Monday, October 01, 2007

End of Summer at the Beach

Time for some family fun at the Oregon coast. This is Avery, a friend of the family since the day he was born to my daughter's best friend. He and the grandson are within months of the same age and have been like brothers all their lives. He is the sun to the mystery man's moon (thank you, Loretta, for that term which fits our boy to a tee); talkative, bubbly and outgoing. He was fun to have along.

A hopeful seagull, waiting for a handout.

The weather was gnarly after the first day so we all spent a lot of time just looking at the pounding surf from the warmth of the living room. On Sunday we spent at least 8 hours watching a marathon of Miami Ink and LA Ink. It was great fun watching all the tattooing and hearing all the stories behind the tattoos. John and I don't have cable so we had never seen the series.

Cooper is growing up. He was so happy to see his crazy cousin Moose show up for some serious beach romps. Ear to ear grins and wild cavorting ensued.

Crazy cousin Moose.

The quiet man plays a video game. His was one of the Birthdays celebrated this month.

So Birthday presents of course.

Salad from the garden.

Cooper loves to play Yahtzee but needs help with the math.

Everyone napping - tired, sandy, rested, happy. Good to go, good to return home. I appreciate my funny and entertaining family more with each passing year. This has been our end of summer celebration for the past 5 years or so and it is a wonderful way to end the season. On the drive home we remarked that the maple is turning (colors) now and the pumpkins are being harvested. The rains are here and the house was cold. Fall greets us after summer gave us everything she had. One last long good-bye and then we turn to the spooky season.


kelly rae said...

judy, i can't wait to see you this week! the coast looks and sounds wonderful and i am so ready to see the rain!

Loretta said...

What a great way to end summer with the family. I am itching for a beach weekend and missing my own mystery man, whom I haven't seen mid-August.

DAWN said...

Okay the Yahtzee picture and the salad picture sent me over the edge. Looks like a great, relaxing time. Yay! for birthdays, puppies and the beach!

Ro Bruhn said...

We're in reverse here, the trees are in blossom, the daffodils have nearly finished, the weather is getting slightly warmer and the mornings are lighter, bring on the summer.
Have agreat time at Art and Soul

katie said...

thanks for sharing photos of your family beach time, i felt all cozy reading it. see you tomorrow, mmwhaaa!!!

Maija said...

I'm right there playing Yahtzee with Cooper!

Anonymous said...