Wednesday, May 30, 2007

First Installment of Folklife

Folklife Festival is all about people. It is a celebration of music, dance, film, culture and the arts. People come to celebrate life and to welcome in summer. Naturally I look forward to it every year as one of my favorite shows. I enjoy the people, smells, sights and sounds. I talk to as many people as I can and laugh more than usual; it is a very sweet experience. You can see Seattle Center's big fountain off in the distance in the photo above and lots of people enjoying the sunny day. Love is in the air.

Is this young girl playing the cello not perfect for a painting? You can't have her; I saw her first!!

My friend from a year ago has gotten her wrist tatooed since I saw her last. A valkyrie maiden, eh? So beautiful.

Tatoo #2. I'm pretty much focusing on the tatoos in this entry as I have so many photos that I won't show them all at once. Plus I am busy and should be working but my dear readers, you come first!

The octopus tatoo belongs to the woman who had a booth next door to mine. The tatoo is not finished but it is outlined all the way down past the small of her back and it is one of the softest, most nuanced tatoos I I've ever seen. The artist who did it is a woman working out of Eugene, Oregon. Can't wait until next year to see it finished. I will get a picture of the whole thing then if I can; it was cold on the day I took this and I didn't have the heart to ask her to take off more clothes.

This is a view of the space needle from my room at the Queen Anne Inn. We had a room on the corner this year and a perfect view of the street scene below plus the space needle all lit up at night. I love Seattle so much. I have never had a bad moment in this city.

More pictures tomorrow. I gotta go wrap prints and start a painting of a Lemon Drop.


Ro Bruhn said...

Sounds like you had a marvellous time Judy, we have quite a few festivals in Melbourne, we seem to celebrate just about everything.

Anonymous said...

oh Judy, That looks like a great weekend!
There is something about the cellist face that is just so beautiful...stunning would be a perfect painting...can't wait to see it. ;-)

Linda O'Neill said...

Geez Louise...that chest tattoo is striking! Glad you had a great time, Judy.

Anonymous said...

I am not really sure how I got here, but I am utterly glad that I did! Amazing photos you share! And, yes, we love the folk festivals....See you again soon!

Rella said...

I love the story about you making shoes out of fabric and cardboard!! What a hoot. ~ and those colorful shoes at the!!