Saturday, December 08, 2007

Class Wrap Up

I found a few more photos to share of the class from last weekend. Linda Womack is hidden behind a lamp fixture; it is the only 'almost' shot I got of her. She teaches encaustics and uses the journal to work out ideas for future projects. Next to her is Chris Schutz. I tried to get photos of everyone but in the turmoil of teaching it was difficult.

Our hostess Diane Havnen-Smith made these rich and lovely journals to sell. She can be contacted at the Innerstandings site.

Wronda Gustafson sat next to me and made journal pages on regular paper. Which is beautiful when glued onto heavier paper later. She is a spiritual worker and I can imagine keeping a journal would be important for her. (self-reflection and meditation)

At the end of the two days of sharing and happiness Diane made several rounds of Pomegranate Martinis. In my next post I will put up the recipe and a wad of journal pages I've completed. I've decided I love teaching journaling best of all. It is my deepest love. Although both days were structured on the same lesson plan they diverged considerably due to the individuals involved. And there was so much more I wanted to add. I will try to share some of it here in future entries and to keep everyone motivated to keep exploring.

(BTW, katie left in the early darkness and arrived safely home around noon. What an extraordinary week!)

edit: I almost forgot to add that we have a new well pump and have replaced the deep pipe that was old and funky; all was fixed quickly and effortlessly by our proficient local well repair fellows. They are my new heros. Yay for delicious, pure water directly from the hidden springs below our feet.


Lynn Cohen said...

How intense some look, and others relaxed, but all busy creating such wonderful stuff. Today I found a book on collage and journal making...all your words and ideas are in this least I recognize a lot of them from things I've read here...a nice beginning for me...into JWise work...;-)

Mary Ann said...

Water beneath your feet, a journal on your table, an inky pen in your hand, stars overhead. Christmas is coming. All the posts about the class- little gifts.

Anonymous said...

Oh, what fun...! I hear you had quite the storm up there! My mom went to Troutdale to help serve sandwiches (over 1000!) and beef stew. She said some of those people had no idea this kind of flooding had happened before! Yuck. LOVE the journals. Wish I could have been there!...Deryn Mentock

Anonymous said...

wow, judy what dramatic tales the last couple weeks have been, thankfully with happy endings, all are safe, with tasty cocktails to soothe and inspiring journal pages to see. sign me up for the next journal retreat!
steph b

eb said...

yay indeed - wishing the best for Katie...

xox - eb.

Unknown said...

I wish there were classes like that near me! (South Georgia)
Looks wonderful!

Pilar said...

Teaching journaling must be so rewarding with so many souls connecting on a spiritual and artistic level. I would imagine your classes to be very healing and an elevating experience. The pom martinis look so yum!How fitting you would have the fruit of the underworld and knowledge after a day of plunging into the world of self exploration and discovery.xoxoxoxo