Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Romancing the Wax

My teacher liked this one. So do I. I built up the wax thicker than in the preceeding weeks and attempted to highlight the properties of opaque vs. transparent and in-focus vs. out-of-focus. I restrained myself from letting too much color distract from the issues I wanted to highlight. It is the properties of the wax itself that I find compelling. Jef said that the shapes appear to be bouncing across the image area; some in front, some behind. I think my smile lasted the entire long drive home.

My latest journal page - a perfect reflection of the tumble jumble state of my mind. Life is good. Life is so sweet. Life makes no sense.

I made contact yesterday with a woman I went to college with back in the 60's. She had seen the article in Cloth Paper Scissors and e-mailed me. Oh Emmie, hearing your voice, sounding exactly the same, brought me a warm gladness you cannot believe. (You would not believe some of the things this woman and I did together! If she sends me that picture of myself in a bikini I'll share it here. I'll certainly never look that good again.) I have thought of her so often in the intervening years. How good it is to reconnect with loved ones we thought were lost. I'm changed by it, by knowing I have her back again.

I almost forgot - that I started an etsy store as a little experiment. I'll put a few things up from time to time.

And gosh, I can't shut up until I tell you how beautiful Michael's book is. If you have it you already know but if you don't let me share with you that if you read it in the evening like I do it's like he's telling you thrilling bedtime stories from ancient times. You will fall asleep with the mythological gods and goddesses cavorting in your dreams and wake up with beautiful lines from Shakespeare rattling around in your head all day. He describes what it is to think art in a way I don't think anyone else has done before. It is really wonderful, generous and good. Word.

Be well. Thanks for visiting.


Ro Bruhn said...

Wow Judyblue, another great encaustic and journal page, Glad to see you've set up your Etsy store, I'm still working on mine.

~jolene said...

I am so glad that my artistic compass whipped around and pointed to Mary Ann (Dispatch from LA) one day - and she pointed me to you!

LOVE your art & words Judy! Glad to meet ya!

Lucy said...

That's wonderful that through an article you've touched back with such a dear old friend. :) It's just another reminder of how seemingly unrelated events find us connecting back to those we were meant to have in our lives.

Christine DeCamp said...

Wow, Judy! How do you manage to get so much done? Do little elves help you? Michael's book looks really interesting--I'm going to check it out.

lynne h said...

judy, i HAVE to tell you that i think this painting is Perfect... not too much, not too little... just right. i love the contrast of the sharp, black lines with the softness of the wax. i love everything about it.

linda woods said...

Congrats on your etsy shop opening! I love you art!

Cre8Tiva said...

you are waxing on beautifully...i have loved watching you grow with this process...i am hoping to have my etsy store open soon...blessings, rebecca

Mary Ann said...

I'm imagining you getting ready for your weekend with your posse and churning out these mysteriously soft and lovely encaustics each day. the wax is mesmerizing. LOVE john's alter ego.

MezzoKat said...

The comment on the top right-hand page of your journal hits me where I live. I've written a poem about it on my Musings+ blog.
I know what you mean about reuniting with an old friend. I had the experience at my recent high school reunion.
Thanks for dropping by my Journaling Along blog!

Judy said...

OMG -I am in love with that encuastic piece, Judy, its brilliant!

Tricia Scott said...

judy, i am really enjoying reading about your encaustic experience-i love the excitement you have and how you are open to learning new things. what a wonderful medium it is! or seems to be---i haven't played much with wax although you are inspiring me, that is for sure! your work is wonderful! i just love it!
p.s. thank you for the journal tutorial---i am going to try one soon. :)

kate said...

I enjoyed the article about you in 'Cloth, Paper, Scissors' - what talented person you are!