes and shook their if saying "oh, that's this funny woman with her accent"....
Which kind of art store?
Thank you so much in advance for your help.
The answer could be via my blog or email, MERCI!

Lynn Cohen said...

Love the greens and love the baby!
Enjoy life! Looks like you are and do.

Gaby Bee said...

Great dinner..yummy...