Thursday, June 28, 2007

Before the Rain

Time to share the garden. The rain has started to fall softly but I think I can get off a few pictures for you.

I tried to get my assistant to accompany me but he was busy, lazy and not in the mood. He says his job is just to look regal; and so it is.

Peace Rose flanked by a yellow Cape Fuchsia. Right outside the studio door.

The peaches are ripening along with the figs, grapes, apples and plums. The rhubarb is huge now and screaming "PIE". I wish I were one of those bloggers who baked and photographed. I love that. But I am not that kind of girl.

Buff Beauty. An old musk rose. Shameless, wanton in her seductive beauty.

Sugar peas twining around the Echinacea. Is this love or is it mutual support? I see metaphors.

Tall blue Salvia. The hummingbirds love it. Blue. I love a blue flower. The blue hydrangeas are at it too.

Little Fairy Rose; the last of the roses in my collection to bloom. Given to me by a woman I will never forget. She got it from her mother whom I knew back in the days when we both did Saturday Market. And so it goes. Old, beloved friends, haunting my garden.

An artichoke that we will cut and steam and dip in an excellent olive oil.

Dainty Bess. Given to me for one Mother's Day by my daughter Stephanie. This rose is fragrant with scarlet stamens. The petals dance above the stems like butterflies. It grows tall and I can see it out my studio window when I work. Thank you, dear Steffi.

The favas have grown quite tall. We have been eating them for several weeks now. My favorite bean. With olive oil. Mmmmm, doggie.

The enormous Matalija (?) Poppy. Just think of a big fried egg and you'll have it. We have a stand of these over 20 feet long and 10 feet deep. They are running riot.

A tender lettuce. Straw mulch. Oregon's nurturing climate and rich soil. A wedding bouquet for a little wild bunny.

The Moss Rose that Craig Windom left sitting on his curb with a sign attached that read, "somebody please take me home and love me". Craig, it has bloomed all month and is still putting on new buds. The stems and buds are resinous and fragrant. The flower has that overpowering old-rose smell. One of my favorites.

The dainty little strawberries that are intense on flavor and grow wild all over the beds. Everbearing.

Poppies and Delphiniums. Several years ago my friend Kay brought me the little Delphinium starts and they have returned every year since then. The Poppies came from Bev and John who have a nearby CSA farm.

The pink rose that Sky brought in a bouquet. I grew out 4 bushes from that cutting and they are all grown large now. Gratitude for the beauty and the sharing.

The raspberries were here when we moved here. And Boysenberries too although we took those out for being unruly and trying to take the place over.

A yucca for basket weaving and to remind me of Arizona, my childhood home. Who would expect that yucca would thrive in this wet climate?

This is the only sun we have in the garden today. Thank you for browsing around with me and allowing me to share. When my daughters come by they kind of roll their eyes and look for the exit when I try to drag them outside (they like to visit in the house instead) ... so it's nice that you have come to visit.


Ro Bruhn said...

I've said it before, but what a magnificent garden you have Judy, I love the way you combine vegies and flowers.
We have had our worst drought on record, then we had the largest bushfire area on record, now we have the worst floods on record, we're not sure what's next.

Gwen said...

I love your garden, it has all my favorite kinds of flowers, and veg. I LOVE scented roses, and would love to wander through and just get intoxicated by all of the aromas!


Linda O'Neill said...

BEAUTIFUL way to start the day! Thanks for those amazing photos, Judy.

Anonymous said...

Even though I don't know you, I often read your blog and I always love when you post pictures of your fabulous garden. It is absolutely beautiful, and since I garden myself I know by looking how much love and care you must give it. You have brightened my day! Thank you,

Joanne S said...

Please tell me how you "start" roses from a cutting. My mother and grandmother knew how but I'm clueless.

Your garden is magnificent

Judy Wise said...

For those who would like to grow roses from cuttings, here is a website with instructions. I grew mine in a terra cotta pot with a big plastic bag over it in the beginning. But lately I've had luck just sticking the cuttings in the ground. Here is the site:

Anonymous said...

oh lordy-- I would walk through that garden every day and try to burrow in and never leave-- utterly gorgeous and I LOVE how the fruits and vegetables are entertwined with the flowers-- just splendid! Thank you for taking the time to share it all with us (we the no-gardens yet flower addicts).


Holly Loves Art said...

I love all the gorgeous flowers... so pretty. I want to reach for some mayo when I see the pretty artichoke and grab a little knife to slice some of those delicious looking strawberries and put them over cereal.... but that kitty is just too cute licking his little paw. Awwww..... our animals... they don't even know how cute there are, do they?

Hope you'e having a wonderful weekend and happy 4th!


Ro(bur) said...

This is your garden!?? it´s soo beautiful. So many flowers and ypur kitty jeje...

Anonymous said...

your garden is so beautiful it just makes me want to cry! i pulled my face a mere five inches away from the computer screen to take in every color, texture, and overlapping layer. it surely does look like heaven. bravo, bravo!

Anonymous said...

What an amazing variety of plants you have! Fairy roses are some of my favorites too, along with all the other old varieties! Love your reluctant helper, he looks so happy! Send some of those rain-drops our way...!

Bronwyn said...

I love those strawberries, they bring back childhood memories, my great uncle used to grow them...

Thank-you for visiting my art blog & for your helpful information about canopies & displays for art fairs. :-)

Diane said...

Thank you for sharing such beautiful pictures of flowers and vegetables and all that is in-between. I have linked you to my blog, as I love your art!

Ricë said...

my favorite line today: Is this love or is it mutual support? I see metaphors.