Saturday, October 20, 2007

IEA Meeting at Natasia's Studio

This month we met at the studio of Natasia Chan. Her space is on the 2nd story of a downtown warehouse; white-painted brick with a high ceiling and skylights - spacious, light and big. Located in a building full of artists' studios; paintings and art everywhere in the hallways and walls - so inspiring to be surrounded by so much intense art making. Not to mention being surrounded by other artists.

We had eleven members present, each bringing a couple of paintings to share. We are still getting to know each other and it is helpful to understand where each of us is in our search. So we shared our methods and concerns. Everyone tried to help everyone else. I learned new techniques; more than one. Wow. When people get together and share openly, everyone wins. Working together for the good of all. (On the far right is our new member, Jim Talt.

I should share some websites here. On the left in the above photo is our tireless organizer, Linda Womack. Natasia is on the stool, then Kimberly Kent and Mazarine Treyz.

On the left is Inanna McGraw and next to her the effervescent Shelly Shinjo. I met Shelly in my class at PNCA and I love her non-representational paintings. Check 'em out!

Left to right: Amy Stoner, Melinda Fellini, Andrea Benson and Shelly in the back. We are looking forward with enthusiasm to the Conference in Boston in June of 2008 and the retreat in Carmel Valley in April. Next meeting: November 16.


Mary Ann said...

Oh these links are fabulous! Who doesn't want to discover more Portland artists? Carmel Valley in April? You will LOVE it.

Carla Sonheim said...

Thank you for sharing all of the links! Seems like a great group...