Sunday, January 27, 2008

Just For Fun

I think I have to try everything at least once. I used to do silkscreen prints when I had a bigger studio but all that is behind me. I even (and I do kick myself for this) gave my Gocco machine to the Goodwill in a fit of downsizing. But I found out you can make a faux silkscreen in your photo program which is what the above image is. I'm heralding spring here.

I shot this photo yesterday. Spent a long while staring into a toasty fire. From my vantage point I could watch the rain come down and down and down, so cold and wet. The studio was very cozy.

My stencilled wall. Calling up the spring bulbs. I know they are coming. I can feel them stirring.

In the meantime, lots of ice cream. This always cheers me. I ate this bowl yesterday.

I found this photograph of John taken when he was a little boy. Such an earnest, sweet demeanor. We're cleaning out boxes and the photos keep turning up. All the stages of our lives spread out before us.

Today's bowl of ice cream with Pilar's strawberry jam. Thank you, girlfriend. Your gift reminds me of you daily. More ice cream happiness.

And one last shot of the little philosopher. So young and already carrying the world's troubles on his narrow shoulders.


femminismo said...

From the wistful smile on his face, it looks like he's envisioning the day he'll come across his "Judy-girl." What a sweet photo. - Jeanne

Lynn said...

I love the photos of the little boy the best. So sweet and such great photos. Think of the camera that must have captured him?
Not digital, that's for sure.

Your bird is delightful and yes, spring is just around the corner.

katie said...

those two photos of john are so soulful and precious, i can imagine how tickled you both were to find them, beautiful... and those bowls of ice cream by the toasty fire, yummy, i might have to be a copycat and make myself a banana split with some of pilars yummy jam sitting here on the couter too :-)

Mary Ann said...

I'm coming over! Get the banana splits ready and hand me my spoon the second I walk in the door. Let's sit by the fire. AFter we're nice and warm lets head to the work table and cut paste paint and write in our journals. CAn I spend the night?

p.s. little john. what a dearheart.

Deb Silva said...

The faux silkscreen is wonderful ~ I didn't know about that!
Thanks for your red hair vote, I'm keeping it.

Ro Bruhn said...

We're also eating ice-cream, but outside in the blazing sunshine, scoffing it down before it melts. I love the photos of your husband as a little boy, you just want to give him a big cuddle.

Karen Hall said...

Oh for spring - lovely image you have created.
Nice post

lila said...

Your studio looks cozy and John defintely comes across as a sweetheart!

Allegra Smith said...

When you and John come to visit I will have a big bowl of homemade ice cream waiting, the troubles of the world can stay out for a while if we give them a bowl of ice cream too, I am sure.

Snow! I told Barry we must open the curtains and build a nice fire in the fireplace and watch the snow, isn't wonderful to live in Oregon? Art everywhere, even from the weather...


Anonymous said...

I have only recently discovered your blog and now I am finding myself lurking here a couple times a week. Thanks for being so free with your creative spirit.

diane said...

Oh, these pictures are just precious. I can't wait to dig into my stash Judy, as I learn Photoshop. I have so many family photos, but can't say any more sweeter than your John's =)

Judy said...

Amazing photos! What a great find you must be so happy to have found them.

Candace said...

Hello Judy,
Well, you can def. tell this little boy is going to grow up to be the lovely man in the Solstice candle photo. Your bird makes me think of The Mountain Who Loved A Bird story... wonderful indeed. The bird named Joy came every year to rest during her migration and would sing to the barren mountain (Desolation) who was so heartbroken each time Joy left, that finally, the last time, it cracked open and wept.

From the weep, came a stream. From the stream, came life. From its original desolation to lush mountain growth the Mountain went until the very last time Joy came, she built her nest and she stayed.


marianne said...

lovely wall decoration!

eb said...

what a sweet post

ice cream and a little heart breaker

2 x 2 =


xox - eb.

Lorri Scott said...


Really like your "silk screen"! I too used to have a four station silk screen machine but it took up way too much room for the amount of times I used it. I now use a thermofax machine to make screens but I'm limited to size of them.

Thanks for sharing!


Dale said...

i love those sweet pictures of your little cutie, especially the one of him with the shovel. How adorable! Wonderful photography.

ginny said...

Weird how good ice cream tastes even on a cold day. The photos of your husband are perfect. What a handsome and open face he has.
Tell MayAnn to stop and pick me up on the way to your house...I'll even bring my own spoon.

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