Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Zen of Not Knowing

Well, it took several hours but I finally got my sketch for the hooked rug transferred to the scotch burlap which I've researched and discovered is made from hemp that is grown in India. Beautiful, useful hemp which (if we weren't so paranoid of drugs as a nation) could save our forests as it can be made into paper, clothing fabric, building materials and so much more. It is very similar in feel to linen and a beautiful, ivory color.

The finished rug will measure 25x34 1/2 inches. Pretty large I think for my first project but I always say, "no guts, no glory".

This close-up shows the spaces between the weave that I will be poking my hook through. You probably wont be seeing this project again until it is finished. It is just a little something to haul around for those odd moments when you want to be working on something.

The point of this post is to share with you my love of biting off a project in a new medium about which I know next to nothing. Who cares? I think of myself as an intrepid art explorer, the fool in the tarot deck, the aleph who hasn't a clue and so dives in despite the odds. At this juncture anything I produce will be a win for me; it will exist where before there was nothing. If it is ugly I will call it primitive with a proud smile. It will keep my feet warm in the winter anyway. If it is beautiful I will act all modest but secretly feel great happiness. So I have nothing to lose by venturing into uncharted territory, in fact that is where I feel most energized.

Back to the studio.


Arty Lady's blog said...

Judy, I can't wait to see the progress of the rug! You are very game designing your own, how marvelous. If it turns out half as spectacular as your paintings, you're on a winner!

Catherine Witherell said...

I think the rug will be awesome. I love how you are just starting with a thin outline, but by the time it is finished it will have a rich depth just like your paintings. You'll see.

I am just like that too. I get inspired and have an idea and start something new just because I can. I never feel it is a waste because it's fun and gives me a new way of looking at things. I used to not finish some projects, but have gotten pretty good at focusing and finishing what I start now. Some things have taken me months or a year. I really enjoy the feeling that it is finally done.

Soren said...

I truly believe that your rug will not possibly be anything except BEAUTIFUL!

I've been wanting to try rug hooking but wondering how time-intensive they are... I'm up for long projects, but maybe not loooooooong, if you know what I mean!

DJ said...

Oh Judy, you make me smile. I love your thinking on new ventures, and anything you produce will be a win for you. That you will smile big and call it primitive if you think it turns out ugly (not possible I'm sure) and if it is beautiful, you will be modest and feel great happiness. You are such an inspiration to me in so many ways! I'm ok showing something that didn't turn out as I had hoped, as long as I can fix it... but to just leave it and be happy with it, or to step back and see it differently, is a huge area that I must work on... lots LOL. Thank you for being you.

DubiQuilts - Debbi said...

I can wait to see the finished rug!

judie said...

Wow, that's going to be fantastic. I saw your Dancing Garden on the cover of Natural Awakenings. Really, really nice!!! :)

Loretta said...

Now you just cut this out right now! You must be mind-melding with me or sumthin. I just mailed off this week to the magazine my illustration for my essay, "Dream a Little Dream For Me".

Thankfully, it was not a rug or I'd have to cue the Twilight Zone music.

Ro Bruhn said...

Hi Judy
I did rook hooking some time ago and I used a large crotchet hook, it was almost as good as a latch hook.
Re the hemp for clothing, I have a pair of hemp jeans and they are fabulous, we have shops in Australia that just sell hemp clothing, I'm not sure if that makes us backward or forward thinking.
I love your work and I can't wait to see the rug

leigh said...

I can't wait to see the rug too. What an great idea. I love seeing your creative process. Very inspiring.

Carlynn said...

Inspiring! I was convinced you were an experienced rug maker and was so surprised to see this was a leap into the unknown. I love your header and was very interested to see your sketch for your rug, can't wait to see the finished article.